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Securus receives highest rating from Better Business Bureau

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Securus Technologies, the country’s leading provider of inmate communication services, has recently received the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau. After being certified as an A+ business, Securus released a statement detailing what the new rating means.


This marks the culmination of a floor-up corporate overhaul which included intense customer service training and the creation of a 220-representative call center. This call center is the largest of its kind in the country and marks Securus’ rise to the unquestioned leader in inmate communication throughout the United States.



Video visitation takes the lead in prison telephony


What started as a brainstorming session by Securus engineers, well over a decade ago, has blossomed into a game-changing technology which has transformed the way that prison communications are handled throughout the country. Today, Securus’ video visitation technology serves over 25 million inmates and family members, allowing for unprecedented levels of contact and a quality of communication that could previously only be dreamt of.


This technology has collectively saved tens of millions of dollars for inmates and their families. In-person visitations, previously the only option which families had to see their incarcerated loved ones face-to-face, often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This was due to the long distances families were often forced to drive to see their loved ones. While many states pay lip service to the fact that inmates technically have the right to request a transfer to be closer to their loved ones, in practice, such requests are rarely granted. This often resulted in situations where family members were required to drive up to 8 hours from home, being forced to pay for all meals and hotel rooms.


Today, a visitation that may have cost $1000 now only costs as little as $1. Securus’ video visitation has profoundly changed inmate communications for the better.



Beauty Essentials

Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms Nourish And Protect All Year Round

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There are tons of lip balms out there, but not every brand is a winner. Just because a lip balm smells good doesn’t mean a thing, because a balm must do more than carry a scent. That is why Evolution of Smooth, known as EOS, takes the simple lip balm to a whole new plateau and delivers on every beautiful detail.

First, let’s look at the science and structure of our lips. The fullness of your lips has little to do with how much sun they can withstand. All lips at every age need constant nourishment and protection from the elements, but especially out in the sun during those searing hot summer days.

Our lips lack protective oil glands, which means they dry out quicker than other parts of your face. Lips are also thinner in skin structure and are quite sensitive. If you enjoy soaking up the sun without lip balm protection, you’re taking a big chance. The skin care experts say to never go out with bare naked lips, or you risk developing skin cancer. Arm yourself with an excellent, organic lip balm like the line-up from Evolution of Smooth.

The proper lip balms contain moisturizing and soothing ingredients with a good dose of broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. They also feature great blends of Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter, formulas Evolution of Smooth have carefully created for the ultimate balm.

Even nicer is the unique shape of EOS lip balms. The sphere ball of buttery balm glides smoothly over your entire lips, delivering the nourishment and protection you’re looking for. Best of all, the flavors are impressive and long-lasting with choices like Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, Pomegranate Raspberry and Strawberry Sorbet. The products are available on Racked and at

Evolution of Smooth lip balms maintain healthy, moist lips that are always kissable soft. To learn how EOS dominated the lip balm industry, visit


Mobile Carriers

Freedompop Offers Services So You Can Get That Job

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Phones are a necessary part of life. People depend on phones and the internet to conduct most of their business. You need a phone if you are searching for a job. The phone is going to be your lifeline after you receive the job. And the phone will help you with many other things. Being without a phone makes a person be very vulnerable. The employer will not be able to get in touch with you if they need you to come in early. This can cause havoc and unreliability. The employer may choose to let you go and hire someone that is more dependable. Your phone is your lifeline for your job.


What happens if you have a phone? You can reach people in emergency situations. Your boss can get in touch with you if you need to work later. Your friends can contact you if they are having a party. You can search online for things you need or want and have been unable to locate on the walk in stores. Having a phone can make a person have a much better life.


Now, if you can not afford the cell phone you do have an option. Freedompop is offering free service to anyone that purchases a phone from them. Free service and free internet access every month without a fee. This is remarkable and wonderful. The coverage is great. It has no contract, no start up fees, and is genuine.


Freedompop Review tells everyone how they can save on cell phone service. Unlimited service is only $19.99. This includes data on the world’s 4G network. PT Money wrote an article in 2016, that structures and lays out the whole cell phone plan. It explains how wonderful the connection is and how great the HUB can be if you desire these at an extra charge. They are inexpensive and offer a great connection.


Freedompop also offers a fantastic deal on the internet such as the internet on the go. The internet service helps people that are doing college classes online. Your connection is clear and you will always be able to connect when you need to. Internet connections such as wifi hotspots are usually very expensive. The box alone can cost several dollars. Why not check out the $5 dollar wifi hotspot that uses cell towers to connect. Freedompop and Sprint have a wonderful bond that will allow you access and connectivity when you need it and at a fraction of the cost of most services.

California news

Squaw Valley Is Winning Its Fight To estore Water Quality

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The Olympic Valley area of California’s Placer County was once the scene of the Winter Olympics, but is now the scene of a very different battle after the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort reported it was one of a number of local well water users affected by a major rainstorm in the region. Placer County Environmental Health officials have reported a number of local wells were contaminated with bacteria following a major rain event that brought unexpected levels of rain water to a number of wells.


Despite the problems being faced in just a small portion of the large Squaw Valley resort the Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney has released a statement to provide updates on the positive work being completed to return an isolated part of the Squaw Valley water supply to normal safety levels. Kenney explained the ski resort remains open for business with skiing permitted from the top to the bottom of the mountain as the affected water supply has been cut off from the public; Kenney continued to explain the well water system in the Gold Coast and High Camp areas had been upgraded in the Summer of 2016 and all required precautions had been put into place to show just how unexpected the rain event causing the contamination with E.Coli and Coliform was.


The Squaw Valley statement explained the situation facing officials at the resort and reported the water testing procedures that take place at the resort on a regular basis had been so effective no visitor had been offered contaminated water before the supply was shut off. Placer Valley Environmental Health officials have been working to restore the water quality to safe levels as quickly as possible and have been joined by independent water specialists who have been brought to the resort at the expense of Squaw Valley to make sure every possible option is covered in returning the water to its previous safe levels. Placer County officials have already reported three of the four contaminated wells show no signs of E.Coli and lowered levels of Coliform, but Squaw Valley have vowed to keep restaurants and water supplies cut off in the Upper Mountain region to make sure the safety of all guests remains a priority.


Makari Emphasizes The Natural In Beauty

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Makari de Suisse is a company focused on beauty products for men and women of color. Their name, Makari, is from Swahili and means ‘beauty’. The company’s products fulfill a need in an industry that has long neglected people of color. Their product line includes skincare, hair care, skin creams, and cosmetics. They focus on using natural ingredients, such as argan and carrot oils, and minimize the use of chemicals or man-made ingredients. They don’t use Hydroquinone, a controversial substance, in any of their products.
Their products reduce darks spots, scarring, and other blemishes. The overall effect is a natural, blemish free skin tone. Makari products are manufactured in Switzerland in laboratories under the watchful eyes of designers, scientists, and estheticians.
Makari is available online and in specialty stores in Paris, New York, and Brussels. They have close to 60 items in their product line. The line has proven to be equally popular among celebrities and everyday people.

What’s New In Their Line Up
Makari introduced new products into their line recently, including:

Exfoliating and Cleansing Bar
Duopack Premium Plus, the highest concentration of their proprietary serum.
Makari Pimple Drying Treatement
Extreme Carrot and Argan Lotion
Makari 24K Gold Beauty Milk

They also have an extensive array of other cosmetics and their own line of perfume. This is why more and more people of color are turning to Makari for their beauty and haircare supplies. Makari has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world, including Essence and Modeliste.

Dentist/Oral Surgeons

Doctor Avi Weisfogel Takes the Physician or Dental Professional to New Career Heights By Way of His Dental Sleep Masters’ Program

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been working, for years, within the realm of sleep research. He has made it one of his activities to find remedy as it applies to the condition of Sleep Apnea. The condition has been linked to a host of critical health concerns such as Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes. The condition is undiagnosed in ninety-percent of the population.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, by way of his Dental Sleep Masters’ program, provides a way for the Dental Professional to integrate a sleep lab or other necessary resources into his practice, in order to identify and cure the condition. The Dental Sleep Masters’ program, provides the institutional provider, with a user-friendly oral appliance, in order to properly address the Sleep condition. The newer-styled device is better received than the old-styled mechanical sleep remedy devices and uncomfortable masks.

It is Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s objective, by providing the Dental professional, with the appropriate business model: to assure he or she properly identifies patients suffering from the condition. Once a proper diagnosis is achieved, the user-friendly remedy is introduced. The user-friendly application, too, assures, that the client retention rate remains high. The statistic of persons, using the smaller device, is encouraging: as high as ninety percent.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, advises, that by way of his Dental Sleep Masters’ program, the integration of the sleep element, into the traditional practice, allows the Dental professional to do quite a bit of good for the community, he or she serve.

He is able to make the public aware of the condition; identify those persons with the condition, and treat them, accordingly. In doing so, not only is the Dental Professional or Physician doing his patient a tremendous amount of good; he or she, at the same time, is generating an additional income stream, within his or her practice. According to Dr. Avi Weisfogel: everyone benefits.

Brand New Hire

Sam Tabar: Awearable Apparel’s Brand New Hire

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Sam Tabar, Chief operating Officer for the Full Cycle Energy Fund business is responsible for the companies fund management and strategy. He has recently been introduced to the role of COO of the company and is looking forward to becoming partners with a number of talented leaders from a team that strive to deliver a mission of backing away from the growing cost as well as the polluting of fuels to lowering costs for not only the environment but also from the people.

Sam Tabar has spent a vast amount of his career going over budgets and strategies for the financial institutions as he was once the head of the Capital Strategy for the Merrill Lynch or better known as the Bank of America. When playing that role, he would provide fund managers with their target introductions for the institutional endowments as well as foundations, pensions and funds of family offices. He would offer his knowledge to the operations of not only the back and front offices but also on teams. Before working for Merrill Lynch, he worked as the co-head of the Marketing for Sparx Group, the biggest independent fund of the Asia Pacific. Here he managed all areas of global marketing.

As well as his background in financial management, Sam Tabar also would work as the attorney for the Skadden, Arps, and others as he holds his masters in law from the school of Columbia Law School. He holds a bachelors degree in arts from Oxford University where he graduated with honors. He once worked as the editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal and is actively a member of the New York State Bar.

Tabar works privately as one of the earliest investors in the tribute as well as in the company who works hard to reinvent the feminine hygiene industry where the social mission is to help women empower themselves all around the world.

Cosmetics Industry

Makari de Suisse vs The Competition

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Skin Lightening Products are in hot demand as of late. This side of the business has been a bit taboo to some degree since many of the products were made from synthetic ingredients. These chemical formulas are harmful and doesn’t really give you that natural glowing skin complexion, but rather an odd unnatural appearance. This is where Makari comes into the picture and it is redefining skin lightening.

This high quality luxurious line delivers some of the best results thanks to it’s revolutionary formulas. Makari uses the finest of ingredients such as carrot oil, arganoil, caviar, mulberry root, licorice, and citrus to “naturally” brighten the skin’s complexion. People of color have been using many of these ingredients for years, but not within these exclusive parameters. Unlike the competitors, products come from an organic plant extract base, which has been providing great results for years. Here’s what the formulas will do for you:

  • Erase The Signs of Aging
  • Remove Acne Scars
  • Even Out Skin Complexion
  • Decrease Dark Spots
  • And more

If you want the best in all-natural skin brightening, Makari de Suisse is the best choice.


Business Leaders

Jim Hunt Designed VTA Publications To Help You Earn Money

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If you want to learn stock trading you need to have access to the right resources. It is imperative to get a book or training program that presents, step by step, how to become successful in the field of stock trading. That’s why Wealth Wave was created – a high quality course produced by Jim Hunt VTA Publications to help you learn what to do and what to avoid in the stock trading field and how to get your own share of the fortunes being made in the industry.

Numerous ople around the world have been using the stock market and related ventures to attain the financial independence on Huffington Post they desire. It is important to keep in mind that to reach your goal of financial self-reliance, using stock trading system, you will need to have access to powerful information resources on

Jim Hunt has been definitely trading effectively for years and is considered one of the most successful in the field. If you are on the lookout for someone to be your coach or advisor, search no further than Jim. There are many professionals in the field, but Jim Hunt’s course, Wealth Wave, is highly popular and has helped thousands of people become successful. Wealth Wave is without a doubt a top quality course on YouTube and contains approaches that work perfectly and lots of individuals are completely satisfied with the knowledge they have gained from this fabulous resource.

When you begin to pursue a worthwhile goal, it is a good option to stay away from pessimists, even if you’ve known them all your life. You absolutely don’t need anybody’s approval or opinion before you can move forward with your success plan at Make it a habit to have only positive individuals around you and eliminate negative influences from your life.

VTA Publications and Jim Hunt put together wonderful courses and books. This company has been of great help to thousands of people by giving them access to top notch information products they need to begin their own business enterprise, invest in lucrative ventures, grow their portfolio of assets.

Business Leaders

David Osio Launches New App To Further Assist His Clients

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In the summer of 2016, Davos Real Estate Group made the exciting announcement about the launch of their brand new mobile app “Davos CAP Calculator.” This new app would be aimed at estimating returns on investments that a client is interested in.



Davos Real Estate Group is one of the subsidiaries of Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group is an international leader in the financial industry that has been leading the way for over twenty years. The company’s goal is to create investment strategies to meet expectations and needs of their clients.



Executive Director of Davos REG, Gerard Gonzalez spent six months working with a company named Tecknolution on designing and developing their new tool. This new app allows a client to estimate the gain of investment properties after any associated expenses are taken into consideration. Gonzalez and Tecknolution developed the app using the latest technology and is available for both Android and iPhone devices.



The “Davos CAP Calculator” is just the first in a series of planned apps that will help clients do things like identify properties through their devices and forward real estate reports to their Davos agent through interactive chat. David Osio, founder of Davos, stated that the development of these apps is helping Davos REG be able to more easily fulfill the needs of its clients. There is even a plan for a “Mortgage Calculator” which will allow clients to estimate a mortgage payment based on bank projects, funding periods, and rates of interest.



Davos REG has been very focused in recent months, not only developing new apps but also developing new partnerships with real estate agents on an international basis. Davos is planning on expanding its borders to Europe, starting in Spain. These apps will not allow the company to help the clients they already serve, but also the ability to find new clients to serve.



David Osio is the founder and Executive Director of the Davos Financial Group. He received a law degree from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Venezuela, where he also spent his time taking Finance and Banking courses. After graduation, he became Director of the MGO law firm in Caracas, spending most of his days providing legal advice to numerous corporate clients.



After moving up in the world to become Vice President of Commercial Banking to the Banco Latino Internacional in Miami, he decided to branch out on his own. In 1993, Osio founded Davos Financial Group as a corporation of independent companies that service clients in the financial industry.


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