Skout knows that Potato Chip Flavors and Personalities go Hand in Hand

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Social media site Skout, conducted a survey back in March of 2016. This survey was for National Potato Chip Day which took place on March 14. The survey evaluated 3,000 respondents and their preferences for potato chips.

The survey was used to figure out people’s personalities according to the flavor of potato chips that they liked to eat. Skout sometimes conducts fun surveys like this every now and then. It is just one way that they get their members involved in the site and with each other.

The potato chip survey revealed some interesting results. People who like to regular chips are normal individuals who are not that overly concerned with their health. They tend to be the regular people that we all encounter in everyday life. Cheese chip lovers were also considered regular guys as well. This group of people tended to have a relaxed, go with the flow attitude about life.

Spicy chip lovers are often seen as bold and adventurous people. These type of people usually get involved in a lot of outside activities, causes and extreme events. Sour cream and onion potato chips consumers have a tendency to use their mind more. They usually love good conversation, hanging out with friends and spending nice quiet evenings at home.

Barbecue chip lovers are normal individuals who like to party and get fired up for a cause. The survey also revealed that at least 1/3 of Donald Trump’s supporters eat barbecue potato chips. The salt and vinegar type are different people who want to be different from everyone else. Lime chips are usually eaten by sociable people. This group likes to go out with friends and have fun on the town or have a good time at a restaurant.

As we already mentioned, people who consume specific potato chip flavors often side with a particular political candidate. For the Democrats many regular chip consumers would love to share a bag with candidate Hillary Clinton. Once again, people who eat specific flavors usually pick candidates that they honestly believe share their same taste.

Talk show hosts have even been used for this survey. At least 39% of all interviewees would share a bag of chips of Jimmy Fallon and 29% would do the same for Jimmy Kimmel. This information clearly reveals why 96% of all the people who were interviewed in this survey really loves potato chips. PRN was the first online news site to report this story and you can find out more about the survey’s results by reading the article.

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Venezuelan Government in Talks with Opposition

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When the Venezuelan opposition has started to collect signatures under petition for a referendum to remove President Maduro, he declared a state of emergency. This isn’t helping the country as its deep economic crisis worsens.
But, now there’s a dim light on the horizon. Top government officials have met with the opposition leaders in the Dominican Republic to seek a common ground. Presently, President Maduro is in conflict with the opposition after they gained control of the Parliament.

The talks, per Reuters news, were mediated by the former presidents of Panama and the Dominican Republic- Martin Torrijos and Leonel Fernandez- and also included the former Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, also announced American willingness to assist with this mediation.

The opposition demands that a recall referendum on Maduro’s rule, release of imprisoned opposition activists, says Danilo Diaz Granados and humanitarian assistance are discussed with the Venezuelan leaders.

While the executive branch is in the hands of Maduro, and the legislators are in the opposition, the Supreme Court has sided with the President and has stuck down most of the laws passed by the opposition.

Some opposition politicians like Diaz Granados himself are saying that the only reason President Maduro wants to talk is to gain more time. At present, his approval rating in at 27%.


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Darius Fisher Expresses His Mind

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Among the people that have experienced success is Darius Fisher. One of the things that made him successful is that he is driven and passionate about what he does. For one thing he wants people to experience success no matter what obstacles they come faced with. One of the reasons that he is successful is that he offers people that are faced with some hits to their reputation a chance to recover from the blow. His company Status Labs is one of the most popular companies when it comes to online reputation management. He has gone on interviews where he talks about the passion behind his successful business. Among the things he likes to do is work for himself and travel.


According to PR Week, Darius Fisher not only knows how to keep his clients satisfied, but he also knows how to keep his employees satisfied. He understands that employee satisfaction is an important part of business. Among the things that he does is keep his employees in the loop. The more employees know about the company, the more encouraged he is going to be to work with the company. Darius Fisher makes sure that the employee has enough motivation to want to continue working for his company.


Darius Fisher not only works on digital reputation for people, he also gives people pointers on how they can improve their own reputation. Among the things his company Status Labs does is sit down with their clients and put together a plan in order to recover from the bad report that has been made about them. This can include new activities that shoe that the client is actually better than the report gives the impression. Darius Fisher’s Clients often see improvements in their images, their relationships, their careers, their businesses and other aspects of their lives. Online reputation management has proven to be an answer to the problems of many clients.


Andy Wirth

Achievements Made By Andy Wirth In His Career

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Over the years, Andy Wirth has been working tirelessly to enhance the value of ski area. Today, ski area is one of the top-ranking tourist destinations in the globe. In addition, Andy has contributed to various community and environmental initiatives in the Lake Tahoe region. His contribution has zeroed in on enhancing the area for everyone to access and enjoy the scenery.

Andy Wirth is an alumnus of the Colorado State University and Edinburgh University. The CEO of Squaw Valley was involved in a near-fatal accident. Owing to of the skydiving accident, Andy formed an Ironman team. The team is known as the Wounded Warrior Support.

The team has played an instrumental role in honoring Navy Seals through raising resources for the Navy Seal Foundation. The organization focuses on supporting team members, engaged in special operations, and their families once they return home from their missions. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

While discussing about the skydiving accident, Andy recalled of how he landed in a vineyard and bled profusely. Owing to the accident, his right arm suffered severe trauma. Immediately after the accident, Andy clung to the Eddie Vedder’s song, Just Breathe. After 21 surgeries and 50 days in hospital, Andy resumed his duties as the president and CEO of Squaw Valley USA. Read more: Andy Wirth Elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation and Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

In the recent past, the Squaw Valley/ Alpine Meadows chief executive officer was named as the new chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. Andy Wirth and three other new members will form the new board. While accepting the position, Andy asserted that the new ideas brought on board by the new people would make the airport register impressive growth and success.

Andy has vast experience in management of international resort. He has played a pivotal role in developing more flights for the different resorts in Colorado, Utah and Canada. In order to achieve this success, Andy has worked closely with numerous airlines.

Andy Wirth posits that for purposes of improving business for the gaming, ski industry and the business community, air service is crucial. Andy has worked as a liaison officer between the Reno-Sparks region and Lake Tahoe. This information was originally published on Sierra Sun as posited in the following link

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Wen By Chaz Is Fantastic

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A great article in that allows people to see just how great the WEN Hair by Chaz hair line works. The article is interesting because it show picture of what happened to the author’s hair on a daily basis when she used the product. At the end, it did work out to give her a head of hair that had body and shine.
What Is Wen By Chaz?

Wen by Chaz is a product for hair that was created for all-in-one usage. It was something that was needed for a long time, that people had something that they could use that would shampoo, condition and style, all from one product. This is why Wen by Chaz was created, so people could get the most use out of it as possible.

How Much Does The Wen By Chaz Cost?

The cost will wary, but a person can look on the website to see if they can take advantage of any discounts or sales that might be happening. Ordering on Amazon is simple and easy. The product will be delivered right to their door, so this makes it very convenient for them.

“It is a great product ” says the Guthy-Renker that many people are using on a daily basis because they like the way that it makes their hair look and feel. Since most people feel more confident when they look great, they love how they are able to go out with their head held high after they use the Wen by Chaz product.

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FreedomPop’s Next Move May Encourage More Companies to Follow Suit

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A company you may not have heard of called FreedomPop has announced their next step in their marketing strategy to gain popularity. In addition to the SIM card they offer with completely free mobile service plans, they will now be offering zero-rated access to WhatsApp allowing completely free use of the app regardless of the customers remaining data allowance. The service will be limited to Spain where the company is launching the service in the next few months.

FreedomPop was founded in Los Angeles and uses the business model of giving away free minutes, text messages, and data in hopes to upsell the customers who need more than a basic plan. The company has operated mainly in the United States but went international in September with it’s launch in the U.K. Spain is their third market and first since closing a major $50 million funding deal in January.

FreedomPop isn’t the first mobile network to offer zero-rated access to WhatsApp, but for other companies the market has been unstable following laws and regulations in certain countries.

WhatsApp often seeks partnerships with mobile companies but FreedomPop is doing this on their own, they haven’t partnered with FaceBook or WhatsApp in any way. FreedomPop is the first carrier to create a model that embraces WhatsApp without having FaceBook push it.

Another selling point of FreedomPop is that it offers free roaming in 31 countries. This offer is only available to people living in the U.S., Spain, and the U.K. but FreedomPop will be expanding to accommodate more people in more countries by the end of the year either by partnering with existing mobile companies, or by disrupting entirely new markets with their unique business models.

Ultimately FreedomPop and other companies offering zero-rated access to whatsapp are proving to be an excellent business model for both the company and the consumer and we hope to see more innovation and creativity in the future.

Check out this review of FreedomPop

Financial Crisis

Chinese posed to become the US of 2008, George Soros

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Billionaire investor George Soros, at an Asia Society event in New York, deliberated on the Chinese economy and its resemblance to the US market. George Soros believe that the boom in credit spells an impending doom for the Chinese economy’s (FXI)(YINN)(ASHR). The bull market might have been experienced up to the end of spring, but now the bear market has begun.

On December 1st, the Chinese market gained at the end of trading. This resulted in the IMF granting reserve currency status to the yuan. This move indeed made investors to become positive about the market thus closing hire on that day. But after that, the market on has been on a roller-coaster. There was a crash in August and since then Chinese equity has been trying to regain strength.

From a buying spree when the market was rising at a very high rate. On June 12, The Shanghai Composite index was at the 5,166.35 that day. Then after a while the gushes changed to fear and panic and the market crashed down, and on July 10th it was 3,877.80. the first quarter of the Chinese economy grew 6.7%. this growth in GDP was as a result of rise in credit facility. George Soros sees this trends as similar to the US in 2005 and 2006. In the US the real estate prices started to form a bubble. The script here as Soros say is the same, and the problem will be bigger in time.

The phase of the credit cycle occasions a cyclical wheel that repeats its self, expansion- downturn-repair-recovery. George Soros says this bubble will keep growing to become too big such that it will be unsustainable and feed itself just like the United States in 2015/2016.

Expansion phase entails consumers getting loans which in turn improves business. The credit then spreads as more borrowers get access to loans and credit increases. This process on improves business but also creates an asset bubble. When it burst there is always the risk of increased defaulters and credit starts to contract. This trends are speculated in china. The China Banking Regulatory Commission has already said that it would not cooperate with six mortgage brokers for a month for violating lending policies.

A per a Bloomberg survey, Qu Hongbin, he largely agrees with George Soros statement. Although there are doubters of Soros statement he speaks an experienced investor. His predictions might not come to pass but can be used as a warning to avert an impending crisis.

George Soros is an investment heavyweight and based on experience is easy to assume his predictions holds a lot of weight. The money supplied by banks keeps bad debts and loss-making enterprises afloat, if this keeps on happening it could lead to a serious economy crisis.

Financial Advice

Renting Out a Room Can be a Risk

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Airbnb wants homeowners to make money. A home could easily be converted into a full or part-time business by renting out a room. Not every home is using every room and travelers may be willing to pay a decent amount of money per night or week for the space. People may even choose to pay for sleeping on a couch in a basement. Those wishing to make a little extra money with their property absolutely should look into the opportunities Airbnb and similar online services offer.

Do not, however, shirk any responsibilities with an insurance company. And do not assume all tenants are going to have the best interests of the renter at heart. The blog at Wealth Solutions covers some of the very serious things to think about when looking to be an “amateur renter”. Richard Blair runs Wealth Solutions with the goal of helping people put their money to use in good investment vehicles. Blair also has experience with providing insight into financial management. Avoiding a total catastrophe renting out a room definitely helps ensure personal finances are put at excessive risk.

A homeowner who takes out an insurance policy on a first or second home that excludes commercial activity may not be covered for damages and liabilities when renting out a room. A minor accident could lead to major financial costs. Imagine if the renter causes a flood or, worse, a fire in the home. The insurance company may not be obligated to pay for the losses.

Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to an insurance policy. Doing so could prove to be a very regretful decision.

And never assume the person renting a room is “okay” just because a credit card was used to book the room. The assumption is the person is going to be more responsible since he or she has revealed a true identity. No one knows how a stranger is going to act. As such, it is critical to be very careful and deliberate about any decisions to rent a room. Maybe doing so is not worth it in the end.

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions firm is always available to those in the Austin, TX area looking for investment and financial advice. Blair has 20 years of experience in financial services. The blog is reflective of the company and reading more blog entries should paint a clearer picture of what Wealth Solutions offers.

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Residents at The Manse On Marsh Rock San Luis Obispo

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The Manse On Marsh is a beautiful, luxury home living facility for assisted living, located in the heart of San Luis Obispo, Calif., and offers fine dining, personal care when needed, and socialization. And, the staff is dedicated to provide seniors with a heartwarming experience filled with quality life, entertainment, and planned activities within its community.

Lauren18 says that their parents live at The Manse On Marsh and typically the calendar is filled with activities for residents. She said that the staff are compassionate people and the food is excellent. writes that the assisted living community is situated on the Central Coast and walking distance to churches, ice-cream and coffee shops, book stores, and much more. In any case, the campus offers competitive rates to individual needs and budget for senior living. They also focus on their residents’ well-being by providing fitness and wellness centers, in addition to housekeeping and laundry services, even chauffeured transportation and much more such as computers, internet and printers in the community’s library.

Amazingly, Cammie Dalen’s testimonial said that she saw a 95-year-old woman enjoy life with her friends in the community and shared good times in activities like playing bridge, doing crafts, socializing at tea parties, even horse races and yoga! Dalen says that the staff goes all out given extra care to their residents, which makes them feel incredibly special living not only a safe environment, but also a secured one.

What’s more, the central location for social gatherings is absolutely stunning with a glass-top ceiling atrium and a warm, home-like sense décor. Also, residents enjoy fresh buttered popcorn while watching classic and newly release movies, and available daily at The Manse On Marsh Cinema. In fact, there are Registered Nurses (RN) on staff, as well as trained caregivers and medication technicians (MT) on site at the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There’s also an easy contact page on the website.

What is even more exciting, if seniors are a fan or enjoy sports such as golf, they can either attend or participate in tournaments, as well as attend other activities and events at the facility like community auctions. As a matter of fact, for all those who are music lovers, residents are entertained throughout the year with live music. John Wesley Ranch, March 18, 2016, says that The Manse On Marsh is an award winning facility filled with seasonal activities for residents to enjoy festivities during all the holidays throughout the year.

On March 17, 2015, the publisher if the Paso Robles Daily News, Scott Brennan said, The Manse On Marsh is the only assisted living facility on the Central Coast that offers seniors full comprehension care plans, and has been honored the Caring Star award for excellence.


Michael Zomber’s Love of Japanese Culture

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There are people that have a love for exotic cultures. Some of the exotic cultures that are met with a lot of love and fascination is Japanese culture. One of the admirers of Japanese culture is Michael Zomber. Michael Zomber works hard to preserve the history and the authenticity of Japanese culture by purchasing antiques and collecting other relics of the culture and protecting and preserving the piece of Japanese history. Among the things he has collected are the pieces of the Samurai subculture. Michael Zomber also wants to connect with others who are every bit as passionate about preserving their past as he is about preservation.

Michael Zomber is also involved in literature and entertainment. He has written a few books that have dealt with Japanese culture. He is also a fiction writer and a filmmaker. Among the books that he has written are Shogun Iemitsu, and Jesus and the Samurai. He shows a lot of creativity in expressing his ideas and putting them on paper in a way that is very compelling. He has also made some films that have been released to the public. Among the projects that he was involved in are Soul of the Samurai, Deep Sea Diving, and Literary Riot.

Michael and his wife are also involved with philanthropic activities. He in fact gives to quite a few organizations that are every bit as passionate about the same passionate principles as he is. Michael and Andrea Zomber value love compassion and peace when it comes to conflict resolutions. He lists these organizations that he donates to in order to get other people to support them. Michael Zomber shows that he has a lot of wisdom and creativity when it comes to his site and productions that he was involved in. He definitely believes in fighting for human rights.  To see his passion in action, check out Zomber’s documentary on Bushido, available on YouTube.