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Krishen Iyer: An Online Marketing Genius

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Krishen Iyer is well known as the online partner of Quick Link Marketing, which is now known as Managed Benefits. Krishen Iyer prides himself on his extensive experience in online marketing and has stapled his name as one of the household names in this industry. Krishen also is known for his skills in technical development and his client relations and public relations skills are also well off the charts. Krishen Iyer is an individual who carries out his company’s more important tasks on his own hands and he takes more responsibility in more critical work.

His idea for Managed Benefits came from the principle of connecting companies, organizations and firms that were in need of a particular, unique and specially designed marketing solution that will lead their company into greater height. And Krishen’s Managed Benefits Services is a company that can provide these solutions. The need for a marketing service is the foundation of Krishen’s company.

Krishen Iyer is an individual who has his days completely packed by the hour and by the minute. Krishen’s days usually are filled with tasks and responsibilities regarding technical developments and working with clients for their company’s interface. Krishen also spends his day, well of course, marketing. He specifically designs marketing programs for his clients, and each and every program is specially designed for maximum efficiency and effectivity depending on the nature of the business of the client. See more here.

Krishen Iyer punctuates on the importance of communication in his business – and it is one of the key elements of successfully planning and executing an idea. Krishen values the input of his colleagues and also his clients, because he believes that the best ideas come from multiple and different views and standpoints which is why a healthy and prosperous system of communication is a critical element in making ideas a reality.

Krishen Iyer also puts technology to his advantage and he makes use of advanced marketing analytics online to better reach his engagements and analyze the trends of his projects. The information that he gets from this is used to refine and temper his techniques in order to produce better results.

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History Of Fortress Investment Group: Wes Edens

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Wes Edens is a prominent American businessman and private equity investor. His best known as the owner of Milwaukee Wisconsin based national basketball Association Festival team, Milwaukee Bucks. He was born on 30 October in 1961 and originally went to school at Oregon State University. At Oregon State University he received his bachelors in science and the degrees of finance and business administration. He graduated from the University in 1984.After graduating from the University and completing his formal education, he finally began his career in the finance industry. The first position he took was as a partner in managing director for investment firm Lehman Brothers. He took his first position at the Lehman Brothers investment firm in 1987. He served at the Lehman Brothers investment firm until 1993.

It was then that he decided that he would like a change of pace and switch corporations to begin working for Blackrock asset investors. He remained working for Blackrock asset investors until 1997. During his time at Blackrock asset investors, he worked as a partner in managing director.After having worked in the finance industry for a little over ten years, he decided that it was about time or him to launch his own company. Wes Edens along with the help of four other individuals founded Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group was originally launched in 1998. The investment style that Wes Edens utilized in his company has helped to build businesses through successful investments and has been described as being based upon bets against the system and creative financing.

Wes Edens company Fortress Investment Group’s became the first publicly traded private investment company in the United States when in 2007 during the month of February they held their initial public offering. During this initial public offering, 8% of the company was sold for a total sum of $600 million.During the company’s formative years it was able to increase its evaluation by around 39.7%. This was taken note of it by several corporations around the world. In 2017 suffering group Corporation a technology company from the nation of Japan began a corporate acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. During this acquisition Fortress, Investment Group experienced $140 million increase in valuation due to a charge of $2.25 per share premium on the sale price of the company. Without the expert guidance and leadership of Wes Edens, such a deal as this would not have been possible.

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Shervin Pishevar Identifies Problems with Monopolies

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Shervin Pishevar decided to take the world by storm recently when he sent out 50 numbered tweets in less than 24 hours. One of the main topics he expressed his concern over was the monopolies in the United States.

For those not in the know, Shervin Pishevar is a venture capitalist. He’s not always active on social media, which is why so many tweets came as a surprise. Further, he’s proven to have the uncanny ability to spot trends before the general population.



Shervin Pishevar explains that there are five monopolies in the U.S.: Amazon, Alphabet (they own Google), Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. We’ve heard of all of them. However, Shervin says that they are more powerful than even Ma Bell. Decades ago, Ma Bell was a dangerous monopoly because it was the only option for anyone who wanted phone service.

As Shervin points out, when that monopoly was finally broken up, new businesses emerged. It’s what was best for the American consumer.

The same can be said about the five monopolies that currently exist.


What Problems Exist

Several tweets were dedicated to discussion about the monopolies. Shervin Pishevar warns that they have too much power and they are using it to silently assassinate startups that are out there, trying to get a footing in the marketplace. They also have access to more data and information than what is healthy for any organization. It’s more than what a sovereign can access. Go Here for more information.

Each of the monopolies has their own list of concerns. Plus, there are cities crying out for more, such as for Amazon to come to their city so that they can enjoy the services of Amazon Prime Now and such. It’s concerning because other businesses can’t enter the playing field.

The only solution is to break up the power, otherwise, other businesses won’t emerge.


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How Matt Badiali Uses His Position to Help Others

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Matt Badiali knows a lot about mining and has spent a lot of time working on energy-related things. He has always tried to make sure he is helping people and giving them the same opportunities he had and that’s what gave him the ability to give the community what they need. He knows there are different things he can do to try and help people and that’s what has given him the option to continue helping. For Matt Badiali, this means he needs to make sure he is giving people what they want and the options they are looking for in every way possible.

While Matt Badiali is doing things the right way, he knows there are some things that can change based on the issues he has dealt with. Matt Badiali gives attention to people who are in different areas and that’s what has helped him make the best choices possible. Matt Badiali knows there will be new ways for himself to try and give back to the community and for the people who he works with to get more out of the opportunities they have. Matt Badiali likes to give attention to the areas where business is easy and where investments make the most amount of sense. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter.

As long as Matt Badiali is helping people with things like investing, he feels confident he will be making a difference for them. He has always wanted to provide new investment strategies and that has helped him give the community what they are looking for. Now, he is giving them the option of investing in platinum. He sees a lot of value in platinum and that has helped him make all the best choices. For Matt Badiali, this means he needs to try and show people what they are doing and how they can actually start to make money. Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

Platinum has continued to go up in value in the past few years. There are different things people can do when they are looking at platinum and when they are experiencing all the best opportunities they have for investing. Matt Badiali knows just what he needs to do to give investors a try and that has helped him make sure he is doing his best. He sees a lot of value in metal and knows there is always a great chance it will continue to go up with the changes in the economy.

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Chris Burch Has Turned A Remote Indonesian Island Into The World’s Best Hotel Place

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When the property hosting Nihiwatu Resort on Sumba Island in Indonesia was first purposed, it was just a hostel owned by a few people in New Jersey. Four years later it’s become the “World’s Best Hotel” according to Business Insider, and it’s no surprise at all after you’ve walked down it’s beaches and stayed in one of its vacation beach houses. It’s because you see the beautiful ocean laid out before you, an island with paths that take you to nature’s garden places and even to spas where you might get a massage next to a waterfall, although it’s also perfectly fine to get them in your own quarters. But just about everything you could write about in a book can be found at this island, and all because Chris Burch invested in it to make it what it is.  Read more about this island resort, hit on

Chris Burch’s business investments go back quite a ways to when he was a young man finishing up college. He had taken a liking to a local factory that made sweaters and he would sell them for a $5 profit around campus, and in time this small business grew into a major retailer known as Eagle Eye Apparel. Burch sold the company after 23 years of running it and then started buying shares in other startups like the Internet Capital Group and eventually in the Tory Burch fashion company.  More to read on  He would later sell his shares in that company too and then start a unique venture capital firm known as Burch Creative Capital. Companies in the portfolio of this company include Five Below, Voss Water, C. Wonder and Powermat. Burch Creative Capital also includes many of Burch’s real estate holdings including Nihiwatu Resort.

Burch first made news on the real estate front when he partnered with Alan Faena’s company in Argentina to fund the construction of the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires. But he also began to look at how he could renovate houses and make large profits doing so by turning several homes for higher value including a $14 million one in Southampton that was sold at $25 million, and several homes in Nantucket, MA that reached $19 million in sales. Check for additional reading.

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Burch also helped television talk show host Ellen DeGeneres launch her own home lifestyle brand in 2014, and also donated $1.3 million to the Tilton School where he’s now listed on the Board of Trustees. Burch has also been a member of Guggenheim Partners.  For his new and follow on investment, hit

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