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Timothy Armour’s Advice to Investors

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Mr. Armour attended Middlebury College for his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. In 1983, he started working at The Capital Group Companies, Inc. as a member of the associates program. He was elevated to the post of Equity Investment Analyst at the company. His work involved working with global telecommunications and American service firms. He is now the chairman, director, and principal executive officer at the company.


On July 28, 2015, Capital Group’s Board of Directors reported about the election of Armor as the president of the company. Armour succeeded the former chairman, the late Jim Rothenberg. According to Jim, some of the market leaders have been misleading investors. Recently, Jim responded to a claim made by Warren Buffet.


Tim Armour, critically looks at the assertion by Warren Buffett that investment in S&P 500 passive index fund is more profitable than in a group of hedge fund managers. Armour believes that this year, Buffett is going to collect.


Armour agrees that many funds deceive investors. He supports investment in low cost and simple venture for a long time. There is a need for Americans to save and remain invested. Here are Armour’s views on Mr. Buffett’s investment strategy and his Linkedin.


Consumers should not be wary of whether the investment is “active or passive.” Many mutual funds fail to make profits because of high management cost and over-trading. Passive index returns are not necessarily the best ones for retirement. They are also exposed to down markets, something more than half of the investors does not know and learn more about Timothy.


Some actively managed funds have outperformed the market over an extended period. Mr. Armour notes that an investment of $10,000 in the best S&P 500 index fund four decades ago is now worth over half a million dollars, which is less than a similar investment in the top five American Funds 40 years ago. He says this is influenced by outperforming the market average in the long run and more information click here.


His advice to investment fund managers is that they must always strive for the betterment of their client.

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Eric Lefkofsky is a Major American Success Story

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Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur in the United States. He grew up in Southfield, Michigan. He graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987. He then graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan, after which he earned his Juris Doctor from the same institution in 1993.This is where he became friends with his partner in business development, Brad Keywell. In 1999, the two started an Internet company called Starbelly, that specialized in promotional products. It was experienced rapid pre-bubble growth and was sold to Halo Industries in 2000.

The next startup was InnerWorkings that offered print services to mid-sized companies. The stock went public on the Nasdaq in 2006. Eric served on the board of directors until 2012. Next was Echo Global a freight logistics company. The company went public in 2006. In 2007, Lefkofsky co-founded, a collective action site. The company name was changed to in 2009. In 2010 Forbes named them the fastest growing company in history. In 2010, Google tried to buy Groupon for $6 billion. In November of 2011, Groupon had an initial public offering, raising $700 million at $20 a share.

In 2010, Lightbank was formed. The company plans venture capital projects in Chicago. In 2013, Lefkofsky became the CEO of Groupon. In 2014, he and Keywell co-founded Uptake, an analytical firm. In 3026 Eric took over as Chairman of Groupon and stepped down as CEO.

Eric Lefkofsky currently serves as CEO of Tempus, a company dedicated to helping physicians develop individual treatment plans for cancer patients. The company gathers data on previous treatments and their results, allowing doctors to access information that helps them custom design treatment plans for future patients. The philosophy is that each patient should benefit from the knowledge gained by those that came before them. The company has built a state-of-the-art lab to join data science with medical technology.

Eric is involved in many local charities including Children’s Memorial Hospital, now the Lurie Children’s Hospital, The Museum of Science and Industry and others. He as his wife Liz run the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

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Equities First Holdings Relocates Melbourne Offices

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Equities First Holdings is a world leader in optional lending strategies and continues to sustain its three Australian locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth accommodating the growing business. The company which offers alternative shareholder monetary solutions relocated its Melbourne office which is presently situated in the heart of the City making it more easy & accessible for business associates and clients.

“Our Australian business is keeping on developing and moving our Melbourne office will give us a superior space to suit our present customers and staff with space for growth,” said Mitchell Hopwood, the Managing Director for Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Equities First Holdings sustains the three business locations with the firm dedicated in offering customers with stock-based credits to capital for strategic investments, business expansion among other purposes. Those kinds of loans are not restricted hence the capital can be utilized for any reason, with the most loans being non-resource.

Notwithstanding its Australian workplaces, Equities First Holdings keeps up working places in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, in addition to the organization headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Individuals and businesses who don’t qualify for bank credits have been benefiting from stock based loans.

From 2002, Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has given customers with optional financing packages, providing capital against stock that is traded publicly to empower customers in meeting their professional & personal goals. Thus, EFH gives capital against shares exchanged on open trades far and wide. The organization has finished more than 700 exchanges worth over $1.4 billion to date, providing clients with high credit to-value at low settled loan costs.

EFH is a worldwide organization with workplaces in nine countries with inclusion of completely claimed auxiliaries Equities First (London) Ltd, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.

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Chinese posed to become the US of 2008, George Soros

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Billionaire investor George Soros, at an Asia Society event in New York, deliberated on the Chinese economy and its resemblance to the US market. George Soros believe that the boom in credit spells an impending doom for the Chinese economy’s (FXI)(YINN)(ASHR). The bull market might have been experienced up to the end of spring, but now the bear market has begun.

On December 1st, the Chinese market gained at the end of trading. This resulted in the IMF granting reserve currency status to the yuan. This move indeed made investors to become positive about the market thus closing hire on that day. But after that, the market on has been on a roller-coaster. There was a crash in August and since then Chinese equity has been trying to regain strength.

From a buying spree when the market was rising at a very high rate. On June 12, The Shanghai Composite index was at the 5,166.35 that day. Then after a while the gushes changed to fear and panic and the market crashed down, and on July 10th it was 3,877.80. the first quarter of the Chinese economy grew 6.7%. this growth in GDP was as a result of rise in credit facility. George Soros sees this trends as similar to the US in 2005 and 2006. In the US the real estate prices started to form a bubble. The script here as Soros say is the same, and the problem will be bigger in time.

The phase of the credit cycle occasions a cyclical wheel that repeats its self, expansion- downturn-repair-recovery. George Soros says this bubble will keep growing to become too big such that it will be unsustainable and feed itself just like the United States in 2015/2016.

Expansion phase entails consumers getting loans which in turn improves business. The credit then spreads as more borrowers get access to loans and credit increases. This process on improves business but also creates an asset bubble. When it burst there is always the risk of increased defaulters and credit starts to contract. This trends are speculated in china. The China Banking Regulatory Commission has already said that it would not cooperate with six mortgage brokers for a month for violating lending policies.

A per a Bloomberg survey, Qu Hongbin, he largely agrees with George Soros statement. Although there are doubters of Soros statement he speaks an experienced investor. His predictions might not come to pass but can be used as a warning to avert an impending crisis.

George Soros is an investment heavyweight and based on experience is easy to assume his predictions holds a lot of weight. The money supplied by banks keeps bad debts and loss-making enterprises afloat, if this keeps on happening it could lead to a serious economy crisis.

Financial Crisis

George Soros predicts Financial Turmoil

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In 2008, the GFC hit the world, and just a few countries were able to survive. The huge effects were attributed to the lack of preparedness and poor forecasting. In fact, investment leaders were shocked that there were not advanced warnings indicating the possible effects. People lost a lot of money and investments. The US was worst hit and given that the dollar is a primary world currency, a majority of the nations suffered the effects. However, the world economy stabilized after measures were taken.

In 2015, world-renowned investor warned that the Global Financial Crisis would hit again if the appropriate steps to curb it were not taken. George Soros was not excited by the news coming out of the People Bank of China. There are indications that the currency has been decreased, and effects may spread largely to other countries. China is the second largest economy in the world.

George Soros has a long history that dates back to the early 1960s. His name was earlier mentioned regarding funding the apartheid students in South Africa in the late 1960s. Having grown up in Hungary, he fled during the Second World War and went to school in the United Kingdom. After graduating in Economics on, he decided to settle where his entrepreneurship journey started.

Soros has invested in several successful companies that have earned him billions of dollars in profits over time. It helped him expand his business and charity foundation to over 100 nations in the world. George Soros’ influence was felt, and because some countries were opposed to his ideologies, some of his organizations are now facing resistance from some of the governments.

In his own home Hungary, George is an enemy. The state has seen his activities to having no benefit to the local people. It is because he champions for the better life and rights of the immigrants. In the authorities’ view on, it is risky in that it may lead to an influx of refugees in Hungary. George advises that they should be paid so that they can afford a decent lifestyle, an issue that is resisted by the local authorities.

On promoting the rights and freedoms in many countries, governments are resisting terming his work as a possible cause of revolution in the countries. When people know their rights, they will oppose actions that will be seen to infringe on them. Therefore, they will resist by any means possible.

Taking an example of Russia, the Open Society Foundation has been prohibited from undertaking any business on the Russian soil. In fact, they say that their actions damage the constitution of Russia and may lead to growing resistance against the state. The organization has been compared to a terrorist group that brings radicalization to the people. The two organizations have, therefore, been listed as a threat to national security. It means that any operation within Russia will be punishable in the worse way possible. It is because, in the authorities view, it is just a terrorist group like any other.