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Kimberly Bakker’s Personalized Event Planning

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Kimberly Bakker has been the Principal of KQB Consulting since 2000. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services in 1992 from the University of Southern California. She received her formal event planning training from Layne Gray of LKE Productions.


When preparing for an event, she packs curated antiques, favors, and equipment. Kimberly Bakker travels to the event’s site and coordinates with staff, vendors, and the event’s honoree to make sure everything runs smoothly. During one of the events, she paired cake with wines, created a menu, and orchestrated the entertainment.


Kimberly Bakker created a sentimental piece to celebrate the individual, accomplishment, and life event. She confirmed the timing of cake slicing went with the champagne toasts.


Kimberly Bakker is different from other Event Planners because she provides food for the party’s honorees. She uses heirloom items in her company’s celebrations, special events, and parties. The company uses Hermes china and velvet seating to make the scene more intimate. She curates her list of great florists and bakers who sometimes make gluten-free foods. She gets most of her printed party collateral from Folio Fine Stationary and Gifts. Kimberly listens to her clients and pays attention to their body language, style, tone, and words. This allows her to incorporate personalized objects into an event’s d├ęcor.


In 2005, Kimberly Bakker helped plan the United Nations World Environment Day. Her company’s recent events were Chloe’s 16th Birthday, Conacher “50” Scotland, Elk Creek Ranch, Ellen’s 50th, Julia’s Bat Mitzvah, Lauren’s Bat Mitzvah, and Lionel’s 50th. Go Here for more information.



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Darius Fisher Expresses His Mind

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Among the people that have experienced success is Darius Fisher. One of the things that made him successful is that he is driven and passionate about what he does. For one thing he wants people to experience success no matter what obstacles they come faced with. One of the reasons that he is successful is that he offers people that are faced with some hits to their reputation a chance to recover from the blow. His company Status Labs is one of the most popular companies when it comes to online reputation management. He has gone on interviews where he talks about the passion behind his successful business. Among the things he likes to do is work for himself and travel.


According to PR Week, Darius Fisher not only knows how to keep his clients satisfied, but he also knows how to keep his employees satisfied. He understands that employee satisfaction is an important part of business. Among the things that he does is keep his employees in the loop. The more employees know about the company, the more encouraged he is going to be to work with the company. Darius Fisher makes sure that the employee has enough motivation to want to continue working for his company.


Darius Fisher not only works on digital reputation for people, he also gives people pointers on how they can improve their own reputation. Among the things his company Status Labs does is sit down with their clients and put together a plan in order to recover from the bad report that has been made about them. This can include new activities that shoe that the client is actually better than the report gives the impression. Darius Fisher’s Clients often see improvements in their images, their relationships, their careers, their businesses and other aspects of their lives. Online reputation management has proven to be an answer to the problems of many clients.


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Darius Fisher Shows How to Keep Talent

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Keeping top talent inside of the business is very important. It can often prove challenging to continually restart with new employees every few months or so. This results in a massive drop off in productivity, not only while the position remains empty, but while the new employee is trained and while someone is required to move away from their own work to help train the individual If you are a business owner, how should you go about improving this and assisting employees with their overall quality of work? You need to make sure they are happy. Happy employees who feel appreciated are less likely to leave work for any reason. While potential advancements may arise in other businesses, you never want lateral movement. This is where someone moves from your company to another company to take the exact same job. This is where Darius Fisher steps in and shows how you can improve your relationship with employees, which in turn reduces the chances of them leaving.

First of all, your employees need to feel appreciated. There are a few ways to do this. First, you should keep them in the loop. This means tell your employees what is happening with the company. They shouldn’t be caught off guard. You should also acknowledge when they do something good. Everyone likes the occasional recognition for a job well done. That doesn’t just stop after being a child, it continues on, yet adults hear it less and less. Darius Fisher, the head of Status Labs, points out why this is important and how you can go about offering this recognition.

In order to produce better results, employees need incentives. They already come in and do work for you every single day, but it can be difficult to do this when there is no end in sight. Instead, offer an incentive to reach a particular goal. This gives them the chance to improve it and to push through to the end. Receiving that award, whether it is a gift certificate to a restaurant or movie or something else, it is usually well worth the effort.