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The Sphere of Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Journey

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Being from a family with a background in philanthropy, I believe Betsy DeVos took an interest in both philanthropy and education at an early age. She later attended Calvin College in Michigan and attained a Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In college, she was actively involved in campus politics, and after school, she remained politically active. Betsy was the chairman of Michigan Republic Party. As director, she set a political action committee, Great Lakes Education Project whose role was to promote educational reforms through establishing charter schools in the state. Apart from the politics, she is heavily involved charity events, and she is also part of many charity and civic organizations.Both Betsy and her husband founded, Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Fund, a foundation Betsy heads. She is also the foreperson in both the American Foundation for Children and Alliance for School Choice. She is also a participant of numerous boards both regionally and nationwide including Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope US.

Foundation for Excellence in Education and DeVos Institute of Arts Management. Betsy additionally funds the Polite House Christian School, a school that provisions educations for low-income families in a safe and unified manner.She later started a foundation with the aim of providing scholarships for children from economically challenged families. This organization, American Federation for children later became All Children Matter. Since the early 1990s, she was in various education choice movements. In 1993 she participated in the passing of the first Charter school bill in Michigan which advocated for the introduction of vouchers and tax credit scholarships. During this period she was also part of two national boards that is Children First America and the American Education Reform Council that aim at expanding education choice by providing better education options.Betsy DeVos is responsible for education reforms in almost 25 states in the nation.

In Florida, she oversaw the tax credit scholarship program that aims at giving broad education choices to numerous students. He has also helped raise awareness through paying for radio broadcasts and billboards to advocate for education in many states. She is entirely devoted to increasing educational opportunities for children at the same time giving the parents power to choose the education program to give their children. I learned that Betsy embraces digital learning with a belief it will enable students to reach their full potential.Prior, she also worked at an Investment Management company as the executive officer. Currently, Betsy is the secretary of education in the United States. Her primary objective as the head in this ministry is to offer quality education to all students in the country equally. From her perspective, she wants to eradicate the Zip code as a reason limiting students to obtain an education. I also learned that her focus is on giving parents the power of choice in school settings for their kids.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Contributions to Improved Health Care

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Eric Lefkofsky is known for founding Tempus, an innovative health care technology system that helps share valuable information that can help many patients who are battling cancer. Wanting to create something that would help all demographics, Eric Lefkofsky also co-founded and became the CEO of Groupon, a leading coupon site that helps many save money each and every year. Making sure to have a strong philanthropic footprint in our world, Eric Lefkofsky also created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006, which has the humanitarian purpose of being charitable to those in the communities that need enhancement in order to have a positive impact on the residents that live in them. Another charity that Eric Lefkofsky contributes to is the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, as he is a Trustee of this foundation.

Wanting not only to create platforms for growth, but also wishing to actively teach the methods behind it, Eric Lefkofsky shared his knowledge with college students during his time as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Realizing that he could inspire minds outside of the Chicago area, Eric Lefkofsky wrote the book titled Accelerated Disruption. In his book, Eric Lefkofsky explains how technology is essential for a growing business, and how technological advances can be used to create a strong success and more information click here.

It is evident that Eric Lefkofksy has been following the advice that he preaches in his book, as he continues to create innovative health care systems based on expanding technological methods. Recently, Eric Lefkofsky spoke about how health care systems need to pay attention to both the patient’s unique genetic makeup and the treatments general success. When practitioners are able to understand what treatments affect certain types of individuals, a better plan can be executed in order to help the unique individuals battling their health conditions. In order to have this information available to practitioners, there must be a system that shares how differing patients react to certain treatments; this technological health care system of sharing valuable information on how patients will react to different treatments is exactly what Eric Lefkofsky set out to create and Eric’s lacrosse camp.



Adam Goldenberg Discusses TechStyle And The Future Of Fashion

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Adam Goldenberg is a shrewd businessman. He is the co-founder of JustFab and Fabletics. Recently, Adam Goldenberg appeared on CNBC. He talked about different topics, including the future of the fashion industry and the change of JustFab’s name to TechStyle Fashion Group. In addition, Adam explained how TechStyle Fashion Group is using a unique approach to business.

He noted that the company was concerned with building sustainable brands. To this end, the entity seeks to develop and market its products through the online platform. Additionally, Adam posited that the firm’s brand portfolio uses consumer data to provide clients with better services. Adam Goldenberg is optimistic that the future of TechStyle Fashion Group looks bright considering that they use innovative strategies to develop different brands that satisfy the utility of consumers.

The company’s management decided to change JustFab’s name to TechStyle Fashion Group to highlight its ability to incorporate fashion and technology. Its portfolio brands include Fabletics, JustFab, Fabkids, and ShoeDazzle. Adam posited that when they established JustFab, he and his partner, Don Ressler, set out to transform the way individuals shop by providing on-trend fashion on . Adam Goldenberg, the co-CEO of the new firm noted that they have remained true to their vision of providing quality and affordable products.

In 2014, Built in Los Angeles at named Adam Goldenberg among the three LA CEOs that people needed to know. At the time, Adam had predicted a great year for his VIP membership fashion firm. In its four years of operations, the company has been on a growth trajectory. In 2013, it raised $55 million in funding. JustFab also purchased ShoeDazle, a shoe discovery service. Adam noted that they have always been driven by metrics on To this end, they have managed to learn and adapt to their business quickly. He also asserted how customer feedback has been of significance to the company. This information has helped them to review their products and services. This way, they have learnt to develop consumer-oriented products.

Adam Goldenberg became an entrepreneur during his teenage years. When he was 15 years old, Goldenberg created an advertising network called Gamers Alliance. He sold the firm to Intermix in 1999. Later, he became the COO of Intermix. During this period, he had not graduated from high school. Adam met his present business partner, Don Ressler, in 2006. They partnered to establish Intelligent Beauty. Their venture incubated businesses in the fashion and beauty industries. The success of Intelligent Beauty led to the establishment of other brands like JustFab and Fabletics.



Don Ressler Handles Accessories In an Appealing Way

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While people pay a lot of attention to the outfit, they also pay as much attention to the accessories on Crunchbase. As a matter of fact, accessories often complete an outfit like punctuation completes a sentence. Fortunately, there are a ton of different types of accessories that one can choose from. After all, Don Ressler understands how important accessories are to the customer. Therefore, he is willing to make sure that he is able to offer many different types. One good thing about accessories is that not all of them have to be the right size. Some of them could just be carried.

Among the accessories that women love to carry are purses. This is where all of their necessities can be carried. They can carry their phone in their purses as well as other items on However, purses are for more than just functional purposes. They could also be used to complete a look. Don Ressler’s brands of accessories have plenty of nice looking purses. Women can choose from many different colors and fabrics. One of the best aspects of the purses that TechStyle offers is that they are durable. Of course, people will be able to save money on the accessories at

Don Ressler also offers gym bags for women on Fabletics. This is something they could take with them as they get their work out. One thing that could help people is if they have everything they need while they are getting their exercise. For instance, the accessories make it easier for the customer to carry all the water they need.

Other accessories are different types of jewelry that are offered across the different brands of TechStyle. Don Ressler truly has an eye for what the customers want and also has a talent for influencing and bringing a lot of change to the markets.

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Eric Lefkofsky: A Scientific Breakthrough Worth Mentioning

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The founder of Groupon and one of Chicago’s most influential figures, Eric Lefkofsky has donated a lot of money to cancer research within his lifetime. Recently he has started a new and smarter approach to fight against cancer and it’s damaging effects towards the human race. After leaving his role as a CEO for Groupon, he has been working non-stop on a new startup called Tempus. This new health Tech startup has quietly been working in the background to build a new infrastructure for cancer treatment. Even though his involvement isn’t very clear in regards of Tempus, his website states that he is helping doctors analyze a patient’s genetic code to assist in the curing process. This new cutting-edge therapy analysis will help the doctors understand a patient’s tumor more efficiently.

The new startup collects the information and data using statistical algorithms to uncover a more personalized medicine for their patients. Tempus is used primarily to help doctors create a better care for treatment. Tempus is working with all types of patients. Currently they are assisting patients with lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. However, in the near future they will tackle more types.

By searching online, you can determine that there are a total of 29 employees. However, this is only an estimate and has not yet been verified. Hunter Lane, the former director of Highground, lists himself as the director of Tempus as well. Eric and his wife Liz are known for their generous contributes to cancer research. They currently have a family foundation that has dedicated over 1 million to the Cancer Center of Northwestern University. They have also donated $500,000 to support gastric cancer research at Stanford University.This is only a couple of the foundations that they have donated funds towards to help families dealing with cancer patients.

In July, Eric Lefkofsky wrote about artificial intelligence and how it is moving forward and will one day be used as a form of Health Care and treatment. He believes this because we have a large database of unmined molecular data that can contribute to the artificial intelligence attribution. Even though he did not mention Tempus and it’s connection, we can conclude from his personal blog that Tempus is a scientific breakthrough worth mentioning.