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Learn The Value Of Reputation From Warren Buffett

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Warren Buffett is well known both for being one of the world richest and the world’s greatest investor for a good reason. He is the current chairperson and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and known to be worth more than $66 billion according to Forbes’s list of the richest people. According to his book, “Berkshire Beyond Buffett: The Enduring Value of Values,” one of the contributors, Lawrence Cunningham argues that the reason behind Berkshire Hathaway’s success is its reputation.

Indeed, reputation and integrity have an economic value that is worth real money. A good Reputation Defender is sometimes used to replace a line of credit at the bank. Buffett not only buys companies with good reputation and integrity but also prepared to pay vast sums of money to maintain his good reputation. Buffett demonstrated the value of reputation in 1972 when he acquired Wesco company at a higher price that the value of the business on the stock market. Buffett had previously advised Wesco to pull out of a merger with another company to pave a way for a takeover by Berkshire Hathaway, a situation that resulted in a significant drop in its stock price.

When Buffett went ahead to acquire the company at a higher price, many investors including the SEC were baffled by the Buffett’s strategy. However, Buffett explained to them that he did it to show integrity and reputation were at stake for future deals. Think about it, Berkshire Hathaway’s reputation is the reason many entrepreneurs like the company, and it results in a greater number of opportunities for the enterprise.

Mr. Buffet is a man who believes in the culture of trust. According to him, it is not having the biggest compliance departments that results in a good reputation as some of the organizations with big departments like Wall Street have most scandals. Having a big compliance department does not guarantee a real integrity, it is instead the commitment of the organization and its leaders to preserve the good reputation.

Online reputation in the 21st century is, in fact, crucial to handle considering how online reputation has become very influential to the performance of businesses. Online reputation must be addressed in a way that portrays trust and acceptance of mistakes with the intention to learn.



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The man behind Spark Tank, Marc Sparks

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Marc Sparks is not your average businessman. He doesn’t have a degree in business, in fact the only diploma he does have is a high school diploma. But this man doesn’t need a degree for one to realize he is truly an experience asset in the business world. The Dallas, Texas based man believes anyone can be successful with hard work and determination.

He doesn’t believe in just starting one business, and that is why he is known as the ‘serial entrepreneur’ and has either purchased or sold businesses such as, Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix and Blue Jay Wireless, just to name a few.  Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

Some key points to Marc’s success are some rules he follows.
• Have the focus to get the job done
• Have the passion and faith in what you want to achieve
• Be all in a project. If you are going to be involved, be involved all the way.

According to, Marc Saprks believes in these rules no matter if he’s donating his own money to a small company to help it succeed or giving his time at a local Dallas homeless shelter. He has also been known to do volunteer work for the organization ‘Habitat for Humanity’. Marc is the author of a book called ‘They Can’t Eat You’, which lets anyone know that it is possible to be successful and no one can stop you from having and accomplishing your dreams.

Marc Sparks has found a new adventure called ‘Spark Tank.’ He co-founded this company with Lynne Sipiora, and together they ask social services executives who love helping their communities, to submit a proposal that involves some form of social services to the community. If they are picked by a panel, the company will receive $5000 for their cause. It’s a way of giving back to the community and those in need. One can go to to get all the details needed to apply for the grant.

Marc Sparks is the perfect example that everyone has the ability to achieve something in life, no matter how small or big. It just takes belief and trust that you can do it.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

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The Top Projects Being Built For New York Real Estate

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When you think about the world known as real estate, there are more than enough projects, prices, and even designs than you can think of. However, one of the top places you should be aware of is New York City, because in the city that never sleeps there is always something new that is coming about. With as many projects and buildings as there have already been in New York City so far, it should be no surprise that the next set of projects are already beginning. When you think about the top projects that are currently occurring, however, you should consider not just the biggest ones but also the ones being created for functional and unique use as well.

One of the top organizations making headlines for their use of creative yet still functional real estate projects would have to be TOWN Residential. Not only has TOWN Residential done a tremendous job with cementing themselves as one of the top property development companies in the area of luxury real estate, but they have also done a tremendous job with the service that follows up the properties themselves. After all, it’s not just about finding a solid location or space and then cutting loose. People want to have New York sized properties, but they also want to be able to have big city service to back it up as well. The one place that can guarantee this is TOWN Residential.

When you are in the life of New York City on a daily basis, the fact of the matter is you need to be able to escape. Even though the streets are alive and always active, everyone needs to take a rest from time to time. Instead of doing everything at one million miles per minute, the focus should be on taking a break and finally finding some rest. For the high end properties and luxurious lifestyles that are created by TOWN Residential, you can absolutely recharge your batteries and have a relaxing lifestyle that will prepare you for the rest of your daily endeavors. Instead of just settling for a place to live, people have found comfort living with the properties designed by an organization such as TOWN Residential.


George Soros Ensures The Democratic Party Will Have Funding For The General Election

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George Soros is one of the richest men in the world, but he does more than use his wealth to buy a life of luxury. He is a brilliant investor who uses his money for better causes, and his most recent donation has been to the democratic party. This article explains how George will provide the democrats with the funds they need for the general election, and there is a look at how his donations will alter the course of the election.

#1: Everyone Who Believes In Progressive Politics Would Be Proud

Anyone who believes in progressive politics may ensure they are watching what George Soros does with his donations. He is giving the bulk of his donation to the Clinton campaign for president, but he also has quite a few candidates in mind. The candidates he has chosen will ensure that progressivism lives on if they are elected. George understands that progressives are good for the business community, and they also help create jobs.

Read more: George Soros – CNBC

#2: George Visits The Convention

George chose to visit the convention to ensure his followers that he is a presence in the election. The election itself is quite important for the future of America, and George believes he must do his part. George Soros donation along with his ringing endorsement of the democratic party will ensure that progressives has a chance in the next election.

#3: His Support Is Critical For Other Donors

Democratic donors may be inclined to donate more money when they see George Soros’ donation, and the donations will continue to stream in until the election is over. George leads the charge for aiding progressive politics, and he will continue to do so for as long as possible.

George Soros is a man of principle who believes that he may help change the course of American history on His donations help democrats who are in need, and the donations will continue to come in on his strong approval of the party.

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Discover The Strengthen Technique Of Wen By Chaz

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A lot of people have witnessed the Wen by Chaz [] infomercials that promise to work wonders on your hair. You have the benefits of using a hair care product that will give your hair dimension, shine, and volume, but you’re not sure because you’ve seen all the other commercials that advertise what their products do with an expensive actor in the ads. Most women want a great hair care product that will allow their hair to grow and give it rich definition. You’re hair is your confidence and you want the opportunity to bring it back to its natural state before the chemicals.
One customer tried it and it has had tremendous results on her hair. She was featured in an online ad for Bustle that showcased her as an actual Wen by Chaz user. She complained of dull thinning hair that would break out when she would shampoo in the shower. Then she tried Wen by Chaz and has transformed her hair. She said in her Bustle testimonial that her hair no longer breaks out in the shower when shes shampooing. It gave her the proper amount that she needed for each use of her product.

Wen by Chaz is reasonably priced and can be purchased online on Amazon for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. This particular user tried the strengthening conditioner, but Wen by Chaz has an assortment of hair care products that are for all hair types. Their all-in-one conditioner is very popular among its users because it is everything in one and it has proven results. All Wen by Chaz products are FDA recommended safe for your hair. You don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive products when you have Wen by Chaz at your your fingertips by visiting their YouTube website for details today.


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IAP Worldwide Expands its International Operations

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IAP Worldwide Services is an international logistics company headquartered in Cape Canaveral, FL. With a staff of more than 2,000 and current operations in 25 countries, it is a global leader in logistics, facilities management, and technical and engineering services.

The firm was founded in 1953 to build and operate the Cape Canaveral launch complex and was involved in testing for thousands of launches. Since then, the company has become an important contractor for the US military as well as foreign governments around the world. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

Because of IAP’s beginnings in aerospace and space launches, one of their main specialty areas is aviation, including engineering, operations, safety, and air traffic.

They have civilian and military client organizations throughout the Middle East and Asia. During the War in Afghanistan, they rebuilt Afghanistan’s air traffic control system, an essential part of the country’s infrastructure, which had gone completely ignored for years.

IAP Worldwide Services also provides emergency services, such as emergency medical support and disaster relief services. They provide all of the infrastructure for medical attention in disasters, such as portable facilities and first aid stations.

In addition, IAP Worldwide is the US government’s main provider of ice, water, and emergency power. Their 2006 acquisition of UK-based G3 Systems Ltd. made it possible to expand IAP Worldwide’s services to emerging markets. IAP has won several contracts to work with the Army Corps of Engineers on power generation in Honduras.

In 2015, IAP Worldwide acquired two divisions from Oklahoma City-based DRS Technologies, their aviation logistics division located in Oklahoma City and their strategic information technology division in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

The acquisition has allowed IAP to expand its services in IT strategy and security. With the company’s focus on power systems and infrastructure, IAP Worldwide is now able to provide total network security. They can also build IT infrastructures as well as custom data centers.

IAP was recently awarded a $ 975-million Department of Defense contract for Counter Narcotics and Global Threats operations. CN> operations are focused on combating drug trafficking, piracy, and international criminal organizations. IAP Worldwide will provide design engineering services, as well as life-cycle support and mission support services.

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IAP Worldwide Services jobs at
IAP: Home


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Bob Reina: Bringing Success

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Bob Reina is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. There are many secrets behind his success. For one thing, he has a lot of care for people which is why he is willing to help people in a multitude of ways. However, his way of helping people goes beyond making donations. He wants to help people achieve their goals. He is very interested in helping people gain direction for eventual success. He provides platforms that will give people a greater advantage towards entrepreneurial pursuits. As a result, not only will people succeed, but more jobs will be created.

Bob Reina is succeeding by doing things that he is very passionate about. He does not believe in getting stuck in a job that he doesn’t like. This is why he believes in helping people create their own jobs. When people make their own work, they are more able to keep their jobs as well as enjoy their work days. This also gives him a little more freedom to run an authentic life in which he is able to express his creativity and profit from it. Bob Reina also likes the advantage of being able to choose his own hours.

Bob Reina is also very passionate about marketing. One of the things he wants to help people with is the clarity of the message that they are trying to get across. This is where video comes in. He has opened up the world of video marketing to plenty of people that are passionate about online marketing. With video, people can have a better understanding of what is being marketed to them as opposed to with text content. This is why Bob Reina created Talk Fusion. With Talk Fusion, people have a greater advantage in email marketing as well as video communications.


The Free Plan At FreedomPop Helps Out Shelter

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The free plan at FreedomPop has been the best thing for our shelter because we have people who come into our shelter who are homeless and lost. They have friends and family that they want to keep up with, but these people are stuck. That is why they have to come to our shelter, and we want to give them something that actually works for them. The free plan at FreedomPop has been perfect for this. We have raised money to buy the phones, and then we set them all up with the free monthly plans.,2817,2427635,00.asp

I can give these phones to people at the shelter who need them, and I have heard them make calls to home to tell people that they are alright. This is a great company that gives these people enough minutes and data to keep in touch, and we have wifi in the shelter which makes these plans more efficient. We are trying to make sure that the people who come to see us have all the things they need, and we are so happy that FreedomPop has these free plans. We know that they have raised a lot of money to expand their service, and we know that we have them to thank for the free plans.

It has been something that we have all wanted to do for a while because it has been hard to get people on the phone. I felt really good offering the first phone to someone that actually had a free plan. I hope the people that are able to use these phones for a long time, and I know that if they have any problems they can get help from the FreedomPop team. The homeless and disadvantaged that we talk to every day are really thriving with FreedomPop phones.

Learn more from this review of FreedomPop

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Chief Risk Officers Adopting New Roles

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Chief risk officers have growing roles just as financial companies are taking a broader view of risks. The financial firms have high expectations of chief risk officers since they expect them to come up with strategic leadership. Previously, chief risk officers (CRO) were more important in the insurance firms. However, they gained more importance in the financial services sector after the financial crisis in 2008.

CROs have the responsibility of identifying, observing and mitigating risks. They detect and mitigate credit risks, operational risks and market risks. They also manage to greater extent compliance, reputation and conduct risk. CROs should have the ability to report up and down. They should possess leadership skills to help them manage relationships. Sometimes former regulators are appointed as risk managers. Though CROs are still a rare breed, the trend is changing. When new products are developed, CROs should be consulted so that they are involved in the innovations.

About Helane L. Morrison

Helane is the managing director and chief compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Helane is a member of the executive committee of the company. She joined the firm in 2007. Previously, she was working with the Securities and Exchange Commission as the head of San Francisco. She worked at the commission from 1999 to 2007. Being the regional direct, Helane oversaw the securities enforcement, regulatory matters in North Carolina and litigation. She headed the implementation for the securities commission office in San Francisco from 1996 to 1999.

According to an article, Helane was a law practitioner at a Francisco law firm from 1986 to 1996. Her practice at the law firm was basically on business litigation and protection of private securities and securities exchange commission issues. She is a member of various boards such as Hedge Fund Subcommittee and Regional Parks Foundation. She is a speaker on issues concerning legal matters affecting private funds and compliance issues.

New Companies

Kevin Seawright Leads the Way to More Affordable Housing in Baltimore

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Kevin Seawright is the founder of a joint venture partnership called RPS Solutions. The enterprise is based in Baltimore.

The purpose of RPS Solutions is to effectively address the problem of providing affordable housing opportunities in the largest city in the state of Maryland. The concept is that the overall strength of the city will be enhanced when more affordable housing is made available to its residents.

At the heart of the solutions developed through RPS is home ownership by individuals and families who otherwise would not be able to own residential property in Baltimore. Seawright has established a specific goal for the venture. He inte3nds to exceed the current home ownership rate in Baltimore, which is just above 48 percent.

In overseeing the enterprise, Seawright has targeted specific neighborhoods in the city. For example, the company is focused on developing affordable residences in the Belvedere Square neighborhood in Baltimore.

RPS renovates existing properties. This has the dual purpose of providing people in Baltimore with affordable housing options and also enhances the overall value of a neighborhood. Where RPS undertakes renovations, a neighborhood typically experiences a decrease in the overall crime rate and an increase in interaction between residents of a particular sector.

Seawright’s own professional background dovetails well with his work at RPS. Seawright is a project management and accounting professional. He has spent a good part of his career in these arenas.

One particular aspect of Seawright’s background has been invaluable to his role at RPS. He has been highly involved in real estate development, not only in Baltimore but in Washington, D.C., as well.

In addition to real estate development Seawright has worked for governmental agencies on the local level. He has also been involved education during his professional career as well, including in the city of Baltimore.

The work undertaken by Seawright in Baltimore has become something of a model in other communities across the United States. He is called upon to make presentations across the country about his successes in Baltimore through his company. He is becoming a well-respected leader in the movement to enhance affordable housing availability in the United States.  Follow Kevin on Twitter for more information.