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Keeping My Canines Happy with Beneful

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I’ve been a dog owner most of my adult life and as a result, I’ve made my rounds through pretty much every dog food variation offered by all the major brands known to man. I’ve had good results with some and not so good results with others and of course dogs of different size, age and activity level have different dietary needs. And let’s not forget the spoiled ones that are often just plain difficult to please.
More recently I have come to rely on a particular brand of dog food by Purinastore which offers a wide enough variety to keep all my current four legged friends happy and healthy which is of course the ultimate goal right?

The big dogs in the house all seem quite happy with Beneful Originals dry dog food. A blend of meat, whole grains and vegetables, it does not seem to matter if I bring home the beef, chicken or salmon flavor, the love them all!

For the puppies passing through, Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry dog food has always been my preference. The ingredients are much the same as the Originals dry dog food but in puppy proportions and they throw a little DHA into the mix to assist with their vision and brain development.

Of course the spoiled little ones want nothing to do with dry dog food so I’ve come to love Beneful’s Chopped Blends. These are a great wet dog food blend of finally chopped real ingredients mixed with just enough sauce to give them a perfect texture. And with six flavors to choose from I’ve found it possible to please even my most spoiled of pooches.

For the old timer in the crowed I’ve found that Beneful’s Healthy Weight dry dog food has really help to improve the pep in his step. I don’t know if it is the chicken or something else in the flavor profile that keeps him coming back to the bowl, all I know is that he loves it and the supplement of essential vitamins and minerals keeps the old guy bopping along and that makes my heart happy!

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Event Planners

An Interview With Stylist Jessica Boskoff of Twenty Three Layers

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In a recent interview with The Perfect Palette, stylist Jessica Boskoff talks about all the things that it takes to create the perfect color palette and what touches make a home, a home. In the piece, Boskoff talks about all the aspects and views of a space, how to really make areas stand out with the smallest details, and what colors and designs speak to people the most. With a creative eye, Boskoff has created a brand and lifestyle that is highly sought after and praised.

Not only is Jessica a stylist, but she is a well known and sought after event planner in NYC and author, penning Twenty Three Layers which gives her take on the perfectly styled space. Noting that the wedding industry, which is always changing and evolving is her biggest source of inspiration, a lot of Jessica’s work is understandably in that arena.

Speaking about color, the stylist notes that she loves working with it, loves the feelings, emotions, and inspiration that color brings out in herself and those around her. At all times color is included in her work, but at present pastels are her main source of inspiration.

The stylist also took a moment to talk about her current design aspirations and work. While new to design work, Boskoff says that the ability to invoke emotions in people through design is some of the most rewarding work that she has ever had the ability to do. Helping individuals make a home a home, or a space theirs is of the utmost importance to her as a designer.

As a business owner, Jessica has done everything she can to offer the best services to those that hire her in order to style their events. For many of her clients, image and mood is everything, and being able to convey the message that they want to send through the perfectly styled room is something that she and her team can manage. Every little detail that is necessary to make an event important is what the event design firm specializes in, so they work each event as if it is the only event on their calendar.

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New Program Lauds SEC Whistleblowers

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The landmark decision of Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection act which greatly bolstered the ability of the government to regulation deviant business practices. Due to this reform a sweeping whistle-blower program was established which helped those cognizant of federal law violations at their respective place of business to rest easy in the knowledge that their right to employment would be protected and defended to the hilt.

Despite how truly monumental the Dodd Frank reforms were it was sometime before any law firms established themselves firmly as specialists within the field of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) whistle-blower protection. The first law office to focus exclusively on SEC employee protection was Labaton Sucharow. Labaton Sucharow used their vast experience within the field of securities litigation to protect employees and maintain all SEC codes.

The firm is headed by Mr. Jordan A. Thomas whose resume seems perfectly tailored to the field of SEC whilsteblower protection. Mr. A. Thomas has a strong background in litigation which he obtained from working under the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Assistant Chief Litigation counselor. In point of fact it was Mr. A. Thomas who helped, in part, to design and direct the SEC whistleblower program, starting with the drafting process and taking it all the way to the finished legislation.

The program specifically states that the Securities and Exchange Commission is legally required to financially compensate any and all business whistle-blowers a ten to thirty percent dividend of the money obtained from the reform violations (if the total amount exceeds one million). Furthermore, if the aforementioned dollar amount it met or exceeded then the aforementioned whistle-blower may be eligible for even further monetary compensation should the violation be connected to any other organizations or industries. For those who are interested in learning more about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Whistle-blowers program they may be contacted via the telephone, email or through various other electronic forms. Once contacted simply ask for a initial case evaluation and consultation. It should also be noted that all first meetings and evaluations come at no cost to the individuals requesting them and are completely free. Learn more about the SEC Whistleblower attorneys

White Shark Media/Digital Marketing Agency

White Shark Media: Committed To Make Sure Your Web Presence Is Moving Swimmingly

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White Shark Media is digital marketing agency that has achieved notable accomplishment of increasing web traffic for small and mid -sized business using targeted Adwords. The company announced free AdWords evaluation with a certified specialist for anyone interested. It does not matter if you have running campaigns, or you have never used AdWords before. The free evaluation will allow you to gain insights on how AdWords work and what can be done to improve the campaigns.

During an assessment, you will share a screen with a specialist, hear, and see everything that is being done. You can also raise questions and concerns, and White Shark specialist will be willing to answer them. Further, along with specialist you can discuss and strategies marketing campaigns that will suit your business goals and objectives –

After evaluations, you will be left with the options of hiring White Shark to manage your marketing effort or put the invaluable knowledge you will have learned to action yourself. Either way, you will emerge the winner. Moreover, White Shark offer search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine-marketing services. These additional services will go a long way in improving your site ranking in search engines and generate targeted traffic to your website through higher ranking.

White Shark Media is one of the fastest growing companies in digital marketing industry. Just within five years, the company has evolved from a small agency to giant company in the industry that has even been handpicked by Google as Premier SMB Partner. As a growing company, White Shark Media has received numerous compliments and a share of complaints too from its growing clientele base. What I admire about the company is how it has embraced both compliments and complaints to improve its services.

White Shark Media compiled a list of client’s complaints and detailed how they have been working to provide long-term solutions. For example, some clients felt that there was inadequate communication with AdWords specialist. The company went ahead and introduced phone system with direct extension (read more: This enables customers to receive contact details for both contact person and contact person’s supervisors when they sign up. This allows seamless communication even when the contact person is not in the office.

Customer losing touch with their marketing campaigns is common complaints in AdWords Marketing. However, White Shark has distinguished itself by implementing monthly meeting with clients.

This meeting is conducted via GoToMeeting, an online conference platform that allows a customer to share the screen with White Shark’s specialist. During the meeting, a performance of each AdWords is reviewed, and clients can discuss any other emerging issues with AdWords Specialist.

Nutritious Dog Food

Delicious and Nutritious Food Both My Dogs Enjoy

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Finding dog food that is nutritious and delicious can be overwhelming — there’s so much to choose from! I used to give my dogs table scraps, but I’ve learned that certain foods can be damaging to a dog’s health, and the last thing I want to do is cause harm to my most dependable friends.
My Pug is a bit of a picky eater, but I discovered that she won’t turn her tiny nose away from Purina Beneful wet dog food [see,], and there’s so many different varieties for her to try. Her personal favorite is the chopped blend with beef, carrots, peas, and parsley. She licks the plate clean when I serve her this dish. She also favors the blend of turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. Just like humans, it’s important for dogs to eat nutritious food and Beneful wet food is a great way to sneak in some veggies without sacrificing meaty goodness.

My German Shepard is a little less choosy and enjoys wet or dry food. He loves crunching away at his bowl of Beneful originals beef flavor, which is an Amazon best-seller. It’s blended with whole grains, vegetables, and farm-raised beef. We often buy this products on Wal-mart.

Both my dogs absolutely love treats, which I try to only give between meals. Anything cheese flavored really gets their tails wagging with joy and Beneful Baked Delights Snackers with peanut butter and cheese flavors are perfect. They’re oven baked and have soft centers, which make a quality chewy cheesy snack. See,

Nothing beats cuddling with my furry friends after a long day – why not give them food they’ll enjoy that’ll make them liver longer, healthier lives?


Financial Planner

Richard D. Blair’s Wealth Solutions

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Wealth Solutions refers to a registered firm that deals in investment advisory and its founder is Richard Blair. It offers various services like Financial Planning, Retirement Planning and Wealth Management. Under wealth management, they assist people create an investment portfolio that allows a diversification based on the needs and also goals of an individual. It is done through various alternative and traditional courses in investment. Richard believes that collaboration is the key to successful wealth management. Clients have diverse investment goals and needs therefore they seek an advice they can trust. They mostly need customized solutions as opposed to generic products.


Financial Planning is important to clients as it aids them to realize their short and also long term goals. This involves the determination of the value of their liabilities, assets and evaluation of their financial position. The financial planning is not limited to estate or retirement planning but also involves college planning. Another important aspect is retirement planning which forms another important part of Wealth Solutions. Most clients who have worked in conjunction with Richard have been able to accumulate assets but do not have a proper retirement plan or a starting point.


About Richard Dwayne Blair


Richard Dwayne Blair is the financial advisor at Wealth Solutions which is based in Bee Cave, Texas. He is well experienced in this field as he boasts of an experience spanning 24 years. He holds several registrations of an investment advisor as well as a Certified Financial Planner. He utilizes his knowledge as an investment advisor to offer advice concerning securities on finances. His Financial Planner Certification enables him to offer clients with sound financial advice. He also relishes the challenge of assisting others to achieve their financial goals.


His earlier encounter with teachers made him realize how teaching helps individuals to increase their knowledge and confidence. His grandmother, mother and wife were all teachers and this could have contributed a lot to his career. He has a natural gift of finance and this made him want to help others to plan their finances and investments. After graduating from college, Richard immediately ventured in the financial services industry back in 1993. He then proceeded to form his own firm in 1994 and christened it Wealth Solutions. Over the years he has sharpened his experience and also knowledge in the retirement planning sector. He assists his clients to plan for their retirement and also live in it by ensuring that they reduce the gap between the two. He enables them to avoid the various common pitfalls by offering them strategies that work.

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Beauty Products

Instagram Shows The Success Of The Lime Crime Cosmetics Brand

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Judging the popularity of any brand in the 21st century is no longer done by simply adding up the number of sales made, instead the popularity of any brand is now also judged by the number of followers the company has for its social media accounts. A cosmetics startup in existence for just eight years, Lime Crime, has recently reported they have reached the amazing figure of two million followers on Instagram. Under the influence of founder and CEO Doe Deere this technology savvy company has risen through the ranks of the industry to become one of the most popular and fastest growing of recent years.  Their blog, talks about this often.

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, play an important role in the life of Lime Crime as the brand was launched as an Online clothing brand by Doe Deere after she completed her studies in fashion. Deere was looking for the perfect cosmetics to use in her marketing campaigns, which reflect her own individual sense of style that can be seen in all areas of the Lime Crime business. Eventually, Deere turned her hobby of creating her own cosmetics into a business as she looked to create her own makeup designs that would reflect the image she was creating for Lime Crime.

The Instagram platform has recently become something of a community for Lime Crime after the company began uploading images of their signature looks for their followers to enjoy. Lime Crime has also encouraged followers to create images of the looks they create and tag them with the Lime Crime name; these customer produced images have become a major statement on the Lime Crime Instagram account as the company looks to encourage followers to be creative and show other members of the community how impressive its range of products can be.  Follow Lime Crime on Facebook for more updates.


Skout knows that Potato Chip Flavors and Personalities go Hand in Hand

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Social media site Skout, conducted a survey back in March of 2016. This survey was for National Potato Chip Day which took place on March 14. The survey evaluated 3,000 respondents and their preferences for potato chips.

The survey was used to figure out people’s personalities according to the flavor of potato chips that they liked to eat. Skout sometimes conducts fun surveys like this every now and then. It is just one way that they get their members involved in the site and with each other.

The potato chip survey revealed some interesting results. People who like to regular chips are normal individuals who are not that overly concerned with their health. They tend to be the regular people that we all encounter in everyday life. Cheese chip lovers were also considered regular guys as well. This group of people tended to have a relaxed, go with the flow attitude about life.

Spicy chip lovers are often seen as bold and adventurous people. These type of people usually get involved in a lot of outside activities, causes and extreme events. Sour cream and onion potato chips consumers have a tendency to use their mind more. They usually love good conversation, hanging out with friends and spending nice quiet evenings at home.

Barbecue chip lovers are normal individuals who like to party and get fired up for a cause. The survey also revealed that at least 1/3 of Donald Trump’s supporters eat barbecue potato chips. The salt and vinegar type are different people who want to be different from everyone else. Lime chips are usually eaten by sociable people. This group likes to go out with friends and have fun on the town or have a good time at a restaurant.

As we already mentioned, people who consume specific potato chip flavors often side with a particular political candidate. For the Democrats many regular chip consumers would love to share a bag with candidate Hillary Clinton. Once again, people who eat specific flavors usually pick candidates that they honestly believe share their same taste.

Talk show hosts have even been used for this survey. At least 39% of all interviewees would share a bag of chips of Jimmy Fallon and 29% would do the same for Jimmy Kimmel. This information clearly reveals why 96% of all the people who were interviewed in this survey really loves potato chips. PRN was the first online news site to report this story and you can find out more about the survey’s results by reading the article.

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Venezuelan Government in Talks with Opposition

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When the Venezuelan opposition has started to collect signatures under petition for a referendum to remove President Maduro, he declared a state of emergency. This isn’t helping the country as its deep economic crisis worsens.
But, now there’s a dim light on the horizon. Top government officials have met with the opposition leaders in the Dominican Republic to seek a common ground. Presently, President Maduro is in conflict with the opposition after they gained control of the Parliament.

The talks, per Reuters news, were mediated by the former presidents of Panama and the Dominican Republic- Martin Torrijos and Leonel Fernandez- and also included the former Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, also announced American willingness to assist with this mediation.

The opposition demands that a recall referendum on Maduro’s rule, release of imprisoned opposition activists, says Danilo Diaz Granados and humanitarian assistance are discussed with the Venezuelan leaders.

While the executive branch is in the hands of Maduro, and the legislators are in the opposition, the Supreme Court has sided with the President and has stuck down most of the laws passed by the opposition.

Some opposition politicians like Diaz Granados himself are saying that the only reason President Maduro wants to talk is to gain more time. At present, his approval rating in at 27%.


Public Relations/Digital Marketing

Darius Fisher Expresses His Mind

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Among the people that have experienced success is Darius Fisher. One of the things that made him successful is that he is driven and passionate about what he does. For one thing he wants people to experience success no matter what obstacles they come faced with. One of the reasons that he is successful is that he offers people that are faced with some hits to their reputation a chance to recover from the blow. His company Status Labs is one of the most popular companies when it comes to online reputation management. He has gone on interviews where he talks about the passion behind his successful business. Among the things he likes to do is work for himself and travel.


According to PR Week, Darius Fisher not only knows how to keep his clients satisfied, but he also knows how to keep his employees satisfied. He understands that employee satisfaction is an important part of business. Among the things that he does is keep his employees in the loop. The more employees know about the company, the more encouraged he is going to be to work with the company. Darius Fisher makes sure that the employee has enough motivation to want to continue working for his company.


Darius Fisher not only works on digital reputation for people, he also gives people pointers on how they can improve their own reputation. Among the things his company Status Labs does is sit down with their clients and put together a plan in order to recover from the bad report that has been made about them. This can include new activities that shoe that the client is actually better than the report gives the impression. Darius Fisher’s Clients often see improvements in their images, their relationships, their careers, their businesses and other aspects of their lives. Online reputation management has proven to be an answer to the problems of many clients.