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How Jeremy Goldstein has Redefined Mergers and Acquisitions in Financial World

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Corporate America is one of the fastest growing corporate spaces in the world. However, it is also home to new trends. Some of the trends that have dominated the corporate scene are — acquisitions and mergers. The success story of these two niches is incomplete without mentioning Jeremy Goldstein. As part of the best and the fastest growing law firms — Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates — he is part of the professionals that have enabled corporate America synonymous with systems and better practices, especially during transitions.



Cornell University graduate is one of the people that have been instrumental in assisting companies in transitions. Thirteen years ago, there was a paradigm shift in the corporate world, and Jeremy Goldstein is one of the professionals that have made the trend smooth and less costly to individual companies. He was part of the first professional group of advocates to handle corporate matters. Due to his brilliance approach to this business niche — Goldstein is one of the most successful attorneys in this niche. He is also one of the few attorneys that have handled many cases and more importantly — high-end cases. Thanks to his belief system and his passion for protecting his client’s interests, he has unmatched referral rate in this right niche.



His interpretation of success is interesting —, especially for a law firm. Jeremy Goldstein believes that for a transaction to be successful, it must have the following characteristics. First, he is a believer in sustainability. In each transition case, he is interested to see the bigger picture and more importantly — how the deal will affect the company’s future. Second, he is a believer in equity. Although the primary goal is to protect the interests of his clients, he understands the importance of giving the other party a good deal. This interpretation — of corporate dealings — explains the reason why he is one of the most respected professionals in the mergers and acquisitions market.



Finally, Jeremy Goldstein understands the importance of having a knowledgeable team. Just like other disciplines, legal niche requires a comprehensive approach to work. In the last five years, for example, he has managed to work with some of the best teams in the legal world. His approach to hiring new talents is revolutionary. He is one of the few professionals that look for commitments and passion for the professionals before qualifications. This approach does not mean he is not keen on academic qualifications. In his team, for example, he has one of the best researchers, financial pundits and some of the best attorneys in the finance department.


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The Success Story of Attorney Todd Levine

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A well-known member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, and notable litigator is Todd Levine. The man is an expert when it comes to solving different kinds of complex and intricate business disagreements and knows how to solve any kind of argument in the most practical and efficient way. Todd Levine has received tons of accomplishments and awards because of his hard work and dedication to commercial real estate litigation. Levine and Kluger Kaplan represents clients that buys real estates, sells real estates, property managers, real estate brokers, investors, contractors, and lending institutions in debates that are related to real estate agreements and projects worldwide. He has experience working directly with various investment partnerships as well as particular arrangements in the world of finance.

In addition to this, Todd Levine also focuses on handling controversies regarding sports and entertainment. He knows exactly what to do with these kinds of situations because of the creative, wide, and analytical mindset that he uses in building his unique strategies for his clients. Todd Levine is also known for being professional and truthful when it comes to serving each of his clients. Todd Levine gives people clarity and justice throughout the years and has helped them live a better life by solving their problems and standing up for them. Furthermore, Kluger Kaplan was able to thrive because of their industrious and diligent team of litigators who prioritizes the needs and requirements of every client. His team focuses on giving excellent results and in operating proactively.

The daily practice of Kluger Kaplan is to fight for their clients’ rights and to represent them with confidence in the court. Each of them is working to win for their clients and maintains their primary objectives and goals in mind at all times. Todd Levine is not just a professional litigator, he is also a talented and skilled man who has a passion for music and art. He knows how to play the guitar and appreciate art during his free time. Todd Levine balances his work, passion, and family time in the best way possible by maximizing his potential each day.

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Legal Counsel and Investor Escapes the Mundane to Find Innovative Solutions for his Growing Clientele

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The technology sector is one of the fastest growing and most complex realms in the business world. Most would be intimidated by it, but Michael Hagele likes to tackle the rigors of providing legal counsel to numerous small technology companies both domestic and internationally. Using the creative spirit that he derives from his afternoon bike rides,

Hagele pushes through the mundane, everyday activities to find new ways to serve his customers better. Graduating with his B.A. from the University of Iowa, Hagele went on to be rewarded with a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. He now serves as outside general counsel for a number of technology companies in various sectors such as aerospace, internet, defense, and biotechnology. View for more info.

Along with his legal services, Michael Hagele is an avid investor in early stage technology companies and is the founder and an investor in restaurant and hospitality firms. Michael Hagele has his eye on the future and is intrigued about artificial intelligence and the novel, but the ever-growing concept has influenced his investing into a company that uses algorithms that could potentially find the optimum use of a program in an effort to reduce costs. Hagele’s entrepreneurial drive is what keeps him motivated and his tenacity to always find a solution is what makes him an extremely admirable businessman. He has taken chances, some that result in failure, but nonetheless have been learning experiences for future endeavors.

Starting his legal career in Silicon Valley at Fenwick and West, LLC. In the Licensing and Online Commerce Group, Hagele has always been involved with technology. Growing from his experiences at Fenwick and West, Michael Hagele performed general counsel duties for quite a few venture capital backed internet companies in the areas of intellectual property, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and a host of other divisions.

His passion for technology and the advancement of such new and unique applications for using technology keeps Hagele on the forefront of trends so he can stick with an ideal of always serving the client first to ensure the best service possible. Michael Hagele is certainly a name that will be read in the legal and investment realms in technology for years to come.

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Ricardo Tosto, One Of The Best Brazilian Attorneys In Brazil

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The only way to sum it up is to tell the straight truth: Ricardo Tosto as one of the best attorneys and the country of Brazil, pure and simple. This is according to the recommendation of the Chambers Latin America Guide of 2018. The law firm of Ricardo Tosto received high marks for their dispute resolution: litigation division, watch currently employs 91 lawyers and 15 partners.

Ricardo Tosto’s law firm was lauded for effective assisting clients in a number of areas, including the following: energy, infrastructure and banking within all forms of litigation.

They also received high marks for their client satisfaction rate. They go the extra mile for their clients in many different ways, including legal knowledge, commitment to processes, and careful monitoring of cases.

When it comes to attention to cases, the best way to describe their style would be of “proactive.” When a problem arises in one of their representations, their skilled and trained attorneys immediately try to find solutions for the issue. This would also include responding to any questions the client might have as quickly as possible.

Ricardo Tosto’s firm, which is called Leite, Tosto, and Barros, was also prized for their legal knowledge. Indeed, one company referred to them as “first on the litigation list” because they are able to appropriately strategize and give this company the legal tools they need to be successful.

Legal noise was also saying as a strength from this law group. The firm of Leite, Tosto, and Barros has become extremely skilled in the field of mass litigation, a common legal strategy in Brazil. This is particularly noteworthy considering that many legal firms in Brazil have abandoned the practice altogether. They have also developed a solid fiscal and labor action as a result of being so stellar in this area. There is no question that we can expect continued good things from the firm of Leite, Tosto, and Barros in the future.

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New Rule to Govern Retouching Photography

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Bruno Fagali is a famous attorney in the Brazilian law field in his focus on integrity and professionalism in his work. He is the founder of the FAGALI Advocacy. Bruno Fagali’s field of expertise is in the Public and Corruption Law. He majors in handling matters involving administrative contracts, administrative and civil liability, urban law, bidding law, administrative improbity actions, regulatory law, bidding law, popular action, regulatory law, expropriation actions and popular actions among others.

Bruno Fagali has been in the recent past dealing with actions that he initiated to clean up the corruption that is associated with public funds. The principal area of focus is the firms and institutions that receive the contracts from the government. Bruno Fagali’s views are currently gaining popularity presently due to the corruption scandals. With special training and ethics, Bruno Fagali has helped many corporations come up with strategies to bring in transparency within the organization.

By surprise, many photographers were confronted by another decree placed on the first of October that will govern the work of retouching photographs. The decree placed a rule that all the photographers in France will have to inscribe a phrase ‘retouched photography’ on photos of the bodies of the models that have been retouched. The regulation in this French decree 2017-738 regulates the L2133-2 in the French public health act. The issue is backed up by the health issue thereby refraining the public from the belief that the shape of the body can be achieved through diet only.

The decree follows after the justification of the health fact in the population that majority of the people between the age of 30 and 40 years especially the adolescents suffer from the disease anorexia that has killed many. This is not only the decree governing models about health issues. Before, a decree that the models had to first present their health certificate for the general assessment of their state of health and body mass index was released. The judgment that follows non-compliancy of the decree is an imprisonment for six months and a 75 thousand Euros as clearly outlined in the article L712-2-1 and L7123-27 in the French code.



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Comparative Law Made Easy

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One of the struggles that people organizations have is not understanding the other perspective. If you are a conservative, you refuse to learn the liberal mind. If you are a liberal, you refuse to learn the conservative mind. If you are libertarian, you refuse to learn the authoritarian mind, and so on. Most individuals score as authoritarian liberals or authoritarian conservatives on the political compass.

If you are trying to figure out governing style is most effective, it helps to look at countries that have each. Most national governments are authoritarian. A truly libertarian government, where the government does not apply force to achieve its objectives, is hard to maintain in practice. The continued battles for power between Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. is really one between two kinds of authoritarian political groups.

The advantage of authoritarian political systems is they can use force to achieve their objectives. Their government styles are quicker and more efficient. The negative of an authoritarian government is it often has extreme weaknesses. Authoritarian governments neglect and persecute the minority, ignoring the benefits that the minority can give them. When conservative authoritarians are in power, they block immigrants from entering the country, and begin a nationalistic campaign of glory with their military, fomenting wars abroad. When liberal authoritarians are in power, they place draconian regulations on commerce, which lower the economic vitality of the nation, all in the name of protecting the poor. They also impose a compromised moral system that leads to the degeneration of the personal character of the nation’s youth.

Libertarian belief systems have the advantage that they do not use force to achieve their objectives. They use persuasion and investment. An example would be Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an example of a conservative libertarian government. The Hong Kong government has China as its foundation power, but the Chinese government permits Hong Kong to have a very free trade friendly city. The result is tons of wealth and prosperity in a former little tropical fishing village. The disadvantage is Hong Kong requires an outside government to protect it militarily with force, because Hong Kong does not have a forceful government of its own. A progressive libertarian government example is India. India wants to maximize religious diversity and welfare, but does not impose force to do so. India has hundreds of languages and is the world’s largest democracy. The disadvantage is because India does not heavily impose force on its own population to make them socially progressive, some radical Muslims and Hindus sometimes hurt their neighbors in regional rebellions. India is also very poor, because the central government has low power compared to the size of its population.

Sujit Choudhry is happy to walk people through comparative law using tools such as the political compass. If you would like to contact Choudhry, you can reach him at his LinkedIn account.

Choudhry likes seeing people learning from other political systems.


What is an SEC Whistleblower?

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An SEC whistle blower is someone who calls attention to and puts a stop to illicit activities that are going on in the SEC. They are the ones that report problems in hopes that the people who are doing unfair things will be punished and fairness will be brought to the SEC. For this reason, the whistle blowers are protected from many different issues that could come about from reporting incidents within the SEC. The whistle blower program was designed to ensure that the people would be protected no matter what information that they brought forward.

Many of the people who are completing unfair practices are people who are high up within the SEC. They are the people who have the power to retaliate against employees and ones who could, possibly, fire them if there were issues with the performance. They could also fire them if they were doing something wrong and the person reported them for it. This is called retaliation and it is something that was rampant in the SEC. It was a major problem and something that the SEC whistle blower program worked to combat by promising to protect any person who wants to come forward with information.

Another reason that many people simply did not bring attention of the unfair practices to authorities is that they are actually being paid for not reporting the information. The people who are stealing money steal so much of it that they can afford to pay off the people who they want to be quiet about the dealings. The SEC whistle blower program helps to protect the people from having this happen to them. The program offers rewards that will make up, and often surpass, the money that they were getting for being quiet about the unfair dealings within the SEC.

While the program agrees to protect people, it is still wise that they have an attorney to represent them throughout the whistle blowing process. Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that works exclusively with people who wish to report issues within the SEC to the authorities. They will help the people with the exact process to report them and will be with them, representing them, each step of the way. They are a business firm that is dedicated only to SEC whistle blowers and they recently helped one win the second highest reward from the SEC whistle blower program.


New Program Lauds SEC Whistleblowers

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The landmark decision of Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection act which greatly bolstered the ability of the government to regulation deviant business practices. Due to this reform a sweeping whistle-blower program was established which helped those cognizant of federal law violations at their respective place of business to rest easy in the knowledge that their right to employment would be protected and defended to the hilt.

Despite how truly monumental the Dodd Frank reforms were it was sometime before any law firms established themselves firmly as specialists within the field of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) whistle-blower protection. The first law office to focus exclusively on SEC employee protection was Labaton Sucharow. Labaton Sucharow used their vast experience within the field of securities litigation to protect employees and maintain all SEC codes.

The firm is headed by Mr. Jordan A. Thomas whose resume seems perfectly tailored to the field of SEC whilsteblower protection. Mr. A. Thomas has a strong background in litigation which he obtained from working under the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Assistant Chief Litigation counselor. In point of fact it was Mr. A. Thomas who helped, in part, to design and direct the SEC whistleblower program, starting with the drafting process and taking it all the way to the finished legislation.

The program specifically states that the Securities and Exchange Commission is legally required to financially compensate any and all business whistle-blowers a ten to thirty percent dividend of the money obtained from the reform violations (if the total amount exceeds one million). Furthermore, if the aforementioned dollar amount it met or exceeded then the aforementioned whistle-blower may be eligible for even further monetary compensation should the violation be connected to any other organizations or industries. For those who are interested in learning more about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Whistle-blowers program they may be contacted via the telephone, email or through various other electronic forms. Once contacted simply ask for a initial case evaluation and consultation. It should also be noted that all first meetings and evaluations come at no cost to the individuals requesting them and are completely free. Learn more about the SEC Whistleblower attorneys