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Chris Burch; the Successful Entrepreneur who Offers Viable Insight to Business Professionals

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In the world of business and entrepreneurship, the need for more capital will always be constant even when you think that you have enough. This is because in business, money will never be enough. Therefore, when you are trying to get into a business and succeed at the same time, it is critical to note that it will never be enough to just make enough money. You therefore have to have more than enough for you to achieve your business goals. As such, Chris Burch is advising you to pump in a lot of money for the upcoming lean years (

Even with that clearly stated, others have always argued that an individual should maintain a tight budget. However, this is not entirely true as there is the need to keep as much money as you can shoestring. Consequently, soon enough, you will be required to spend more money with the aim of making money. While this sounds like a cliché, it is a fact and you should consider it if you want to succeed in business.

Comprehensively, if you want to make the most out of what you have, consider investing in measures that matter the most. Well for starters, do not depend on your personal valuations because while they matter, there are high chances of leaning on wrong valuations.

Another point you should consider is monitoring your competitor’s progress and consider investing more on what you can do rather than what they have already done.

The third strategy you can consider implementing is giving yourself an inherent intrinsic value that does not have to be in your balance sheet. This is important because it allows you to be yourself in the business.

Born in 1953, Mr. Christopher Burch is a successful business professional who owns Burch Creative Capital alongside managing other brands including Tory Burch LLC. In 2012 he made it to the Forbes Billionaire’s List. Until now, he has overseen various businesses and partnerships that have turned out to be successful in many ways. Also critical to note is the fact that he is a revered business leader who uses his wealth of knowledge to empower entrepreneurs.

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As a successful investor, entrepreneur, and businessman, Chris Burch has helped turn Nihiwatu into a 5-star hotel and resort that for the local community and tourists will admire and enjoy.

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Known for his serial entrepreneurism and business savvy, Chris Burch has a well-respected track record, which includes using working capital and opportunity to its fullest. Mr. Burch was attending Ithaca College in New York, at the time that his brother asked to start a clothing business. Chris Burch chose to invest 2 thousand dollars with Bob Burch, his brother, on an entrepreneurial endeavor involving clothing. The Eagle’s Eye clothing company, which Chris Burch and Bob Burch started, was eventually sold for $60 million dollars to the Swire Group (

Chris Burch has worked with over 50 companies as an entrepreneur and an investor in many different ways over a career that spans 40 years. Chris Burch has helped many companies reach their apex. Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital.

Some of Burch Creative Capital’s clients include Voss Water, ED by Ellen Degeneres, C. Wonder, Tony Burch, Poppin, C. Wonder, and the Nihi Sumba hotel and resort, which is located in Indonesia. Chris Burch and South-African born hotelier, James McBride, agreed to start a venture that included a $30 million renovation to the Nihiwatu hostel. The Nihiwatu property, renamed Nihi Sumba recently, was once owned by Petra and Claude Graves, then sold to Chris Burch and Jame McBride in 2012.

Chris Burch and James McBride took three years to turn Nihiwatu, or “mortar stone,” into a 5-star, first-class resort. Travel + Leisure awarded the Nihi Sumba resort with a number one rating for both 2016 and 2017. The award for Nihiwatu, which is given annually by Travel + Leisure, was based on voting done by their readers (

In terms of philanthropy, Chris Burch supports the local community that works and lives at his resort. Chris Burch chose to invest in Nihwatu originally because he felt it was a place that his family would enjoy. Burch also created The Sumba Foundation (  A percentage of the sales that are made at Nihi Sumba go to this non-profit organization. The Sumba Foundation give back to the local community who live and worked on the Indonesian island.

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Igor Cornelsen: Providing Excellent Investment Advice ForAlmost 50 Years

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Using a combination of vast experience, excellent research and knowledge gained over many years, Brazilian investment advisor Igor Cornelsen has helped countless people to make money investing in Brazil. Cornelsen spent 20 years as a banking executive for Brazil’s biggest banks before focusing his attention on his private investment firm. That experience has provided him with insight few, if any, investment advisors can match. He intuitively understands how the businesses, markets and economic forces in Brazil works. He uses that experience to benefit the people that come to him for investment advice. See more of Igor Cornelsen at

The type and amount of research Igor Cornelsen does on companies and the forces impacting their success or failure is impressive. While others listen to so called ‘experts’ spouting second-hand information, Cornelsen uses only unbiased, first-hand sources of information to get an accurate picture of what can be expected from a particular company or industry before recommending his clients invest in them. Cornelsen begins his day early, checking with sources like Reuters and researching the political, economic and social situations in the countries in which the companies he’s interested in investing in are located. This helps inform his investment advice.

Because he has been involved in investing in Brazilian and international markets for decades, Igor Cornelsen has extensive knowledge about how they operate and what clues to look for to decide whether or not to invest. This is knowledge born of experience that even the most highly educated young investment advisors can’t match. Cornelsen has monitored the machinations of the Brazilian and global markets for years and knows the signs of companies and industries poised for explosive growth. He then uses that information in combination with his research and experience to formulate his investment choices. Read the article at to know more.

Igor Cornelsen’s reputation is impeccable. His track record of success is decades long. He is the ‘go to’ investment advisor for foreigners looking to invest in Brazil as well as local people looking to grow their money. For almost 50 years, Igor Cornelsen’s investment advice has consistently led his clients to make money hand over fist in Brazil and markets around the world.



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How Matt Badiali Uses His Position to Help Others

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Matt Badiali knows a lot about mining and has spent a lot of time working on energy-related things. He has always tried to make sure he is helping people and giving them the same opportunities he had and that’s what gave him the ability to give the community what they need. He knows there are different things he can do to try and help people and that’s what has given him the option to continue helping. For Matt Badiali, this means he needs to make sure he is giving people what they want and the options they are looking for in every way possible.

While Matt Badiali is doing things the right way, he knows there are some things that can change based on the issues he has dealt with. Matt Badiali gives attention to people who are in different areas and that’s what has helped him make the best choices possible. Matt Badiali knows there will be new ways for himself to try and give back to the community and for the people who he works with to get more out of the opportunities they have. Matt Badiali likes to give attention to the areas where business is easy and where investments make the most amount of sense. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter.

As long as Matt Badiali is helping people with things like investing, he feels confident he will be making a difference for them. He has always wanted to provide new investment strategies and that has helped him give the community what they are looking for. Now, he is giving them the option of investing in platinum. He sees a lot of value in platinum and that has helped him make all the best choices. For Matt Badiali, this means he needs to try and show people what they are doing and how they can actually start to make money. Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

Platinum has continued to go up in value in the past few years. There are different things people can do when they are looking at platinum and when they are experiencing all the best opportunities they have for investing. Matt Badiali knows just what he needs to do to give investors a try and that has helped him make sure he is doing his best. He sees a lot of value in metal and knows there is always a great chance it will continue to go up with the changes in the economy.

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Chris Burch’s Edge of Wilderness- Nihiwatu

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Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has near 40 years of investment and entrepreneurial experience with interests spanning from fashion, technology, hospitality, real estate, organic foods among others. Chris Burch believes in applying imagination, creativity, incubation, support, and scale, which leads to disruptive brands and business that have direct positive and lasting impact on consumers’ lives. Learn more, head over to

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Mr. Burch’s first investment was Eagles Eye Apparel in which he partnered with his brother but later sold it to Swire Group. He has a great understanding of customer behaviors as well as harnessing employee’s talents for the greater success of the business.  To read more and know him more, visit his website here.

Chris Burch and his partner James Mc Bride are the current owners of the World’s Best Hotel “Nihiwatu” according to the 2016 statistics. The two bought the beach hostel on the west coast of Sumba, a remote Indonesian Island, from a New Jersey couple and renovated it turning it into a luxurious five-star beach resort in 2015.  Check

The Resort has 27 private villas each with separate plunge pools. The “Raja Mendaka” is Chris Burch’s private home having the main house and four additional villas with views over Nidhi Beach and across the Indian Ocean as well as a large outdoor entertaining area. Also, the resort has two, two-story tree -houses intricately connected by a bamboo bridge. Each villa has a bedroom, bathroom, and a balcony. The main tree house also has a living area and private infinity pool.

A stay at the hotel gives one the chance to enjoy services like spa treatments, daily yoga sessions, surf sessions, and lessons among others. Surf lessons are tailored to the amount of experience in surfing that one has. Those who need surfing lessons are taken to a neighboring bay called the Coconut Grove which is calmer. Guests can trek to nearby waterfalls, jump off the rocks, and swim. Besides waterfall excursions, there are riding stables with team guides who take out guests on a sunset beach horseback- riding trip.

The resort has come with many major benefits for the locals. It provides numerous local employment opportunities to the locals, and besides that, it actively participates in development projects by setting aside part of the proceeds to the Sumba Foundation which funds local community projects.

The two partners intend to build more resorts in Costa Rica and Nicaragua which are more accessible to millennials.  Additional article on

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Chris Burch’s Latest Success in the Hospitality Sector

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Chris Burch is known to be the entrepreneur behind some of the world’s leading retail brands. Most notable of these brands are Tory Burch and C. Wonder. He has, however, recently shifted interest into a different sector, that of hospitality. In 2012, alongside renowned hotelier James McBride, Burch purchased a beach hostel in Indonesia on an island called Sumba. After spending about $30 million in renovation, they reopened the place as a new resort known as Nihiwatu three years later.

Just one year after its launch, Travel + Leisure recognized Nihiwatu as the best hotel on the planet. In an interview in 2015, Burch stated that he had invested in the hotel for his children. He also added that he had done so to give back to the community and preserve the same. According to him, Nihiwatu has spawned into more than was anticipated. It offers opportunities to partake in activities that wouldn’t be able to be done in ordinary places.  Additional article on

Nihiwatu comprises 27 villas including Chris Burch’s home, the Raja Mendaka. The Raja Mendaka has the main house and four additional villas. These villas each have a plunge pool. The resort has become the largest employer in the island and contributed to the Sumba Foundation. This foundation aims to fund projects that will benefit the local community. The resort offers surfing, a wellness center, beach spas and traditional antiques. Burch and McBride are looking to expand the business into Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an American entrepreneur and Burch Creative Capital CEO and Founder. He is a serial entrepreneur and is involved in different businesses across various sectors. The most popular brand he is involved in is the luxury fashion label, Tony Burch. Other areas that Burch is involved include hospitality, technology, apparel, consumer products, and finance. Burch stated business back in college at Itchica where he co-founded Eagle Eye apparel which he sold after generating $165 million.  More to read on

Check this link to read more of Burch Creative Capital.

Burch had the role of a board member of Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group. His first financial success Eagle Eye apparel spawned into a multi-million business with an initial investment just $2,000. He and his co-founder sold this company to Swire Group after which he invested in Internet Capital Group. Burch was able to find the perfect balance between implementation and innovation. This enabled him always succeed in his investments probably because of his great entrepreneurial brain and understanding of consumers.  For Burch timeline activities, Click this

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