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OSI Food Solutions Expansion Measures

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OSI Food Solutions is the leading producer of processed foods in the world. This company is known for always striving to meet the needs of the industry. Under the current leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin, he is making sure that this company grows into a leading company. He has led it since 1975, and the transformation it has gone through is major.

OSI is now a leading business in the United States. The Forbes ranks it at number #58 out of the top 100 private companies in the United States. It is valued at $6 billion. Apart from that, this company has employed over 200,000 workers.

OSI Food Solutions has been in the food business for almost a century. Those who have been in the industry will tell you that it has taken one century to build this company. It started in 1909 as a butcher shop, and over time it kept on growing until it became the leading company in the world. OSI has been taking measures to keep the company running smoothly over the past couple of years. It has taken its expansion work seriously, and as a result, it has seen its operations grow to 17 countries.

One of the locations where this company is doing everything possible to grow its operations in Europe. It has tried a number of measures to penetrate the market, and it now seems like it is paying off. Acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe has given the company the much-needed entry into the market. The two companies are established food companies in the region, but they are not near the capacity of the OSI Food Solutions. They will partner with OSI to grow their respective businesses. OSI is looking at a possibility of bringing in mutual benefit to all the partners.

OSI Food Solutions has also doubled the production capacity of chicken products from their facility in Spain. In the past few decades, there has been an increase in consumption of chicken products in Europe and therefore moved in to increase the supply to meet the demand.

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OSI Industries, the Rise to Glory

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OSI Industries now stands among the giants in the food providers industry. The organization is the proud employer to over twenty thousand employees with over sixty-five establishments in seventeen countries all across the globe. The company has seen humble beginnings to the total transformation and establishing itself into the ever-growing global economy. The origin of the multi-billion company got characterized by the relentless ideas by migrant German community member in Chicago, Illinois, Otto Kolschowsky, at the start of the twentieth century. Kolchowsky opened a small retail meat market for the residents around him in 1909. His business blossomed and in about a decade changed lanes to wholesale coupled with a change in the base of operations. The operation grew to become a central part of the American community with time.

Later on, an alliance with another small family business that resulted in the first McDonald’s restaurant getting established. Consequently, the position for meat supply expanded leading to the ultimate purchase of the restaurant by the sons of Otto. Two decades after this significant advancement, the transition to OSI Industries occurred with the primary focus being the provision of an individual restaurant and its customers with consistent product. Technological progress in the freezing and preservation sector by the use of liquid nitrogen made long-distance transport of products not only easier but also cheaper. This progress directly translated to the creation and expansion of new opportunities coupled with a reduced cost for food products. Among significant changes in the development of OSI industries include the evolution of the company business management from family to professionals with its growth.

The growth of this two concurrent supplier and retailer led to the construction of the state of the art plant in Chicago with the sole dedication to the McDonald’s product line. The continuous rapid growth of the McDonald’s establishment necessitated the consolidation of resources and products while fronting the growth of other plants. Several plants were then set up in different parts of the country in the years that followed. McDonald’s crossed into the global scene with OSI Industries following closely. A joint venture into Germany then Spain was entered, and OSI Industries became a respected multinational organization.

Proper management and relentless dedication to perfection saw OSI Industries enter another level of the development phase. This step became the beginning of the growth towards greatness which includes a ranking on Forbes list at position fifty-eight of the largest private companies.

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OSI Food Solutions: Introducing a New Production Line

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The OSI Group has several subsidiaries around the world, and one of which is the OSI Food Solutions that operates in Spain. It was announced by the OSI Food Solutions recently that a new high-capacity production line will open in the city of Toledo, Spain. The total cost of building the new production line is €17 million, and it was completed already earlier this year. The new production line, operating for a few weeks now, has been assessed by experts to increase the number of processed chicken produced by the OSI Group subsidiary. When compared, one can notice the drastic changes in the number of production. It jumped from 12,000 annual chickens to 24,000 chickens after the new production line was opened. The new production line is also seen as one of the reasons why the production of meat under the OSI Food Solutions will see a more significant increase this year. According to food experts, 45,000 tons of livestock meat can now be processed inside the new production line. There are also reports saying that the new production line will be able to manufacture jobs, providing a stable work for 20 people.

The creation of a new production line at the OSI Food Solutions headquarters in Toledo, Spain would also give an assurance to the people of Spain and Portugal that the rising demand for chicken will be met. Back at the OSI Group headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the current CEO, David McDonald, stated that they permitted for the OSI Food Solutions to expand their product line to accommodate the surging demand for chicken. They have been reviewing a chart, and it explicitly shows that the demand for chicken grew from 6% to 8%, and it continues to grow annually. The OSI Group has already anticipated this growth, and it is the reason why they decided to build a new production line.

David McDonald is proud to present the company’s newly built production line that was constructed with a lot of amenities. It is situated on a 20,000 square feet wide area, with some of the most advanced tools used for chicken and other meat production. David McDonald stated that their successful operations in Spain are a proof that his decision to focus the OSI Group’s operations overseas is right. David McDonald stated that he would be keeping an eye on how the new production line will affect the industry.

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