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Whitney Wolfe’s Ideas on Who Should Approach

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One thing that the dating and relationships world has is a lot of rules that are rather constricting. Often times, these unwritten and unspoken rules prevent any relationships developing naturally and organically. Fortunately, entrepreneurs like Whitney Wolfe are doing everything they can to eliminate these rules. For one thing, she has developed an app that give women more of an advantage to choose the type of men they want. Whitney Wolfe’s dating app, Bumble, is an example of what she wants to see more of. Bumble makes it so that women are able to do the approaching. All a man has to do is accept and reject.

Whitney Wolfe frustrated with all of the rules of dating. One rule that she is frustrated with is the rule about approaches. Many women believe that they should not approach. They should just wait for the man to approach. There are other rules such as playing hard to get. These days, a lot of these rules of engagement tend to backfire on women, especially when it comes to men with options. Whitney Wolfe believes in a more straight forward approach. One thing that she understands is that in this type of culture, a lot of women who just want to wait around are not going to get what they want to learn more: click here.

One thing that Whitney is not trying to do is stop men from approaching. She wants dating relationships to develop as they naturally would. However, no one should be restricted in what they can do. The only reason that Whitney Wolfe has handicapped men’s accounts for the Bumble app is that she wants to bring forth a better experience for both men and women. Whitney Wolfe is a very imaginative entrepreneur that is willing to solve problems for people and make the dating world a better place.

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Susan McGalla Encourages Other Women in Business

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Susan McGalla has done some amazing things in the business world. I think she is someone that many people can aspire to imitate. In all the years that she has work in business she has broken barriers that many women still have not reached. I believe that she is an amazing person, and all of her time with the role of a CEO has definitely geared her for position that she holds right now with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Related News on

Long before she got into a directorial position in terms of athletic marketing, Susan McGalla was a professional in the clothing world with Eddie Bauer. She would move on from the CEO position there and take a position as CEO of Wet Seal. I think this is very fascinating because I am not aware of many women that have been CEO of two different companies. It is hard enough for a woman to accomplish the goal of CEO once. It is almost impossible for women to step into a CEO role for a second time, but it is obviously possible because Susan did it.  Related article on,

Susan McGalla has managed to be a resource to women that are trying to break into the business world. She has spoken at different seminars over the years and given advice to many women. This is what she does best because she is experienced in this area. She knows what women in the business world are going through, and she wants to help them build their upon their strengths.  Hop over to this.

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