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Neurocore – Brain Treatments that Help in The Well Being of the People

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In the last few years, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has been branching out across the United States due to their increasing popularity. The awareness about the alternative mental health care treatment has been increasing among the people, and more and more people are suffering from mental health issues have been coming forward to seek it.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has been using applications of neurosciences to better the performance of the brain and improve memory, rejuvenate mental health, and improve overall focus. Children who have the attention deficit disorder or ADHD have found positive results with the help of the brain training program offered by Neurocore.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has developed many specific brain training programs since its inception that can help cure different mental health diseases, such as depression, ADHD, attention deficit disorder, and more. The good thing about Neurocore is that they personalize the treatment as per the patients’ current mental health state. Neurocore’s treatment doesn’t cost a fortune like the conventional therapies, and you can consult with their mental health expert before the treatment to know what’s in it for you and how it can help you achieve complete relief from mental health problems you are facing.

Neurocore has been able to achieve excellent results, and the reviews can be seen on their website and their social media pages. Those with queries can visit any of the centers or speak to their executives on the phone who can assist you and help you understand the different programs that they have on offer.

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The Success Story of Attorney Todd Levine

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A well-known member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, and notable litigator is Todd Levine. The man is an expert when it comes to solving different kinds of complex and intricate business disagreements and knows how to solve any kind of argument in the most practical and efficient way. Todd Levine has received tons of accomplishments and awards because of his hard work and dedication to commercial real estate litigation. Levine and Kluger Kaplan represents clients that buys real estates, sells real estates, property managers, real estate brokers, investors, contractors, and lending institutions in debates that are related to real estate agreements and projects worldwide. He has experience working directly with various investment partnerships as well as particular arrangements in the world of finance.

In addition to this, Todd Levine also focuses on handling controversies regarding sports and entertainment. He knows exactly what to do with these kinds of situations because of the creative, wide, and analytical mindset that he uses in building his unique strategies for his clients. Todd Levine is also known for being professional and truthful when it comes to serving each of his clients. Todd Levine gives people clarity and justice throughout the years and has helped them live a better life by solving their problems and standing up for them. Furthermore, Kluger Kaplan was able to thrive because of their industrious and diligent team of litigators who prioritizes the needs and requirements of every client. His team focuses on giving excellent results and in operating proactively.

The daily practice of Kluger Kaplan is to fight for their clients’ rights and to represent them with confidence in the court. Each of them is working to win for their clients and maintains their primary objectives and goals in mind at all times. Todd Levine is not just a professional litigator, he is also a talented and skilled man who has a passion for music and art. He knows how to play the guitar and appreciate art during his free time. Todd Levine balances his work, passion, and family time in the best way possible by maximizing his potential each day.

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Talkspace CEO Oren Frank Explains Why They Developed A Psychotherapy App

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Oren Frank and his wife, Roni, founded Talkspace seven years ago. Their company developed an app that gives users access to psychotherapy. Their goal is to make therapy available to everyone by reducing the barriers to its access. This includes making it both accessible and affordable.

Talkspace stands out because it is both effective and convenient. People use the app to improve their mental health. Oren Frank is the chief executive officer and, under his leadership, their app has helped over a million people get access to a licensed therapist.

He says that they found out the benefits of psychotherapy when they chose to go to a couples therapist. It really helped strengthen their marriage and the result was they are still happily married and now have two children. He says that he feels access to a licensed therapist is a moral right and everyone should be able to use one.

Before founding Talkspace, he was an advertising executive while Roni was a software developer. She ended up studying psychology and they have both used personal therapy for several years. The thought being a therapist was a great profession because of all the benefits it provides to others.

When asked about how he brings ideas to life Oren Frank said they are a commodity. It doesn’t take any time at all to come up with an idea. The trick is to curate, develop, and critique them in a way that is constructive and not negative. He says that people should encourage new ideas in their daily lives while not falling in love with them just because they’re different.

Oren Frank says that he is most productive as an entrepreneur when he approaches things with moderation. He has seen how extreme work culture damages people and it ends up in a company that is less productive rather than more. He says that everyone should be able to work a reasonable number of hours and have free time to spend with their families, doing hobbies, taking vacations, and otherwise enjoying life. This results in people that are happier and more productive when they are working. Read more:

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DonataMeirelles’ Impeccable Grasp Of The Fashion Industry And Her Continued Contribution To The Same

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DonataMeirelles is a well known fashion enthusiast and stylist in the fashion industry. She works with Vogue Brazil as its director. She is conversant with giving important fashion tips and trends. She has been able to educate her audience in the fashion show on how to improve the experience of using scented candles in a home. She advices home owners to set up candles at the main entry point to the house so that when a visitor or when they themselves arrive from work, the nice scent from the candles brings about an atmosphere that’s nice as well as creating a feeling of intimacy and love in the home environment. She believes that having scented candles in rooms that are mostly used like the sitting room the library section as well as the wash rooms brings about a nice pleasant smell and generally creates a nice atmosphere. She also gives tip that, these candles should be lit in late hours of the day due to the fact that it is the time people arrive from work and that they should therefore be welcomed with a nice smell that goes a long way in raising their spirits. Read more about Donata Meirelles at

DonataMeirelles has also been giving tips on how to use thesee through handbags. She fancies both transparent and coloured handbags because of the different they play in a person’s life. She advises that the coloured opaque handbags are useful for carrying items that need to be concealed from the public whereas transparent ones can be used for carrying items that can be confidently be shown off especially items that are attractive to the eyes of the public. She goes further to say that being organized is very important for one to successfully look presentable and beautiful in a see through handbag.

DonataMeirelles has also been giving advice on issues she believes can continue to improve how magazine publications are made due to the changing prospects in the contemporary world we live in today. She emphasizes on the production of beautiful magazines that are going to info people to buy them due to the wonderful pictorial depiction in them; which also gives the readers the sense of pride while reading or carrying them in whatever setting they are in. She further argues that fashion is not a mere trend but rather a behaviour.Donata advices that personal organization is key to success in any business

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Richard Liu Qiangdong and

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Richard Liu Qiangdong has put together an impressive resume in just a few years. Today Qiangdong has earned a net worth of more than twelve billion dollars working as the founder and CEO of one of the world’s leading online companies Qiangdong has built a reputation for being an expert entrepreneur. Today his company has a value of more than sixty billion dollars.

Richard Liu Qiangdong grew up in China. He learned the value of hard work from watching his parents work. Qiangdong went to college at The People’s University of China where he earned a degree in sociology. Qiangdong has always had the desire to be his own boss. While in college he began his own restaurant. The business eventually crashed but taught Qiangdong many valuable lessons. He soon would began his own tech store in Beijing.

For years Richard Liu Qiangdong sold computers at his brick and mortar tech stores. They became known as the technology hub of China. Qiangdong eventually opened twelve different stores. The company was very successful until a SARS outbreak hit China. Concerned about his employees, Qiangdong eventually closed all of his stores. He eventually had the idea of taking products to the customers directly through an online model. In 2004 was born. began its growth slowly. Richard believes the company was successful because they earned customers trust. did not sell any counterfeit items and provided invoices to show what was being purchased. The company start by selling just a few tech items. With each passing year they added more items. It took nearly six year but they eventually grew to their current status. Today the company employees more than 160,000 people and delivers a range of product to people all over China. Today the provide same day delivery to customers using the world’s largest fleet of drones.

Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to pride himself on bring customers the best possible service. Despite his tremendous success he takes no shortcuts in doing his work. This is a big reason why he is as successful as he is today.

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A Life Of Education Reform With Betsy DeVos

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Holland, MI can be seen as a sleepy little town in a sleepy little state. However, if you were to walk through any neighborhood in the town, you’d quickly come to realize the powerhouses that were born and raised there. Betsy DeVos serves as the Secretary of Education under President Trump and her work as a reformer dates back nearly 35 years. Born and raised in Holland, Betsy DeVos comes from a powerhouse family that includes Erik Prince, founder of an overseas contracting company. Betsy’s father has his own automobile empire which meant that Betsy had to find a way to leave her own mark on the world. DeVos would end up highlighting education.


The idea of education reform at a national level is almost hard to believe in. The public school system has been broken for so long that people are starting to give up hope. Betsy DeVos has been working tirelessly for nearly four decades in order to find a way to reform education in the United States of America and she has been doing it by adhering to the works of writer Milton Friedman. Betsy DeVos took Friedman’s early works, after learning about them at Calvin College, and she has since made their message more accessible to modern conservatives throughout the country. Her goal is to make education accessible for kids no matter what institution they need to receive it from.


Betsy DeVos has work dozen of foundations and committees in order to try and raise awareness for educational choice and thus far she has done a great job. More than 17 states are now embracing school choice and there is starting to be bipartisan support for the endeavors. While DeVos’s greatest accomplishments are in traditionally Republican states, Florida, Indiana, and Louisiana, she acknowledges that more Democrats and progressives are starting to get on board with educational choice programs. DeVos points to her work in Florida from 2003 onward as a primary location for bipartisan support.


In order to get educational reform going throughout the country, Betsy DeVos has turned to grassroots works to make it happen. DeVos says that her work has been most effective when it has incorporated mailings, phone calls, billboards, and web ads. Additionally, DeVos herself has worked as an ambassador while visiting churches and community groups throughout the country. This approach will be harder to implement now that she is a high-profile member of the White House but it really just magnifies her approach to getting things done.


Betsy DeVos is also a firm believer in digital learning. She points to how quickly her own children have adapted to technology and believes that there is a very real opportunity there to explore in the future.


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Mark Holyoake is an Ibiza-based British executive who owns and manages a real-estate company called Oakvest. The 46-year-old attended the University of Reading before investing in Real Estates taking advantage of the market which was expanding in the 90s.

Oakvest, which was built in 2006, buys, develops and manages both commercial and private real estates. Mark has several investments to his name, and one of his biggest projects is the Grosvenor Gardens House Building. Mark Holyoake invested in the Icelandic Sea Food Company owing to the fact that his investments are largely centered on holding companies. He hugely invests in Luxembourg and lives a lavish lifestyle in Ibiza.

Changes in the board of Iceland Seafood International

With the recent successes accompanying the transformational Solo Seafood acquisition, Seafood International decided to revise its top leadership. The transformation, which was completed in September 2008, saw the company increase the number of its shareholders. In this regards, Mike Holyoake, who is a board member of the company and one of the longest-serving largest shareholders, is expected to resign together with the company’s chairman Benedikt Sveinsson who has served in the company for over 40 years and a CEO between 2006 and 2010. This was to be determined in a shareholder meeting which was to be held in Reykjavik on 2nd February. Mike Holyoake joined the board in 2010 as a major shareholder when International Sea Holdings purchased several shares.

Nominees and expecting candidates

Among the list of people expecting slots in the board of the company is Magnus Bjarnason who at MAR advisors, holds the senior post of managing partner. He also holds a former position at Icelandic Group as its CEO. It has now ceased to operate. He served so from 2012 to 2014.

Jakob Valgeir who is a shareholder at ISI is also a nominee for membership of the board having acquired Icelanding Freezing Plants Iberica. This has identified as a subsection of Solo Seafood. The former Chief Executive Officer of Nova, a telecom company, Liv Bergthorsdottir, also features in the list of nominees. Currently, he is the chairman of WOW air, an Icelandic Airlines. Ingunn Agnes Kro, who is an Icelandic oil company’s DOC, is up for the board’s alternate membership.

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Finance Business/Business Solutions


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It is not every day that a person wakes up and realizes he or she has fulfilled all his dreams and desires and is now a celebrated business leader. Mike Nierenberg is one such successful young leader who is currently at 56 years of age, with many legacies to be celebrated by the world. He celebrates public assets worth 13, 976, 984 USD.

Work experiences

Mike Nierenberg can be the best definition of success. This iconic figure has connections with a variety of entities among them, the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC (where he worked as the managing director). New Residential Investment Corp, New Media Investment Group Inc., Dive Shack Inc., Mueller Industries Inc., New Senior Investment Group Inc., Irsa Inversiones y Representatives SA, Rolling Hills Preparatory School, National Sleep Research Foundation and Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services Inc. are among the others that have had the pleasure of his fruitful company.

His impact has also been felt among other groups like the Temple Shalom of Newton, Newcastle Investment Holdings Corp, Care New England Health System Inc., Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, Shangai Starcastle Senior Living Services Ltd, Galton Capital Group LLC, Care New England Health System Inc., KGS Holdings LP and The Abraham Fund Initiative.

Current leadership

As at now, Mike Nierenberg sits at the position of the chairman and also acts as the CEO-cum-President at the New Residential Investment Corp, based in the United States. Also, Mike Nierenberg serves as the chairman at Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

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Bhanu Choudhrie, the investor, banker, and philanthropist

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Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian born in New Delhi in 1978. He lived in India together with his brother and parents before heading to the United States after finishing his education. Choudhrie studied marketing and international business at Boston University. Upon graduation, Bhanu worked as an intern at JP Morgan before relocating to the United Kingdom to work with C&C Alpha Group. Bhanu Choudhrie co-founded the company in 2001 and took the role of the executive director, a post he holds to date. Check out this link

The company specializes in care homes located in the United Kingdom as well as luxurious hotels in Mauritius and India among other investments. Bhanu together with his brother leads the company’s management team in providing consultancy and advisory services to businesspersons intending to invest in capital ventures.

Besides finding and providing deals for upcoming markets, Bhanu works on the solutions that would help client companies in the utilities, healthcare, agriculture, aviation, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. Bhanu advanced his management skills by completing Business School’s Owner and President Management Program at Harvard Business School in 2016. He became the director of Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. in 2018 after the training. The Company hired him after launching an IPO in the same year. Bhanu sits on the boards of directors for both Atlantic Coast Bank and Citizens Bank.

Bhanu holds the capacity of a director of New Century Bank in the USA. He explains that he decided to return to the financial services because the America economy is stable compared to the older days that his family lost Punjab National Bank, the largest bank in India at that time to the bad economy. He adds that he worked with former Sovereign Bank’s CEO, Jay Sidhu for two decades. Jay has invested in New Century Bank, a small regional bank that is growing steadily.

Apart from working in the management portfolios, Bhanu Choudhrie takes part in philanthropic activities. He is the director of Path to Success, a charitable organization started by his mother. The foundation helps women to access both disability accommodations and quality education. Many disabled women realize their sports goals through the foundation. In 2008, at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards, Bhanu Choudhrie emerged the entrepreneur of the year during the ceremony held in the United Kingdom.

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Ashley Lightspeed Transitions Her Career To Venture Capital

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Ashley Lightspeed is a San Francisco, CA businesswoman in the venture capital industry. She is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners where she focuses on startups in both the enterprise technology and consumer areas.

After completing high school at Durham Academy, graduating cum laude, she became a student at Duke University. She graduated with degrees in visual and media studies and management. Ashley Lightspeed also has an MBA that she earned at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

She started her professional career in August 2012 at Bain & Company where she was a senior associate. Before joining Lightspeed Venture Partners she also worked as a category manager at Thumbtack and as a growth advisor and consultant at Growth Stage Companies.

She says that growing up she wanted to take after her father and become an architect. From her time in school, she learned that she enjoyed prototyping business ideas instead. After doing consulting work at Bain & Company in Washington D.C. she moved across the country so she could become a part of Silicone Valley.

She really put her prototyping skills to work once she joined Thumbtack. She managed their Events & Weddings category and would develop new product ideas. She is skilled at using feedback to further develop new products and ideas. Ashley Lightspeed says that prototyping is something every entrepreneur should do as it gives you the ability to fail fast and iterate faster.

It was at Thumbtack that she first worked with venture capital. She became interested in this area because she liked that venture capitalists were able to spot upcoming trends and become involved before they were established.

She is on her company’s consumer investing team. She works with startups and says that was she is trying to spot is craftsmanship. She says this is a spirit and a way of building a compelling company. Read more: