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How Does Securus Technologies Keep Drugs Out of Prison?

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I work in one of the most dangerous jails in the state, and the biggest issue for me and my fellow officers is keeping drugs out of the hands of the inmates. You might think the jail is a tough place to score drugs, but inmates will tell you that they can score just about any type of drug they want in the jail easier than they could when they were roaming the streets.


To stop the flow of the drugs in our jail, we have several things we must do day after day. First, we must open each piece of mail that comes for the inmates. They have become quite crafty and liquifying drugs, coating the paper with the liquid, and then inmates get high simply eating the paper.


Monitoring visitors as they walk in the jail to see the inmates is where we score the majority of illegal contraband. Even knowing they face jail time if caught, visitors will risk it, especially if ordered by a high-ranking gang member in jail. Those lower-level gang members jump at the chance to try to smuggle in the drugs because they earn credibility with other gang members.


A new resource for us came in the most unlikely ways. Securus Technologies installed a modernized phone system that was now able to pick up unique conversations between inmates and people on the outside. We thought we could target the top gang members, but the software was more that any of us expected. It alerted us to conversations inmates had about hiding drugs in their cells, which inmates were meeting people who were smuggling things into the jail, and even where certain drugs were being hidden and used during the day.


Thanks to Securus Technologies, we have really tightened up the flow of drugs in the jail.


Inmate Communication

Thousands Of Customers Join Award Winning Inmate Communications Provider

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Are you currently experiencing dropped calls with your inmate communications provider? You can switch to Securus Technologies and ensure that you will get every minute that is allotted under your service agreement. They assure their customers that they are communicating over a stable network. Their prices are $4 to $1, in comparison to other network providers. In fact, Securus Technologies is rated higher than competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. Discover the benefits of becoming a part of a inmate communication provider that allows you to talk more and spend less. Most companies don’t offer nearly as many features as Securus Technologies.


Gold Stevie Award Is Awarding To Leading Network Provider


The Gold Stevie Award and the Stevie Award are the highest customer service awards awarded to telecommunications providers in the industry. They choose from the top professionals that have a stellar customer service rating with their customers and through questionnaires. Securus Technologies was chosen over several other network providers for having a high level of customer resolution. Securus ensures that their customers complaints are handled immediately and effectively. Their customers tell PRN Newswire that they are happy with their network, prices, and customer response. They lead the industry as one of the largest network providers to become a part of inmate communications.


Securus Features


Certification 1


Securus is attempting to expand their network to a global network with a recent certification 1. This certification will allow them to expand to an international forefront.


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave your love ones a voicemail message and help them transition to a life outside of a correctional facility. They can retrieve and receive a message from their love ones, legal counsel, or friends.


Become a part of Securus Technologies today by visiting their exclusive website for more details.


Inmate Communication

Securus receives highest rating from Better Business Bureau

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Securus Technologies, the country’s leading provider of inmate communication services, has recently received the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau. After being certified as an A+ business, Securus released a statement detailing what the new rating means.


This marks the culmination of a floor-up corporate overhaul which included intense customer service training and the creation of a 220-representative call center. This call center is the largest of its kind in the country and marks Securus’ rise to the unquestioned leader in inmate communication throughout the United States.



Video visitation takes the lead in prison telephony


What started as a brainstorming session by Securus engineers, well over a decade ago, has blossomed into a game-changing technology which has transformed the way that prison communications are handled throughout the country. Today, Securus’ video visitation technology serves over 25 million inmates and family members, allowing for unprecedented levels of contact and a quality of communication that could previously only be dreamt of.


This technology has collectively saved tens of millions of dollars for inmates and their families. In-person visitations, previously the only option which families had to see their incarcerated loved ones face-to-face, often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This was due to the long distances families were often forced to drive to see their loved ones. While many states pay lip service to the fact that inmates technically have the right to request a transfer to be closer to their loved ones, in practice, such requests are rarely granted. This often resulted in situations where family members were required to drive up to 8 hours from home, being forced to pay for all meals and hotel rooms.


Today, a visitation that may have cost $1000 now only costs as little as $1. Securus’ video visitation has profoundly changed inmate communications for the better.



Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies ensures honesty in correction facilities

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According to reports published on June 2016 by PRNewswire, Securus Technologies made a press release to correct misleading information by GTL. GTL had previously made a press release early that month. Securus Technology stated that the press release made by GTL was highly inaccurate and misleading. The information solicited for a new press release with corrections on the matter.


One of the first press release made by GTL stated that the U.S PTAB granted GTL permission to go forth with validations pursuing injunctions against Securus Technologies. The Patent Trial Appeal Board cannot validate a lawsuit. Securus corrected the misinformation stating there had been no such validation made by the PTAB. GTL was not going to pursue injunctions like that stated in the press release.


Securus Technologies is a technology-forward and a highly reliable firm. The company provides technology solutions for the civil and criminal justice department. To date, Securus Technologies has provided simple but robust solutions that have improved safety. The press release made by Securus was mainly to correct the false and misleading information presented by GTL. Securus Technologies has distinguished itself as a company ready to serve and connect. The company avails services to improve public safety. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company has several offices in different parts of the world.



According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, GTL should focus on business growth and not pick fights with competitors. He noted that GTL is taking an easier route as patent litigation costs a lot of money and takes many years to pursue. As a result, the public questions GTL’s approach to picking up fights with competitors. The company is not acting in the best interest of its growth. However, Securus Technologies stated that they would continue to defend themselves while asserting their patents.



Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies Receives Transformation of Business to Expand into Vertical Markets

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Since Securus Technologies entered national markets in the law enforcement and corrections sectors in 1986, the company was forced to transform from an inmate telecommunications business to a diverse provider of high-technology in vertical markets. The leading civil and criminal justice provider entered the markets sharing 35 percent to 45 percent of the outbound audio inmate calling market. Presently, Securus shares only four percent of a $13 billion market. Although, the percentage market share is much smaller, CEO Richard A. Smith said that there is room for company growth.



Securus made the transformation by collecting valuable input from thousands of customers, inmates, family members, parolees, deputies, sheriffs, and others in the law enforcement and correctional industry. The information is retrieved before we acquire a company, technology, or produce a product with our software developers. Collectively, we use all feedback’s to understand the needs of all individuals involved in the industry and to make decisions on acquisitions and mergers. According to Smith, Securus expanded into vertical markets by investing $605 million in patents, companies, technologies, and partnerships from 2012 through 2016.



Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and presently serves more than 3,400 law enforcement and corrections facilities and over one million inmates in the U.S. Our products and services, including jail management, data analytics, parolee monitoring, video visitation, inmate education, inmate health, video biometric software, and inmate media are now promoted in vertical markets. We planned efficiently to compete in the law enforcement and corrections market.



Richard A. Smith said that Securus and the its executive team have an important responsibility to the civil and criminal law enforcement industry. The provider is committed to providing cost efficient inmate rates for services and products, safer facilities, inmate education, crime prevention, and safer institutions. Securus Technologies, Inc. released the new business transformation in a PR Newswire press release on October 12, 2016.





Inmate Communication

How Securus Has Changed the Jail Industry

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There are many ways that Securus has changed the jail industry over the years: kiosks, email programs, and now, automated forms for the inmates to list the problems and complaints that they have about the jail. These forms have made it easier for the inmates to let the staff know the issues that they are having with either staff members, jail procedures, or even other inmates. This has made it much easier not only for the inmates, but also for the staff of the jail who need to file these complaints. The automated forms have created a much easier process for the employees.

In the past, the inmates had to go through a process with their complaints. They had a middle man that everything went through and they had major issues with that. The Securus came up wit the solution: automated forms. Inmates now only have to submit it through the kiosk. The employees do not have to worry about figuring out where they will submit the complaints to. They also do not need to worry about taking their time out of their day and other duties to submit countless complaints for the inmates. They are able to, instead, focus on other areas of their jobs.

While Securus has been able to do this for the inmates, it has been a huge help for the administration, as well. The people who run the prisons are able to get the information that they need according to the complaints of the prisoners. They also do not need to worry about missing some of the complaints because they are sent directly to them. This makes it much easier for them to make sure that they are getting all of the complaints that the inmates submit on a regular basis to the jail administration.