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Matt Badiali Lets His Subscribers Learn About Freedom Checks

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Matthew Badiali is a financial writer and investor who has an educational background in geology. Due to his geology background, which stopped just short of earning him a Ph.D., he invests in natural resources. He writes a financial newsletter which is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. This publisher focuses on United States-based assets to invest in such as small caps, mid caps, natural resources, and cryptocurrencies. He edits two newsletters each of which are focused on different aspects of natural resources. The first one is called Real Wealth Strategist and the other is named Front Line Profits.

One thing that Matthew Badiali has been informing his subscribers about lately are what he calls “Freedom Checks”. He released a video about these as well which soon went viral. He dropped some hints in the video about what he was talking about. He said they aren’t a government program and they are not a form of retirement account. He said they are better than those. He said people could get up to three to four times the amount of money from Freedom Checks as what they could get from social security on a monthly basis.

There are two requirements companies have to meet to issue Freedom Checks, he said. The first is that 90% of the company’s revenue needs to derive from transporting, producing, storing, and processing oil and gas in America. The second is that they agree to send Freedom Checks to their shareholders which can be as much as $266,000 or even $643,000 a year. The law that enabled these was passed by Congress in 1987 and there are 568 businesses that meet the requirements to issue them. See This Page for additional info.

In early January 2018, Matt Badiali informed his readers that the value of silver is going to be up for the year. At the time he said that silver had gone up 10% in value in just three weeks time which is unusual for this precious metal. It was up 15% in 2016 and up only 4% in 2017. He has said he expects shortages to lead to higher values over the course of the year.

Matt Badiali later wrote that he is also suggesting people invest in gold mining companies. A number of years ago the collapse of gold prices caused some gold miners to go out of business and the remaining companies to streamline operations. Now that gold is back up in value he expects these companies to begin churning out strong profits for the foreseeable future.

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The Safest Investment is Gold

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If you are looking for a safe investment, where you do not have to worry about your money disappearing or shrinking in any way, shape or form, your best bet is going to be gold. You can think of gold as one of those investments that is not going to go away. In fact, there is little debate that gold is the safest investment out there, regardless of what market or aspect may come into discussion.

Even though gold is not going to increase a persons money a whole lot, unless they study the ups and downs and buy gold when it is being sold for cheaper than normal, only to sell it when it goes back up, gold is one of those things that can be used to retain your wealth.

There is some risk to investment even when it is safe. Even if you simply make money and put that money into the bank thinking that you are doing something that is very safe, as you are not playing with the money on the stock market, or investing it in any other way, you never really know that the money you put there is going to remain. The bank could crash and go under, the value of currency that you have your money in could go down, or a whole list of other things could happen that could compromise your money.

The U.S. Money Reserve is going to remain the same and if you have a decent amount of money, you really should at least put a portion of your money aside in gold. You can think about it as spreading your assets out, but at least protecting some of it with a solid investment. If something drastic were to happen, say if another great depression occurred, you would still have your back up money.

Buying from the US Money Reserve is the way to go if you are looking to buy gold. They make all sorts of gold coins, other gold items such as bars of gold, as well as other types of metal that you can purchase. Selecting these types of gold pieces and putting them away is not only a good way to protect your assets and make sure you don’t lose it all if something bad happens, but there is also a huge peace of mind factor. Gold will retain its worth, so check out the many options that the US Money Reserve has available.