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Investment strategies that set the Oxford Club apart from other clubs

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Networking is a big part of being an investor or entrepreneur. That is why investors and entrepreneurs belong to clubs whose sole purpose is building networks and sharing ideas. The Oxford Club a good example. It is an international network of investors and entrepreneurs.

Members of the private Oxford Club benefit from exclusive access to the best strategies. The time-tested strategies are geared towards outperforming the stock market and beating average returns in a variety of asset classes. As a member of Oxford Club, one gets recommendations that cover stocks, bonds, precious metals, options, mutual funds, base metals, cryptocurrencies and exchange traded funds.

Here are four investment strategies that set the Oxford Club apart:

  1. Reduction of investment costs

As an investor, one way you can maximize your gains is by minimizing your investment costs. It means finding ways of reducing your tax charges and ensuring that fund managers charge you as little as possible. The Oxford Club has systems in place to avoid the traditional back-end and front-end fees among other fees and surrender penalties. By minimizing portfolio expenses, it becomes possible for net returns to be increased.

  1. Diversification of investments

Any investor worth his salt will tell you that your investment diet must be well-balanced in order for you to be a successful investor. Diversification is the key to risk mitigation in an investor’s portfolio. The investment strategy prescribed by the Oxford Club involves not only diverse stocks but also diverse risk levels as well, Another recommendation of the Oxford Club is for investors to diversify among asset classes.

  1. Ideal positional sizes

Another critical factor in successful investing is position sizing. The Oxford Club has its own formula that it uses to calculate position sizes. Members don’t just invest based on emotional impulses. The formula determines how much should be invested in any particular stock or asset class. Much of the success enjoyed by members of the Oxford Club can be attributed to their ability to resize their position sized in any transaction.

  1. Having an exit strategy

Buying stocks or bonds is just one part of being an investor. However, what sets successful investors apart is that they know when to exit the market. As an Oxford Club member, you will never see a recommendation where the exit strategy is not clearly spelled out. Before an investor buys, he must have a clear plan of when he intends to sell.

In summary

It is not difficult to see why Oxford Club members keep winning in the markets. With the strategies that the Club employs, it is difficult to see them getting things wrong.

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Richard D. Blair’s Wealth Solutions

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Wealth Solutions refers to a registered firm that deals in investment advisory and its founder is Richard Blair. It offers various services like Financial Planning, Retirement Planning and Wealth Management. Under wealth management, they assist people create an investment portfolio that allows a diversification based on the needs and also goals of an individual. It is done through various alternative and traditional courses in investment. Richard believes that collaboration is the key to successful wealth management. Clients have diverse investment goals and needs therefore they seek an advice they can trust. They mostly need customized solutions as opposed to generic products.


Financial Planning is important to clients as it aids them to realize their short and also long term goals. This involves the determination of the value of their liabilities, assets and evaluation of their financial position. The financial planning is not limited to estate or retirement planning but also involves college planning. Another important aspect is retirement planning which forms another important part of Wealth Solutions. Most clients who have worked in conjunction with Richard have been able to accumulate assets but do not have a proper retirement plan or a starting point.


About Richard Dwayne Blair


Richard Dwayne Blair is the financial advisor at Wealth Solutions which is based in Bee Cave, Texas. He is well experienced in this field as he boasts of an experience spanning 24 years. He holds several registrations of an investment advisor as well as a Certified Financial Planner. He utilizes his knowledge as an investment advisor to offer advice concerning securities on finances. His Financial Planner Certification enables him to offer clients with sound financial advice. He also relishes the challenge of assisting others to achieve their financial goals.


His earlier encounter with teachers made him realize how teaching helps individuals to increase their knowledge and confidence. His grandmother, mother and wife were all teachers and this could have contributed a lot to his career. He has a natural gift of finance and this made him want to help others to plan their finances and investments. After graduating from college, Richard immediately ventured in the financial services industry back in 1993. He then proceeded to form his own firm in 1994 and christened it Wealth Solutions. Over the years he has sharpened his experience and also knowledge in the retirement planning sector. He assists his clients to plan for their retirement and also live in it by ensuring that they reduce the gap between the two. He enables them to avoid the various common pitfalls by offering them strategies that work.

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