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The Chainsmokers’ Music Video Features No Negative “Side Effects”

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The Chainsmokers’ fifth single of the year, featuring Emily Warren who is a long time collaborator with the duo, features a realized fantasy of almost every overworked minimum wage employee. Camila Mendes, of Riverdale, appears in the video as a hotel employee. The video starts out with the all too familiar dismay of having a shift foisted upon the tired employee, but the tone quickly shifts when the group’s bubbly dance pop starts playing. Mendes, playing the character of Riley, rips off her uniform to reveal a pink, shimmery costume and proceeds to dance around the hotel and make the best out of a bad situation. ‘Riley’ certainly seems to enjoy herself on her unwanted shift as she bops through the neon lights of the hotel.

Having released their debut studio album, Memories… Do Not Open, in April of 2017, the Chainsmokers’ duo is currently working on their second album, Sick Boy. “Side Effects” is preceded this year by four other singles, including the titular track to their next album, “You Owe Me” and “Somebody” featuring Drew Love. One of the singles, “Everybody Hates Me”, was premiered as part of a live show in Prague. They have concerts scattered throughout the United States from August through October.

The Chainsmokers are an American EDM-pop duo comprised of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Pall, 33, is the duo’s DJ and hails from Westchester County, New York. Taggart, aged 28 from Freeport, Maine, is the producer, writer, and vocalist of the Chainsmokers. Their musical inspirations and influences include Pharrel Williams, Linkin Park, Taylor Swift, Blink-182, and deadmau5. The duo initially broke into the music scene in 2014 with their single “#Selfie” and achieved their first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 in “Closer” featuring Halsey. The Chainsmokers have collaborated with a number of other groups, including Coldplay and TiĆ«sto.



Multicultural Wengie Talks Beauty

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These days, the most influential young people are often discovered on YouTube. One of these YouTube millionaires is Wendy Huang, who is a multicultural maven on the cutting edge of beauty. Thousands of loyal fans tune into her YouTube channel often to learn the best beauty tips. Wendy Huang, also known as Wengie, is one of the most important stars of YouTube.

Why Is Wengie So Popular?
Wengie always longed to reach the one million subscriber moment and she eventually achieved her dream. Prior to going full-time with her YouTube channels, Wengie was already a success in business. She remains popular because she truly loves her viewers and takes seriously the responsibility to provide them with quality beauty tips. She does her best to inspire and inform them on the subject of beauty to the best of her ability and is always seeking out new and innovative beauty strategies.

What Are the Advantages of Following Wengie’s YouTube and Social Media?
One of the top distinctions between Wengie and the others is that Wengie is young, multicultural and very open-minded. She tests and compares makeup and products from all around the world, so the interested viewer gets that unusually wide global viewpoint. Many of Wengie’s fans are young, so she is a careful role model for them.

Wendy Huang has built a YouTube empire from doing one thing very well: providing excellent beauty advice to her fans. Her media content is both text, photo and video and is consistent with her brand. There are many ways to get in contact with her, including her Tumblr It is also well worth joining her LinkedIn account Her target audience is anyone who wants to look more beautiful and solve beauty problems. Her fans trust her because she delivers quality in the field of beauty every single time.