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See Where the Successful Business Journey for Chris Burch Started

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Whatever you consider little today could be the one that will get you where you ever wanted to get to. This is a statement that Chris Burch can comfortably agree with when it comes to the investment area. You don’t have to amass a lot to do great things. You can just start where you are as long as you are focused and determined. Chris used to sell sweaters to his fellow students on a door-to-door basis at Ithaca College. It is unbelievable that this is what made Chris the billionaire he is today. He happens to be a serious investor and entrepreneur in the business industry.

He is today the Chief Executive Officer of the Burch Creative Capital. As a visionary investor, Chris has helped many other companies to be established in the hospitality, fashion and technology industries. He is a large shareholder at Tory Burch LLC, a fashion design company he started with his wife in 2004. He has also invested in a clothing business called Trademark, which his two daughters recently launched. Chris has also largely invested in other places such as in fitness trackers, Bluetooth speakers and headsets, Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia, and Poppin, a company known to manufacture and supply office items. Pennsylvania is his birthplace and his parents took him to Tilton prep school based in New Hampshire (

Chris worked alongside his father in some construction projects and he spent his days pushing heavy wheelbarrows. However, he later thought of launching an apparel company that did so well afterward. Chris prides on his entrepreneurial experience of about 40 years. He looks forward to establishing more than 50 companies. He says that it is people who influenced him to venture into the business industry. Today, he enjoys great investments in consumer products, healthcare and also in hotels. In fact, he owns Little Duck Organics which is a large food company today. He says that he started by putting up Guggenheim Capital before he proceeded. He carefully notes that he is passionate about being a good investment partner and investing in great people. Chris will always first look at a specific talent, positivity, passion, energy and core values before he partners with anyone.  For more visit his company’s website at

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Investment Portfolio

Meet Chris Burch: As a successful entrepreneur and investor

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Chris Burch has made the Nihiwatu resort and hotel a great place for the locals and tourists to enjoy.

As a successful serial entrepreneur and businessman, Chris Burch has experience maximizing the potential of his employees and utilizing working capital to its fullest. Mr. Burch began his entrepreneurial pursuits while attending Ithaca College (  He decided to invest $2 thousand dollars with his brother, Bob, on a clothing business. Eagle’s Eye clothing line, which Chris co-founded with his brother, was later sold to the Swire Group for approximately $60 million dollars.

With a business career that spans 40 years, Chris Burch has been involved in over 50 companies as both an investor and an entrepreneur. Burch has helped these companies reach key apexes. As the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, the company’s philosophy on investing is an example of his values as an entrepreneur, and his vision for new business opportunities. Burch has a combination of intuitiveness and an understanding of consumer behavior concerning international and direct sourcing.


Burch Creative Capital has a portfolio of clients that include Cocoon9, Voss Water, Poppin, ED by Ellen Degeneres, and the Nihiwatu (Nihi Sumba) resort, which is located in Indonesia. Burch and South-African native and hotelier, James McBride, partnered on the Nihiwatu resort. Nihiwatu was once owned by Claude and Petra Graves (

Burch and McBride have turned Nihiwatu, “mortar stone,” into a first-class resort. Travel + Leisure has awarded the Nihi Sumba resort and hotel number one — for years 2016 and 2017 — in all categories. The award for Nihiwatu, which is given by Travel + Leisure yearly, was based on votes from the publications’ readers.

In terms of philanthropy, Burch supports the local community that works at the Nihiwatu resort (Nihi Sumba) and lives on the Indonesian island. Burch chose (Nihi) Sumba island, because it was a resort that he wanted his family to enjoy. Chris Burch also created The Sumba Foundation, a non-profit that gives a percentage of the Resort’s proceeds to the indigenous people who live and work on the island.

In addition to his entrepreneurship and business acumen, Chris Burch has also been a board member of Guggenheim Capital, The Continuum Group, and Tony Burch. Chris Burch has also been an investor in real estate projects, some of which include partnerships with architects like Philippe Stark, and Alan Faena, a hotelier from Argentina. Mr. Burch has also helped Alan Faena convert an unused parcel of land into the Faena Hotel + Universe.

Investment Portfolio

Meet Billionaire Chris Burch, the Serial Investor With a Heart for the Less Fortunate

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Nihiwatu Hotel is among the best hotels in the world. In 2016, Travel and Leisure Magazine voted it as the best Hotel in the world. Located on Sumba Island in Indonesia, the luxurious resort constitutes a twenty seven-villa estate (

One of the proprietors is billionaire Chris Burch who has had an eye for investment since his days at Itchica College in 1979. Together with his brother, he invested $2,000 in buying sweaters at $10 each.  He then sold them at $15 to fellow students and in retail shops. He progressively grew the business, and with time, he could make as much as $140 million in sales (  He also opened more than fifty retail shops of his own in which he sold the sweaters. He sold the business in 1989 at $60million.

Since then, Chris Burch has invested in other businesses in the fashion industry, technology, real estate and entertainment. He produced the film, Watch It, which was directed by Tom Flynn. He was also among the first investors in Internet IPO and online retail shops.

He is currently working on investments in organic foods, apparel, hospitality and home furnishing. He is still involved in the development of software for use with mobile phones.

In 2004, he co-founded Tory Burch fashion label with his wife. He sold the half of his 28.3 % stake in the business in 2012 when the company value was estimated to be $3.5billion.

He has also invested in technology and developed mobile phone Apps

Chris Burch has a way of turning a certain investment into a super profitable venture. In 2005, he bought a luxury home in Southampton, New York at $14million.  See He renovated the facility, and in four months, he sold it at $25million.

His investments are spread across the world. Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires is one of the investments he developed with a business partner. He also developed a luxury condo in Miami Beach.

The now founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital was born in 1953 in Wayne, Pennsylvania. He founded Burch Creative Capital in 2012, as a brand development and venture investment company