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New Hope for Sleep Apnea Patients

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Sleep apnea is a very common medical condition that affects many Americans. In the recent years, doctors discovered that the effects of the disease have increased, and it was crucial to create awareness about the disease. According to a recent medical research, there is a relationship between some of the serious conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and sleep apnea. This discovery has forced the professionals in the industry to look for reliable treatment for the sleep conditions.


Avi Weisfogel is a respected dentist in the world. Weisfogel has achieved a lot in the dentistry world, earning the respect of many people. The successful dentist is the founder of an organization known as Dental Sleep Masters. Because he has been in the industry for a very long time, Weisfogel has a lot of expertise in sleep disorders, and he has been working hard to come up with a reliable treatment for the disease.


Dental Sleep Master was founded several years ago, and it focuses on diagnosing and treating sleep apnea patients in the world. According to research, ninety percent of the individuals suffering from the sleep conditions are not diagnosed, and this is a serious problem. The matter is considered to be quite urgent, and it requires immediate attention from all the medical professionals. This is why Avi Weisfogel has partnered with doctors and other medical professionals to make a change in the lives of people suffering from sleep apnea.


Apart from being a popular and successful dentist who is based in New Jersey, Avi Weisfogel is also very active in charity activities. The dentist loves children, and he has always believed that they should be given opportunities to enjoy their lives, regardless of their race, culture and religion.


Several years ago, Avi Weisfogel partnered with a non-profit making organization known as Operation Smile to cater for the needs of the children born with facial deformities. The charity has been operational for several years, and it has conducted many operations on young individuals in the world. Weisfogel helps to raise funds for the charitable organization to ensure that the doctors and nurses working for the institution have the equipment and medicines needed during the procedures.


Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies ensures honesty in correction facilities

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According to reports published on June 2016 by PRNewswire, Securus Technologies made a press release to correct misleading information by GTL. GTL had previously made a press release early that month. Securus Technology stated that the press release made by GTL was highly inaccurate and misleading. The information solicited for a new press release with corrections on the matter.


One of the first press release made by GTL stated that the U.S PTAB granted GTL permission to go forth with validations pursuing injunctions against Securus Technologies. The Patent Trial Appeal Board cannot validate a lawsuit. Securus corrected the misinformation stating there had been no such validation made by the PTAB. GTL was not going to pursue injunctions like that stated in the press release.


Securus Technologies is a technology-forward and a highly reliable firm. The company provides technology solutions for the civil and criminal justice department. To date, Securus Technologies has provided simple but robust solutions that have improved safety. The press release made by Securus was mainly to correct the false and misleading information presented by GTL. Securus Technologies has distinguished itself as a company ready to serve and connect. The company avails services to improve public safety. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company has several offices in different parts of the world.



According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, GTL should focus on business growth and not pick fights with competitors. He noted that GTL is taking an easier route as patent litigation costs a lot of money and takes many years to pursue. As a result, the public questions GTL’s approach to picking up fights with competitors. The company is not acting in the best interest of its growth. However, Securus Technologies stated that they would continue to defend themselves while asserting their patents.



Technology expert

How technology and fashion depend on each other

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Technology and fashion grow together, according to Christopher Burch, the founder of Burch Creative Capital. By analyzing the technological and fashion trends back in the 70s and comparing them to now, Burch believes that the two industries, although they seem completely different, influence each other in ways they don’t recognize.

To prove that some technology has become distinguished thanks to fashion, Christopher Burch cites the example of Google Glasses. Wearing glasses was never considered fashionable in any way. Even after Google Glasses were invented, no one embraced the idea of wearing glasses being considered as fashion. Only computer geeks loved them.

It took the intervention of Diane Von Furstenberg to show people how fashionable the glasses trend is. Diane, a top fashion designer that is greatly recognized by the industry, made her models strut the catwalk in Google Glasses. This was the turning point of the glasses fashion. After the show, everyone started wearing the glasses for fashion reasons. Chris argues that this is the same way many other technological platforms have been developed through the influence of fashion.

Chris Burch concludes that fashion and tech can exist mutually and grow as one. To him, both of them can help each other develop. He states that the future of fashion highly depends on that of technology. For this reason, he encourages both industries to work hand in hand and learn from each other. This way, both tech and fashion could bring the best out of each other in terms of creativity and beauty.

About Christopher Burch

Mr. Burch has an investment portfolio like no other. Immediately he began his entrepreneurship journey right after college, anything he touches seems to turn to gold. All the companies he has worked for in managerial positions have grown to become untouchable. As an investor, Mr. Burch has ventured into real estate both locally and internationally. He owns various luxury homes in areas such as Florida, Palm Beach and Nantucket.

His passion for research has seen him contribute funds to numerous projects in several diverse areas. Some of them include The Sumba foundation, The Child Welfare League of Chine and the Mt. Sinai Hospital initiative. Apart from this philanthropic work, Burch has been in the entertainment industry. Three years ago, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres, a beloved entertainer, to launch one of her brands. Such are the achievements that prove Christopher Burch’s appreciation for diversity.


Josh Verne; Tips For Achieving Success In Life

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Josh Verne is an entrepreneur with a vast experience in business. Through his experience, he has given tips that you can use to be able to obtain success not only in your finances but also in your general life.


The keys to success


According to Josh Verne, these are the keys that you can use;


* Who are you a leader or boss?


There are two types of people; leaders and bosses. Bosses tend to demand respect and they will use their title to achieve success. They work hard in their job to be able to achieve their goals. Leaders on the other hand are born. They earn respect in their respective jobs and they consider the opinions of other people. To succeed, you have to be a leader. When you lead, people will follow.


* Listen more than you speak


The more you listen the more knowledge you will get. This will give you authority not only in your job but also life in general. You have one mouth and two years, use them in that order. You will have substantial information to share if you listen more.


* Create a balance in your life


Attaining balance in your life is crucial for you to attain success. Balance is not about the time you spend in the different areas of your life. It is about progressing in the every area of your life.


* Find your passion


Without passion, your life will be boring. You will not be motivated to attain your goals. You need to find a reason to wake up every day.


* Have a win-win strategy


In your business, you should never enter into a business with a win-lose situation. That will not build you a successful business.


Who is Josh Verne?


If you are to follow his advice, it is important for you to know who Josh is. As mentioned above, Josh is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the FlockU.com which is a marketing company which was designed to connect the college students with the different online brands. FlockU.com is a company that was launched in 2016.


In the past, he served as the co-president of the home line furniture. In 2012, Josh founded the workpays.me an online marketplace that was created to deduct payroll purchases. He later sold the company in 2014 to Global analytics holding company.

Plastic Surgeon

The Accomplishments and Practice of Dr. Jennifer Walden

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Jennifer is formally fellowship-trained in Cosmetic Surgery. She moved her practice to Austin, Texas from New York City. Dr. Walden wanted her twin boys to be raised near their family. She is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as a member of the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


She has been recognized as one of the Texas Super Doctors in Texas Monthly since 2014. Dr. Walden was also selected for membership in the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. This academic society is invitation-only. They are known as the highest medium of recognition in the field of plastic surgery.


Dr. Walden’s philosophy when it comes to her practice is to promote health and well-being through a personalized and understandable approach to cosmetic surgery. The goals of this practice are:


* Turning back the clock so that outer beauty and youth match inner beauty and youth


* Enhancement of body image


* Improving self-esteem


They can offer a feminine perspective on enhancing your image at their office. When you are making a decision as personal as having plastic surgery, there are a lot of things to consider. This staff understands the impact a specific procedure will have on your life. Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff offer a comfortable, supportive environment as well as years of experience helping their patients accomplish the look they desire. They make sure that their patients make well-informed choices. These choices are in their best interest in order to achieve the best results that are possible. This practice is committed to the highest level of patient care, safety, and satisfaction. They want you feel and look your best.


Dr. Walden’s demonstrates commitments to the highest quality patient care. Her personalized approach combines precision, sophisticated artistry, and first-class technique that are well suited for the cosmetic needs of men and women who are looking to get plastic surgery.




Dallas Counselling Center/Highland Dallas Foundation

James Dondero: A Prominent Entrepreneur and Top Philanthropist to the Family Place Campaign

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James Dondero has pledged a $ 1 million grant to support the Family Place, a leading Dallas-based Foundation that supports victims of domestic abuse. As CEO and co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, he has deemed it necessary to exercise his corporate social responsibility.

The $ 1 million grant is aimed at supplementing the $ 2.8 million deficit within the next six months. The praiseworthy announcement was made during the Foundation’s Annual Awards Luncheon at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas.

The donation is a personal contribution from Highland Dallas Foundation, a charitable entity of Highland Capital Management. Additionally, such funds are expected to match fifty percent of any donation raised up to the $ 1 million mark. Learn more about James Dondero: http://thedallasjournal.org/the-career-achievements-of-james-dondero/

Since the announcement, the Family Place has received various contributions from numerous sources. For starters, they received an extra $200,000 from the Legacy Campaign which will supplement the $ 100,000 donated by Highland Capital.

Such donations would not have been possible without the rigorous awareness campaigns raised by the city’s Mayor, Mike Rawlings, and the Police Chief, David Brown. The duo played a vital role in promoting civic education endeavors on the need and importance of donating to the Family Place. James Dondero has also commended the Foundation for its professionalism in conducting the philanthropic initiatives from inception to the end within a single year.

The Family Place has begun the construction of a new Dallas Counselling Center for domestic violence victims in honor of Ann Moody. Designed by Corgan, a prominent design and architecture firm, the center consists of a medical facility, multiple counseling rooms, 13 shelter rooms and a multipurpose room for training and evaluation.

James Dondero in Brief

According to Dallas Foundation, James Dondero serves as the CEO of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based investment company. Since its formation in 1993, James Dondero has played a key role in developing the firm into a reputable institution. For instance, he advocated for client diversification which now includes corporations, governments, high net worth personalities and much more.

The firm is proud to support various charities across the U.S. Not only does it uplift the living standards of the local community, but also earns it a good reputation. Dondero also advocated for the formation of Highland Dallas Foundation to provide various types of contributions.

Business Leaders/Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky: A Scientific Breakthrough Worth Mentioning

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The founder of Groupon and one of Chicago’s most influential figures, Eric Lefkofsky has donated a lot of money to cancer research within his lifetime. Recently he has started a new and smarter approach to fight against cancer and it’s damaging effects towards the human race. After leaving his role as a CEO for Groupon, he has been working non-stop on a new startup called Tempus. This new health Tech startup has quietly been working in the background to build a new infrastructure for cancer treatment. Even though his involvement isn’t very clear in regards of Tempus, his website states that he is helping doctors analyze a patient’s genetic code to assist in the curing process. This new cutting-edge therapy analysis will help the doctors understand a patient’s tumor more efficiently.

The new startup collects the information and data using statistical algorithms to uncover a more personalized medicine for their patients. Tempus is used primarily to help doctors create a better care for treatment. Tempus is working with all types of patients. Currently they are assisting patients with lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. However, in the near future they will tackle more types.

By searching online, you can determine that there are a total of 29 employees. However, this is only an estimate and has not yet been verified. Hunter Lane, the former director of Highground, lists himself as the director of Tempus as well. Eric and his wife Liz are known for their generous contributes to cancer research. They currently have a family foundation that has dedicated over 1 million to the Cancer Center of Northwestern University. They have also donated $500,000 to support gastric cancer research at Stanford University.This is only a couple of the foundations that they have donated funds towards to help families dealing with cancer patients.

In July, Eric Lefkofsky wrote about artificial intelligence and how it is moving forward and will one day be used as a form of Health Care and treatment. He believes this because we have a large database of unmined molecular data that can contribute to the artificial intelligence attribution. Even though he did not mention Tempus and it’s connection, we can conclude from his personal blog that Tempus is a scientific breakthrough worth mentioning.

Business Leaders

George Soros views wealth as a means to affect change

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George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. Raised in a Jewish family, he lost aunts and uncles to the Nazi death camps. This undoubtedly had a measurable effect on his intellectual development, instilling a lifelong interest in preventing the worst freedom-denying excesses of nationalism and xenophobia.

In 1947, at the age of 17, he applied to and was accepted at the London School of Economics. There, he studied under famed professor of philosophy Karl Popper. This marked the beginning of George Soros’ continuing fascination with and dedication to philosophy. Popper espoused the ideas set forth in his book Open Society and its Enemies. The ideas of minimizing harm and maximizing freedom for all people eschewed idealism or ideology and instead recognized and grappled with the practical limitations all societies face. For example, if one were granted total freedom that would necessarily entail the abridgment of another’s freedoms. George Soros became enthralled by such problems and was convinced by this early stage of his life that he would dedicate himself to the study and resolution of the world’s great problems.

However upon graduating a different reality set in. Faced with the necessity to make a living, Soros took a series of menial jobs. The last of these involved touring the English countryside selling luxury goods. Dissatisfied with this lifestyle, he resolved to go work for a New York investment firm. After applying to hundreds of investment houses with little luck, he was finally hired at a boutique firm named Singer and Friedman. He was 25 years old.

Over the next 15 years Soros would bounce from firm to firm, eventually rising to the level of vice president. Throughout this period he posted lackluster results. Many of his colleagues described him as being utterly engulfed in his philosophical work and mostly disinterested in the minutiae of Wall St.

Read more: George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system

Finally, nearing his 40th birthday, George Soros gathered enough investors to start his first company, Soros Fund Management. Curiously, he still seemed mostly unconcerned with making money. He recalls that even then, his goal was simply to make $500 thousand dollars so he could retire and dedicate himself to philosophical work. He ultimately decided to start his own fund not so much in the pursuit of gain, but as a way to test the myriad theories he had developed on how markets function.

But after some initial success in managing his own hedge fund, Soros slowly came to see the accumulation of wealth as the greatest way to implement the ideas that he had been elaborating for years. George Soros began to see himself as a philanthropist first, as financier a distant second. He came to see his increasingly vast wealth not as a source of personal comfort in which to luxuriate but as a duty conferred upon him to do everything in his power to shape the world into a freedom-maximizing macro society.

In this, George Soros is fundamentally different than his plutocratic peers. Whereas in recent times many professional politicians have sought political power for its attendant wealth Soros has come to view wealth as a source of political power. It’s hardly surprising then that he continues to deploy his vast resources to change the world for the better.

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Beauty Products

EOS- The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile

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‘Evolution of Smooth’ lip balms, better known as EOS, are small, spherical lip care products (http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos) that have swept the nation for the past several years. You can find them on the shelves of every retailer, and EOS advertisements can be seen on TV and in magazines. Social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram love EOS. The company has millions of followers.

EOS lip balm products became quickly the second best-selling lip balm in the US. The company came up with a new take on an old product and is the only one that manages to stand out among its competitors. After months of work, the EOS developers decided on a concept that would speak to all of the 5 senses. The end product is soft and round to the feel, sports attractive pastel colors, has an appealing scent to engage the sense of smell, and comes in a variety of flavors. Everything was considered in the development, even the sound the ball makes when closing the lid. With so much focus on detail, no wonder EOS was an instant success. Targeted primarily at female customers, specifically style- conscious women between the ages of 25 and 35, EOS became quickly the new must- have beauty item.

The company has had great success, and it isn’t slowing down. It continues to be an innovator in its field, offering new collections on a regular basis, and has plans for more products you’ll soon find at the store. Visit evolutionofsmooth.com to view the full EOS product gallery.

The whole story of how EOS started out and the extraordinary path of its creators can be found here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3065606/innovation-agents/is-toyotas-tron-lightcycle-like-i-road-the-future-of-urban-car-sharing.


Business Leaders/Lawyer

Comparative Law Made Easy

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One of the struggles that people organizations have is not understanding the other perspective. If you are a conservative, you refuse to learn the liberal mind. If you are a liberal, you refuse to learn the conservative mind. If you are libertarian, you refuse to learn the authoritarian mind, and so on. Most individuals score as authoritarian liberals or authoritarian conservatives on the political compass.

If you are trying to figure out governing style is most effective, it helps to look at countries that have each. Most national governments are authoritarian. A truly libertarian government, where the government does not apply force to achieve its objectives, is hard to maintain in practice. The continued battles for power between Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. is really one between two kinds of authoritarian political groups.

The advantage of authoritarian political systems is they can use force to achieve their objectives. Their government styles are quicker and more efficient. The negative of an authoritarian government is it often has extreme weaknesses. Authoritarian governments neglect and persecute the minority, ignoring the benefits that the minority can give them. When conservative authoritarians are in power, they block immigrants from entering the country, and begin a nationalistic campaign of glory with their military, fomenting wars abroad. When liberal authoritarians are in power, they place draconian regulations on commerce, which lower the economic vitality of the nation, all in the name of protecting the poor. They also impose a compromised moral system that leads to the degeneration of the personal character of the nation’s youth.

Libertarian belief systems have the advantage that they do not use force to achieve their objectives. They use persuasion and investment. An example would be Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an example of a conservative libertarian government. The Hong Kong government has China as its foundation power, but the Chinese government permits Hong Kong to have a very free trade friendly city. The result is tons of wealth and prosperity in a former little tropical fishing village. The disadvantage is Hong Kong requires an outside government to protect it militarily with force, because Hong Kong does not have a forceful government of its own. A progressive libertarian government example is India. India wants to maximize religious diversity and welfare, but does not impose force to do so. India has hundreds of languages and is the world’s largest democracy. The disadvantage is because India does not heavily impose force on its own population to make them socially progressive, some radical Muslims and Hindus sometimes hurt their neighbors in regional rebellions. India is also very poor, because the central government has low power compared to the size of its population.

Sujit Choudhry is happy to walk people through comparative law using tools such as the political compass. If you would like to contact Choudhry, you can reach him at his LinkedIn account.

Choudhry likes seeing people learning from other political systems.