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Julia Jackson Knows Wine and Also Life With the ‘Cambria Seeds of Empowerment’ Non-profit Organization

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Fifty of London’s finest connoisseurs and buyers of fine wine attended a wine tasting set up by the Jackson Family Wines to showcase the release of their 2012 vintage of Vérité from their Sonoma County vineyard. Their Vérité La Joie, which is primarily a Cabernet with a little Bordeaux mixed in, stood toe to toe with Napa’s best and rather costly Cabernet wines of the 2005 vintage. When the votes came in, the Jackson Family Wines’ Vérité ended in a tie with Screaming Eagle though a few said that their preference would tend to lean towards the Vérité.

Julia Jackson, Spokesperson for the Jackson Family Wines and very much involved in many aspects of the business, was in attendance at the event. She spoke about the vineyards of Sonoma mentioning that normally when people hear of Sonoma County they think Pinot Noir and Chardonnay; but she feels the area produces the best in Cabernet wines.

Julia Jackson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Scripps College graduating in 2010 and further education at the Stanford Graduate School of Business being presented with a Certificate of completion and achievement for General Management in the same year. The formal education in basic business was she need as she grew up learning all about vineyards and wine making in a family business that also is known by different trademarks including La Crema, Freemark, Abbey, and Murphy-Goode as well as others

Another aspect of Julia Jackson is that despite growing up in a thriving and successful family business; she is aware that other people’s lives can be very different. With her mom being a major business force in the wine industry; She was inspired to start a non-profit organization named ‘Cambria Seeds of Empowerment’ with a focus on women who have experienced hardship but, did not give up, eventually making something of themselves and then helping their community. To this end, sometimes referred to as the ‘Women Warrior’ project, the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment funds other non-profit of the same mind with grants that total $100,000.00 per year.