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Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Adds Shine To Fine Hair

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Hair stylist Emily McClure recently tried a new product on her hair. She went for about a week trying WEN cleansing conditioner on her long, fine hair and described the results. You can read the full trial of Emily and see photos of how her experiment went on I summarize her results below.

Emily McClure’s results were positive with Wen cleaning conditioners. She used a sold fig formula by Wen. Wen By Chaz has many different kinds of formulas. After a week of use Emily noticed that her hair was consistently more shiny and had more volume. She described that after she used Wen by Chaz it felt like she had much more hair then she really does. This is because the conditioner adds volume to hair

A few important things to point is that Emily did not use the recommended amount specified by Wen by Chaz. She used an amount for short hair, when she has long hair. This could be why her hair was constantly greasy or oily as she describes after a day. Or maybe, she just has oily hair. Whatever the case, Wen by Chaz’s cleaning conditioners adds luster, volume and is gentle enough to be used on very fine hair like Emily has.

WEN is a hair care brand that was created by notable hair stylist Chaz Dean who resides in California. The brand’s deep cleansing conditioner is an all in one hair care product that cleans, conditions and detangles hair. It contains no harsh sulfates and is instead made primarily of all natural botanical and plant products such as chamomile extract and rosemary extract. The deep cleansing conditioner can even be used a leave in conditioner by using a mild amount after showering. Its gentle and unique all natural formula strengthens hair and does not remove natural oils from hair that harsh shampoos do. Wen is available online thru



Multicultural Wengie Talks Beauty

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These days, the most influential young people are often discovered on YouTube. One of these YouTube millionaires is Wendy Huang, who is a multicultural maven on the cutting edge of beauty. Thousands of loyal fans tune into her YouTube channel often to learn the best beauty tips. Wendy Huang, also known as Wengie, is one of the most important stars of YouTube.

Why Is Wengie So Popular?
Wengie always longed to reach the one million subscriber moment and she eventually achieved her dream. Prior to going full-time with her YouTube channels, Wengie was already a success in business. She remains popular because she truly loves her viewers and takes seriously the responsibility to provide them with quality beauty tips. She does her best to inspire and inform them on the subject of beauty to the best of her ability and is always seeking out new and innovative beauty strategies.

What Are the Advantages of Following Wengie’s YouTube and Social Media?
One of the top distinctions between Wengie and the others is that Wengie is young, multicultural and very open-minded. She tests and compares makeup and products from all around the world, so the interested viewer gets that unusually wide global viewpoint. Many of Wengie’s fans are young, so she is a careful role model for them.

Wendy Huang has built a YouTube empire from doing one thing very well: providing excellent beauty advice to her fans. Her media content is both text, photo and video and is consistent with her brand. There are many ways to get in contact with her, including her Tumblr It is also well worth joining her LinkedIn account Her target audience is anyone who wants to look more beautiful and solve beauty problems. Her fans trust her because she delivers quality in the field of beauty every single time.

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Coriant Looks To The Cloud And Shaygan Kheradpir For Success

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Recent technology exhibitions have seen a number of displays from the Coriant technology brand, which has recently seen a change in leadership after Pat DiPietro stood down as CEO to be replaced by Shaygan Kheradpir. Coriant is a relatively new entrant into the technology and network connections industry, but has now become one of the most innovative developers of new technologies in the world. One of the areas Coriant has been looking to improve is in the quality of the products provided for customers; one of the latest technologies introduced by Coriant is the lightning resistant cabling that has recently been displayed at exhibitions in Germany. Lightning can cause lower speeds of data transfer for customers, which Coriant hopes to avoid by making its equipment resistant to lightning strikes.

The introduction of Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO of Coriant will be of great benefit for the customers of the company who are hoping to take advantage of the best possible options in new technologies. Coriant can benefit from Shaygan Kheradpir’s long history of introducing new ways of developing technology in the most cost effective way, which has included his introduction of now industry standards like the use of smaller development teams focusing on a specific area of development for a new piece of technology.

Shaygan Kheradpir has developed a wide range of new research and development techniques for use across many different areas of the technology industry, but has also become a respected business person across many different industries. The veteran technology executive may be well known as a leader in the industry and has also become well known for his skills as a negotiator and skilled business leader. For companies including Verizon and Barclays the Cornell University graduate has developed business skills in a range of different areas.

At Coriant the new technologies produced have included a number of options for bringing the best options to the industry, which includes the development of a new high speed Cloud based technology for transferring data at the highest possible speeds. Coriant and Kheradpir believe this new Cloud technology will be of the greatest benefit to the streaming services that have been bringing entertainment to the homes of millions of people around the world during the 21st century.

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RE/MAX Moves Back Into NY for Middle-Income Real Estate Growth

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The economy is finally taking a turn for the better after the stock market plunge in 2008, and the NYC real estate industry is projected to show some of these improvements in 2016. Ari Harkov who is an influential real estate agent in Manhattan made a list of eight predictions in Real Estate Weekly, which also reported that RE/MAX was moving back into the city. RE/MAX had tried the New York market a decade ago, but now Dave Liniger, CEO, bought the Master Franchise and was moving back with a forward-moving objective.

RE/MAX primarily handles middle-income properties, so most of the predictions Harkov made will apply to that income bracket. In Manhattan and Brooklyn, there are thousands of residents who enjoy luxury condos, apartments and homes including the exclusive services and amenities that are associated with them. TOWN Residential has become a major leader in Manhattan’s luxury residential and commercial properties.

The co-founder and CEO of TOWN is Andrew Heiberger, who began this cutting-edge firm in 2010. Today, he has expanded and opened 10 more Town Residential offices employing over 600 personnel. Andrew has a unique concept for buying and selling real estate, and the agents at TOWN are extremely familiar with Manhattan and Brooklyn, so, consequently, they find superior spaces for their clients.

Andrew also has a mission to provide exceptional and personalized service for his clients. He believes in complete customer satisfaction, and with this approach to real estate, he designed TOWN Residential and is changing the way that the luxury real estate industry operates.

One of the eight predictions by Harkov was that future buyers will focus on prime properties in their price range. For most residents of NYC, this means they will remain in the middle-class bracket, but search for properties in better locations or that offer better financial arrangements. This prediction, along with several others, means that RE/MAX has returned to the New York market at the right time to succeed in this state. RE/MAX has built a tremendous reputation as a substantial and successful company in over 100 countries around the world.

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Lime Crime Cosmetics Heals The Soul

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Lime Crime make-up is cosmetic therapy. Many people today suffer from a malaise caused by sublimating their wild inner-child to conform to societal rules. While this helps to keep society orderly, it can wreck havoc on the mental health and soul of the individuals within it. Enter Lime Crime cosmetics with its neon bright lipsticks, rouges, eyeshadows, hail polish and more with which people can express themselves colorfully. Be not mislead. Lime Crime cosmetics offers a wide array of rich colors that help people to look their best while being their authentic selves. This is what draws many to Lime Crime cosmetics.

Lime Crime cosmetics is the brainchild of Russian born, New York raised, model, designer, and rock and roll artist Doe Deere. Doe Deere started off making Lime Crime cosmetics by hand to enhance her features while she was on stage. Visitors to her make-up blog saw the colors, loved them, and begged Doe Deere to offer them to the public. Doe Deere created a website, presented her Lime Crime cosmetics, and changed the world. Almost overnight men, women, children, grandmothers, party animals, and repressed housewives all began to embrace Lime Crime cosmetics and free their souls.

The vibrant, loud colors shown on the Lime Crime Instagram appeals to the inner child. The vegan ingredients and the fact they aren’t tested on animals appeals to the conscience. The way they blend and make a bold, bright, unforgettable statement appeals to the minds and hearts of those that for too long have not had a way to express themselves. That’s why it’s no longer unusual to see a young grandmother impeccably dressed in business attire wearing ultra-pigmented, semi matte, black styletto unicorn lipstick.

Lime Crime cosmetics is completely different than everything that’s gone before. It’s cosmetics for real people that have been looking for a way to step off the wine press and express themselves. Wearing Lime Crime cosmetics is good for the soul, which is why the Pinterest crowd favors it so much. It lets the wearer shake off the social shackles and conventions and make a statement with cosmetics that makes them feel beautiful, sensual, and free.  Amazon has the full selection, like Wicked on their website.

Precious Metal Market

U.S. Money Reserve Offering Clients More

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The U.S. Money Reserve is America’s go to when it comes to precious metals. They have been in business for over a decade and have helped more than 300 000 clients diversify their assets and insure their families future. The main focus at the U.S. Money Reserve is to provide their clients with the highest level of service possible to ensure that they are in profit positions in the future. The professional staff at the U.S. Money Reserve impart their knowledge and experience onto their clients and advise them on the correct precious metal for their portfolio.

The U.S. Money Reserve according to is the leading distributor of government issue coins in the United States of America and prides itself in the relationship building with its clients to earn their trust and continued satisfaction with the service they provide. There have been several reasons why people around the globe have opted for precious metals to invest in as this is known to many as the last recession proof asset. Due to the instability of economies around the world people have chosen to move away from paper money and look to precious metals like gold, silver and platinum to ensure their families wealth for the future. Professionals around the world predict that gold alone could outperform many other assets in the near future purely due to its rarity and popularity among those looking to diversify their assets.

Paper money in the past has been very volatile when it comes to its value due to many economies crashing or other geopolitical issues. It has therefore become a very unattractive form of investment making precious metals the go to investment for those looking for security. The United States Federal Government as reported by CBS19 in recent years has put a lot of money back into the financial system in the hope of recovering the recent economic downturn. This causes inflation and a decrease in the value of the dollar as more dollars are required to buy commodities. For this exact reason it is wise to invest into gold as it acts as a hedge to preserve buying power.

For more information on the U.S. Money Reserve please follow them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The professional staff will be happy to answer any questions customers have about precious metals as well as making the correct decisions about what to invest in.

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The Role of Wikipedia Editors in increasing the Number of Active Female Editors

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Despite Wikipedia being open to anyone who believes can edit and correct mistakes in the content that is posted on the site, the number of male editors is significantly higher than female ones. According to findings of Wikimedia Foundation, there were 9% active female Wiki editors by the end of 2011. Veteran Wikipedia editors are implementing strategies that will boost the number of active female editors and improve the quality of content available on the site.

During a meeting held at Interference Archives offices that are located in Brooklyn, a group of editors were strategizing on strategies that can be employed to minimize the gap between the male and female Wikipedia editors. Jim Henderson, who is an experienced Wikipedia editor specializing in the proper categorization of entries and provision of both latitude and longitude positions, encouraged women to open Wikipedia accounts and participate actively in editing. Ryan MCGrady, who is employed by the Wiki Education Foundation, educated the audience on the idea of notability via a PowerPoint presentation. The participants identified pages that they thought could be of good quality if experience female editors edited them. 

Efforts of edit-a-thon 

The Art + Feminism is an organization responsible for starting the edit-a-thon campaign. The group is responsible for organizing the campaign since 2014. In 2016, the edit-a-thon has organized close to 140 events internationally. During those events, the participants edited many Wikipedia pages. According to the founders, it may take approximately two days to count the edits.

How Wikipedia page can boost online reputation

Wikipedia pages present an opportunity for business owners to include information about their businesses and post on the site. When you create a Wikipedia page it will increase the number of clients and enhance business awareness since information will be readily available to clients. The page will be highly ranked on prominent search engines, hence boosting the reputation of the brand and the business. Since Wikipedia pages pop up in the top five searches on popular search engines, businesses can increase their credibility as well as sales.

About GetYourWiki

Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia editing service run by a team of veteran Wikipedia writers for hire that help individuals, businesses, and non-profit entities to create or update a Wiki page. The experts produce articles that adhere to the manual of styles provided by Wikipedia. The company ensures its clients’ pages are approved. The company’s editors monitor pages on behalf of clients to eliminate instances of malicious edits. In addition, updating of information available on the page can be done upon client’s request. To hire Wiki experts who are qualified and tested and true visit Get Your Wiki to learn more about their services here :


FreedomPop Makes Good on its Expansion

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Mobile carriers have pretty much replaced the home phone. One company that is getting ready to take advantage of the growing mobile telecommunications industry is FreedomPop. FreedomPop has already gained a lot of customers because of the features that it offers. It allows people to use some of the service for free with the option to upgrade to a paid service. The prices for the paid services are a lot lower than the prices of other service providers. Recently, FreedomPop has been making some extra moves in order to gain more success. Among the recent moves that it has been making is the new smartphone that is in development by Intel.

Another recent move is its expansion into other markets. According to an interview that was released on RCR Wireless, the CEO and founder of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols has stated that the company has gained tens of millions of dollars in funding by VC in order to help with the expansion into domestic and international markets. FreedomPop was also allowed to remain independent even though there were rumors of a company buying them out. FreedomPop as it is is able to provide some of the best and most affordable services to the users.

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Global Economic Prediction

George Soros Makes Gloomy Financial Prediction

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George Soros has been detailing the issues he sees as growing in the global economy, which he feels is heading towards a financial crisis similar to that of 2008. Bloomberg reports Soros has warned investors not to expect the volatile markets seen in recent months to change with more volatility to be expected throughout the year as political issues around the world cause problems in the economy. The majority of problems can be traced to the changing economy of China and the problems facing Europe with major debts and the mass influx of refugees from Syria.

There are many reasons why George Soros remains an important figure for investors around the world, particularly those who look to the more than $25 billion in personal wealth Soros has assembled in around half a century as a financial expert. George Soros has revealed an amazing life story through his own Website, which includes his survival of the Holocaust during World War II; Soros also spent time as a refugee following the end of the Second World War that makes his views on the European migrant crisis more important than ever before. Soros believes the refugee crisis in Europe has been driven by Russian Premier Vladimir Putin as he attempts to avert an oncoming financial crisis in his own country being added to by the economic sanctions European lawmakers have put into place.

The growing issues being caused by Russia following her invasion of areas of Ukraine are not the only problems seen in the global economy. George Soros believes the people of China are changing their own views on financial issues and seeing their own problems mishandled by officials in the government; Soros explains China has recently seen the growth of a middle class in China who are looking to consume more products, which is shifting the focus of the economy away from profitable exports. Soros believes Chinese officials must quickly come to terms with their changing economy if they are to cope with the changes being seen in an economy the rest of the world looks to for leadership.

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The Middle Class Of Brazil Is Growing With New Homes

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Construction in Brazil is booming with help from a growing middle class, and the middle class are calling for new homes where they may move their families. Someone who has found a new job in Brazil has enough money to purchase a home or condo, and companies like Construcap are building new developments every day. This article explains how Construcap is building new housing for the nation of Brazil, and new buildings are creating a much more beautiful country.

#1: How Many New Homes Are Necessary?

There are many homes that are needed for people in Brazil who has ascended to the middle class, but everyone has a different idea of where they would like to live. Young couples and singles would prefer to live in condos or lovely apartments, and small families may choose to live in single-family homes. Every large city in Brazil is growing suburbs where the middle class may live, and these communities look no different than communities in America.

#2: How Involved In Construcap?

Construcap is quite involved in many phases of development in Brazil. The company is helping build oil and gas rigs around the country, and new housing developments are rising at the same time. Construcap is becoming a household name in Brazil, and the company is building modern homes that create a more beautiful landscape to look at. The coming Olympics will see millions of people flood the shores of Brazil, and the country will look quite different because of Construcap.

#3: How Much Business Will Be Generated?

Construction jobs will be created at every new development, and the Construcap team must grow their home office. Managers, foremen, construction workers and subcontractors all have jobs to do in every home or condo that is built, and Construcap is providing more jobs every time a new development is started. The middle class may find work with Construcap in the future, and their money may be spent to purchase a home or condo that was built by their employer.

The unique growth in Brazil helps companies like Construcap create jobs and new housing projects for people around the country. The middle class will have beautiful new homes to live in, and their children will have a brand new lifestyle. More investment is coming to Brazil in the years to follow the Olympics, and Construcap will be responsible for a beautiful new Brazil that is a suburban paradise.