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Michael Hagele Is Helping Technology Companies With Legal Agreements

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The world of technology is growing swiftly over time. New groundbreaking inventions are coming out to help make people’s lives easier, and may even save lives. With technology being in an upswing lots of new businesses are solely focused on it. Michael Hagele knows of this all too well and serves as a senior outside counsel for these companies.

Mr. Hagele attended the University of California, Berkeley where he studied law. In 1997 he graduated with a J.D. in Law. This education was going to be the platform in which his career would blossom. Michael Hagele helps legally consult technology firms on an array of subject that they are dealing with. These companies include biotechnology, internet, electronic, and aerospace industries. To really break down what he does on a daily basis boils down to writing and reviewing technology licensing agreements, gives clients legal counseling when it comes intellectual property rights, and so much more. Visit to learn more.

Michael is a well sought out professional because he never gives up and is an incredible hard worker who gets things done. Another reason why he has become so successful as an entrepreneur is that he puts his clients first. Michael Hagelehas to put his client’s best interest first by doing the best job possible. When it comes to law and being an attorney there can be a lot at stake for clients so he must be absolutely professional, diligent, knowledgeable, and so on.

Michael finds certain technology to be helpful to grow business and communicate with clients. Social media is certainly a very helpful tool for Mr. Hagele, but he also uses many of Google’s tools and MS Office. Artificial intelligence is on the rise tremendously and this interests the tech lawyer because it can be uses for many different purposes. Michael Hagele says that this type of technology can be very useful for genetic programming. Being a attorney can be hard work and can use a lot of mental energy. To balance himself out Mr. Hagele loves to break away and go mountain or road bike riding to center himself. It also helps him look at his client’s situation from a whole new prospective which is really important to make headway. View:


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Karl Heideck: Life As A Litigation Attorney

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Litigation attorneys are legal professionals trained in the protection of clients’ during civil court proceedings. Whether employed by the plaintiff or defendant it is the litigation attorney’s responsibility to present his clients case to the judge in a fashion that will garner the most favorable outcome possible.

The work environment for litigation attorneys can vary greatly. A large number of these attorneys are employed by law firms that have several litigation attorneys on their roster. Other litigation attorneys may work for smaller firms or even employ themselves by way of their own private firm. On the other end of the spectrum, major corporations often have their own team of litigators.

When beginning a new case, the litigation attorney must perform a thorough investigation. This may be done by collecting witness statements, medical records or any other evidence that may help the cause of the attorney’s client. Once the evidence is collected and analyzed, the litigator will usually contact the opposing litigator in an effort to negotiate a settlement. If no agreement can be obtained the litigator will then prepare the appropriate documents to file with the court.


Next is the discovery phase where litigators from both sides are obliged to share all evidence with their counterparts. At this time any depositions or other necessary proceedings will take place. It is quite often at this time of the process to see a settlement reach as both sides now know the depth of evidence the other possesses. If no settlement is reached at this point the trial process begins.

Karl Heideck has always been interested in the success of others. In a guide written by Heideck to aid young litigators he speaks on the importance of being humble, honest, and kind to all. He goes on to explain the value of making connections and treating them kindly.

Karl Heideck is an experienced litigation attorney serving the greater Philadelphia area. His areas of specialty are compliance and risk management. Karl Heideck received his bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in 2003. He later attended Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law, earning his law degree in 2009.

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