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Mark Mofid: The Plastic Surgeon

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Mark Mofid is one of the top California’s plastic surgeons based in Del Mar, La Jolla, and Chula Vista areas of San Diego. He is a well-trained Surgeon having graduated from Harvard University where he acquired his undergraduate degree, and later on John Hopkins University School of Medicine where he pursued his degree in medicine. Mark is a staff surgeon at several local hospitals in San Diego, including Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Palomar Medical Center, and the Scripps Memorial Hospital. Furthermore, he operates his own private clinic.

Mark Mofid also works at the University of California, San Diego campus as a clinical professor and faculty member. In the past, everything associated with gluteal augmentation industry was totally negative. The greatest problem associated with the industry was that most implants were incompatible with the body’s muscles, were generic, and also destined to sag. Mark carried out research and finally changed the entire situation for the better.

While at work, Mark strives to guarantee the safety of the patient first rather than fousing onthe payments. His adherence to safe medical practices has earned him trust from many people in San Diego and La Jolla. He is currently on a research on how activities in the industry can be done in the best and safest way possible. Mark knows much about body fat, muscles, and skin.

Mark Mofid recently had an exclusive interview with the MedicalSpasMd. During the interview, he talked about his clinic set up. He said the clinic has a nurse, a full time dermatologist who is his wife, and he serves as the clinic’s plastic surgeon. He added that at the clinic, they offer laser services and currently own Cutera laser for the treatment of veins and hair removal. They do not offer all required laser services but practice healthy referral relationship with another laser facility in the community.

Mark Mofid has breast and facial reconstructive surgeries as his main areas of specialization. According to him, he was inspired to specialize in this fields after he witnessed direct, dramatic effects resulting from cosmetic surgery on one’s self-esteem.

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Residents at The Manse On Marsh Rock San Luis Obispo

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The Manse On Marsh is a beautiful, luxury home living facility for assisted living, located in the heart of San Luis Obispo, Calif., and offers fine dining, personal care when needed, and socialization. And, the staff is dedicated to provide seniors with a heartwarming experience filled with quality life, entertainment, and planned activities within its community.

Lauren18 says that their parents live at The Manse On Marsh and typically the calendar is filled with activities for residents. She said that the staff are compassionate people and the food is excellent. writes that the assisted living community is situated on the Central Coast and walking distance to churches, ice-cream and coffee shops, book stores, and much more. In any case, the campus offers competitive rates to individual needs and budget for senior living. They also focus on their residents’ well-being by providing fitness and wellness centers, in addition to housekeeping and laundry services, even chauffeured transportation and much more such as computers, internet and printers in the community’s library.

Amazingly, Cammie Dalen’s testimonial said that she saw a 95-year-old woman enjoy life with her friends in the community and shared good times in activities like playing bridge, doing crafts, socializing at tea parties, even horse races and yoga! Dalen says that the staff goes all out given extra care to their residents, which makes them feel incredibly special living not only a safe environment, but also a secured one.

What’s more, the central location for social gatherings is absolutely stunning with a glass-top ceiling atrium and a warm, home-like sense décor. Also, residents enjoy fresh buttered popcorn while watching classic and newly release movies, and available daily at The Manse On Marsh Cinema. In fact, there are Registered Nurses (RN) on staff, as well as trained caregivers and medication technicians (MT) on site at the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There’s also an easy contact page on the website.

What is even more exciting, if seniors are a fan or enjoy sports such as golf, they can either attend or participate in tournaments, as well as attend other activities and events at the facility like community auctions. As a matter of fact, for all those who are music lovers, residents are entertained throughout the year with live music. John Wesley Ranch, March 18, 2016, says that The Manse On Marsh is an award winning facility filled with seasonal activities for residents to enjoy festivities during all the holidays throughout the year.

On March 17, 2015, the publisher if the Paso Robles Daily News, Scott Brennan said, The Manse On Marsh is the only assisted living facility on the Central Coast that offers seniors full comprehension care plans, and has been honored the Caring Star award for excellence.