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When Shervin Pishevar Made Predictions On Twitter

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When S. Pishevar recently engaged in a tweet storm, he probably had little idea that this action would lead to significant press coverage. As an early Uber investor, Pishevar showed tremendous foresight. In retrospect, it seems obvious that people would be deeply interested in Pishevar’s opinions and predictions. Over the course of 21 hours, Pishevar commented on a variety of subjects that are controversial yet important in modern American life.


Perhaps most contentiously, Shervin Pishevar tweeted that he believed the global economy was facing a “financial storm” of enormous proportions. When Pishevar noted that the age of cheap money was over, he echoed the sentiments of a wide variety of financial commentators. Quite a few economists and policy experts have predicted that the economic recovery’s roots are fairly shallow. According to one increasingly dominant theory, inflation and underemployment will soon work together to blunt the economic situation in the United States. Pishevar went further to state that bitcoin wasn’t going to immediately achieve stability or widespread acceptance.


Unquestionably, Shervin Pishevar has done quite a bit to make a name for himself. With his 24-hour tweet storm, Pishevar laid down the gauntlet and made some startling predictions about the future. According to Pishevar, a lot of companies that are commercially successful will soon succumb to inertia. Pishevar believes that companies like Facebook and Apple are proving to be unwieldy and unable to compete with nimbler competitors. Although Pishevar isn’t optimistic about the future of Mark Zuckerberg, he did express his belief in Elon Musk. Shervin Pishevar seems to think that due to Musk’s unique vision and genius, this tastemaker will continue to remain solvent. Despite Tesla’s recent difficulties, it still seems that Musk’s unique qualities will keep him in business for many years to come.


So far, Pishevar’s predictions have proved almost eerie in their accuracy. In most respects, Pishevar’s tweetstorm has proved a reliable guide to events. It remains to be seen if Pishevar again engage in a viral, newsworthy tweetstorm. If a second tweetstorm is in the offing, it is likely to make business news once again. Shervin Pishevar certain to continue making the news from time to time.

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Ted Bauman Discusses Discusses His Life and Habits

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Recently, Ted Bauman of Banyan Hill Publishing spoke with IdeaMensch about his life and career. Mr. Bauman serves as an editor with Banyan Hill, and he is involved in producing “The Bauman Letter” and “Alpha Stock Alert”. He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town, and he holds degrees in history and economics.

Ted Bauman begins his normal working day by taking his daughter to school. After this, he gets right to work because he believes that the morning hours are his most productive working period. Mr. Bauman works until about 5:00 pm each day.

As a writer, much of Ted Bauman’s work involves research. His research doesn’t just consist of analyzing particular investments. He has to keep up on the latest news from around the world in order to understand how global events might affect his readers’ investment portfolios.

Ted Bauman believes that one of the keys to his success in the field of financial writing is his ability to manage his time well. He has come to realize that he can’t be interrupted during the most productive part of his day. By focusing in on the task at hand each morning, Mr. Bauman is able to complete his research in a timely manner.

Learning and research are import components of Ted Bauman’s career as a writer. Mr. Bauman has stated that he wishes that he had studied technical economics to a greater extent. However, in order to write effectively about economic and financial issues, Mr. Bauman looks over multiple resources from around the world in order to find the most complete and reliable information. He recommends that everyone be actively engaged in learning as much as possible about the areas that they are interested in.

When he first started out working, Ted Bauman worked in restaurants and gas stations. He learned what it was like to live in this world from the perspective of those who don’t have a lot of financial security. This has enabled him to pay attention to the needs of investors from all socio-economic levels.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Expands His Philanthropic Efforts

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When Hussain Sajwani became an entrepreneur for the first time, he did not have a background of affluence to pull funds from. Hussain’s parents were humble middle class business owners and he started work in his father’s shop at a very young age assisting his father in selling watches and pens. Mr. Sajwani learned the value of hardwork and persistence from his parents. So, it came as no surprise that Hussain Sajwani started his first business soon after graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Economics. Mr. Sajwani was one of the first men from the United Arab Emirates to come to America on a government scholarship.

Global Logistics Service is the name of Mr. Sajwani’s first (and still functioning) business. They handle hundreds of catering jobs weekly. It was during this time that Hussain Sajwani noticed that there were foreigners looking to invest in properties around Dubai. The area of Dubai at the time was growing fast. Residents needed housing in addition to the influx of travelers and business men coming into the city. Mr. Hussain’s first project was a 38 story tall residential high rise thatwas met with great success. Since this first project in 2002, DAMAC has handled over 20,000 projects.

Now that DAMAC is a well established development powerhouse in Dubai, Mr. Sajwani has turned his attention to philanthropic efforts across Dubai and the world. So far Mr. Sajwani has donated over 2 million AED to charitable causes worldwide to help impoverished children recieve clothing. Mr. Sajwani also works with the government in Dubai to provide resources to charities worldwide. Mr. Sajwani is also highly involved in the “One Million Arab Coders Initiative” sponsored by the DAMAC Corporation and the Dubai Future Foundation. Their combined hope is to build up the coding and technology sector for future generations. To read more about DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani, and the philanthropic efforts of both, please click here.