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Investment Success

Entrepreneur and Hotelier- Chris Burch

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Chris Burch has largely invested in the hotel and the hospitality industry. Mr. Burch has invested in brands which have become very popular in the world including Tory Burch, Voss Water, Jawbone as well as Faena Hotel and Universe. Chris Burch has a passion for the hotel and hospitality industry and in 2012 he made another investment by purchasing a resort in Sumba an Indonesian Island. Chris used about $30 million to renovate the deserted Island resort. The resort has become a popular destination for tourists all over the world, and in two in a row, it was named the best hotel in the world by Travel +Leisure magazine.

Burch named the hotel Nihi Sumba Island. The Island is constructed on an exciting scenario, with white sand, visitors and tourists visiting the resort are assured of enough privacy. The Nihi Burch Island can be described as “On the Edge of Wilderness” because of its epicurean toughness and its dedication to freedom of geographic expedition. The resort digital team has given the website a unique name and every person visiting the website either to check the hotel or even make bookings they first know that they are taking a vacation with a purpose.

Nihi Resort is located on an ancient building believed to have been constructed in 1988. The building would later be abandoned and reconstructed by the prominent entrepreneur Chris Burch. The people of the region believe that after the building was deserted it was being protected by the Marapu spirit which is part of the Sumbanese, the spirit according to the residents still lives in the Island. The hotel has 27 private villas each with a pool, and it indicates the luxurious energy of the resort. At Nihi Resort Island each room has a minibar stocked with all kinds of beer and drinks.

Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur not only in the hospitality and the hotel industry. Mr. Chris is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Apart from founding the capital group, Mr. Burch is also the co-founder of Tory Burch and Luxury Fashion Brand. Chris Burch has knowledge in branding and he uses the skills to manage his businesses which are of a broad range including technology, hospitality, financial as well as consumer products. He has been in the investment industry for over 40 years and has invested in more than 50 companies, see

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Investment Success

Billionaire Christopher Burch’s latest successful venture

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One characteristic that all business moguls have in common is their ability to recognize an opportunity and exploit it. Christopher Burch is not an exception to this characteristic. The billionaire mogul has an eye for potential successful ventures. Recently, in collaboration with one James McBride, Burch began an exciting venture through the purchase of a beach resort. The two spent over thirty million dollars in renovating the resort into the world’s best luxury resort according to Travel and Leisure (  The resort by the name Nihiwatu was opened in 2015 and is home to a breathtaking spa that is built under a waterfall and a beautiful scenery complete with a water feature, beautiful vegetation, and state-of-the-art hotel structure. In addition to that, the resort also has twenty-seven beautiful villas each with a pool and one of these villas is home to Christ Burch himself.

Chris Burch is a sixty-four-year-old mogul and investor in the fashion industry. Coming from a middle-class family with nine siblings, Burch has made a name for himself with his success. He is the current CEO to Burch Creative Capital, an investment management and brand development company he also founded. Chris showed his potential and interest in investment at a tender age when he and his brother made a two thousand dollar investment in the starting of Eagle’s Eye Apparel. This venture grew successful over time and was sold after incurring a sixty million dollar value.  More details on

A few years into his marriage, he assisted his wife in developing a fashion label to which he played the role of co-chairperson in 2004. Four years later he founded J. Cristopher Capital which is currently known as the Burch Creative Capital. Other than that, he also founded the C. Wonder firm which specializes in home décor retailing which he eventually sold to Xcel Brands in 2015. Recently, Chris Burch has developed an interest and passion in real estate has partnered with a group of architects who work with him on his real estate purchases and developments like the Nihiwatu resort. The father who is proud to have three sons and three daughters is set on creating a legacy to leave down to his children.

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